They say character is defined by how you treat those who cannot do anything to help you. By this measure, in my experience with them, Tim Kaine and Sherrie Harrington exemplify those noble characters worthy of envy and praise.

I am a Richmond Law graduate who had the distinct pleasure and honor of being Gov. Kaine's student. Contrary to Delany's allegations, despite the governor's busy schedule, we met several times outside of class throughout the semester.

In fact, a year before, Gov. Kaine graciously met with me for 30 minutes so I could discuss a human rights issue --even though he had no idea who I was. And none other than Harrington excellently scheduled every meeting.

In the three years I have known her, Harrington has shown me nothing but respect -- despite my own gaffes. During my first year at Richmond Law, a law school dean graciously coordinated a meeting between Harrington and me for my benefit. I blew off the meeting -- albeit unknown to her -- unintentionally.

In that moment, Harrington's true character showed through. Despite her pressing obligations to the governor, despite the fact that she was doing me a huge favor, and despite the fact that I did not so much as let her know I was not coming -- Harrington sent me a polite email asking if I would like to reschedule. No taunt, no complaint and no guilt -- but instead a smile and her gracious help.

The man and woman Delany describes are not Gov. Kaine and Harrington -- for both are people of immense character and honor. Rather, like the empty chair Clint Eastwood spoke to at the RNC, the people Delany describes are simply fabrications of his own imagination. I encourage all members of the Richmond family to say "no" to such fabrications.