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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Campus police anticipate a safe Pig Roast

Campus security has made plans to follow its usual protocol at this year's Pig Roast.

There will be no big change in police procedures this year, Steve Bisese, vice president for student development, said. The main responsibility of campus police is to be there to help ensure that the event is safe, he said.

Campus police chief David McCoy said that he anticipated that officers would act in the same manner that they did last year. This year's Pig Roast will be McCoy's third interaction with the event, and each year he has worked at the event, campus police has been able to reduce the number of officers required to staff it, he said.

The combined efforts of the student development office, both deans' offices and the Interfraternity Council risk-reduction efforts have allowed campus police to reduce the number of officers required, he said.

Every year it is a balancing act to provide the appropriate number of officers against the higher risks associated with alcohol consumption, he said.

The event takes a lot of work from each fraternity as well as the police force to make sure the event runs smoothly and nothing gets out of hand, Will Plumb, president of Interfraternity Council, said.

A couple of students are written up each year, but in the totality of the event, those numbers are very minor compared to the overall numbers attending the event, McCoy said. The vast majority of attendees take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the day, have a good time and appreciate the tradition of the event, he said.

Students will be required to have a valid ID and wristbands will be provided to those who are 21 and over, he said. Student Activities employees will handle check in, he said.

Police will monitor pre-event parties and alcohol consumption before the event, McCoy said.

Campus police will focus on pedestrian crossings, supporting risk teams and administrative staff, addressing problems as they arise and most importantly providing assistance to the patrons of the event, he said.

Campus police will slightly increase its staffing Saturday evening after the event to be able to efficiently respond to and handle any issues as they arise, McCoy said.

"Students have behaved wonderfully in the past," Bisese said. "We don't expect that there will be any change in behavior."

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