4th Quarter 4:00- Richmond holds the Tigers and will take over at its 31.

4th Quarter 4:35- Richmond holds Towson on a 3rd and 2, but Towson will go for this 4th and 3.

4th Quarter 5:52- Towson recovers a Richmond fuble and will take over at Richmond's 38.

4th Quarter 7:11- Richmond will take over at the 10. Kyle Lauletta comes in as quarterback.

4th Quarter 7:34- West breaks a 37-yard run and is forced out at the 3. West scores on the next play. Towson leads 48-24.

4th Quarter 10:00- DeShawn Holmes forced a fumble on the punt returner at the 25 and Aaron Roane recovered it in the end-zone to give Richmond a touchdown. Holmes hit the returner as the ball fell into his hands and the ball was hit back until Roane fell on it. Richmond did not convert the 2-point attempt. Richmond trails 41-24.

4th Quarter 10:44- Strauss is sacked and Richmond will punt.

4th Quarter 12:11- A good return from Justin Grant will give Richmond the ball at its own 46.

4th Quarter 12:19- Telvion Clark ripped the ball out of Strauss hands and returned it for a touchdown. Towson leads 41-18.

4th Quarter 12:29- Richmond will take over at its 38.

4th Quarter 13:05- Richmond's defensive line collectively sacks Athens. Towson to punt.

4th Quarter 13:45- Towson has a 3rd and 4 after Kerry Wynn brought down Athens. Towson takes its 1st timeout of the half.

4th Quarter 14:02- Towson is called for a hold on a West carry and it will have a 1st and 8. Athens' pass on the next play slips out of his hand for an incompletion.

4th Quarter 14:33- Broadus' pass is intercepted in the back of the end-zone. Towson takes over at the 20.

3rd Quarter 0:00- Strauss hits Savage for a 6 yard gain. Richmond will have a 3rd and 4 to start the 4th quarter.

3rd Quarter 0:28- Strauss' pass to Diggs goes out of bounds. 2nd and 10 for the Spiders.

3rd Quarter 1:03- Tim Teb.. I mean David Broadus carries the ball to the 32 for a 1st down.

3rd Quarter 1:23- Fisher picks up 4 on a pass from Strauss. Broadus is back in the game.

3rd Quarter 1:59- Strauss hits Barnette for a 20-yard completion across the middle of the field

3rd Quarter 2:06- Strauss' pass intended for Savage is incomplete and the Spiders have a 3rd and 16 from the 34.

3rd Quarter 2:35- Richmond is called for a chop block and will have a 1st and 25 from its 27. Strauss hits Fisher, who picks up 9 yards.

3rd Quarter 3:46- Broadus comes into the game and carries the ball for a 1st down.

3rd Quarter 4:10- Strauss hits Barnette for a 6-yard completion.

3rd Quarter 4:25- Richmond will start at its 28.

3rd Quarter 4:25- Towson's PAT is good and the Tigers lead 34-18.

3rd Quarter 4:30- West pushes his way into the end-zone for his 4th TD of the game. The extra point will come after an injured Spider is treated.

3rd Quarter 4:45- West gets tripped up on 3rd. Towson to go for it.

3rd Quarter 5:25- Towson has a 3rd and goal from the 3.

3rd Quarter 6:41- Athens' throw looked like a sure interception yet somehow Towson caught it. Most of the press box was confused how he caught it. Towson has a 1st and goal.

3rd Quarter 7:44- Athens' play-action bootleg pass picks up another 1st down.

3rd Quarter 8:12- West takes the first down carry 28 yards to put him over 200 yards on the day.

3rd Quarter 8:22- Savage makes the catch, but its short of a first down. Richmond downs the ensuing punt at the 12.

3rd Quarter 9:01- An incomplete pass intended for Savage sets up a 3rd and 9 from the 24.

3rd Quarter 9:55- A great catch from Savage on 3rd down gives the Spiders a 1st down. 1st and 10 from Richmond's 23.

3rd Quarter 11:18- West carried the ball toward the end-zone, which looked like it was going to be his fourth touchdown, but Eric Wright forced a fumble and recovered it in the end-zone. After a personnel foul penalty on Richmond, The Spiders take over at its 10.

3rd Quarter 11:48- Towson picks up the first down on a 9-yard reception.

3rd Quarter 12:15- BJ Scott brings down West in the backfield. Towson has a 3rd and 7 from the 28.

3rd Quarter 13:05- Athens scrambles for 4 yards after Richmond's defensive line missed sacking him.

3rd Quarter 13:44- West beats Richmond's defense to the corner and picks up 14 yards.

3rd Quarter 14:08- Athens hits TE James Oboh, who picks up a 1st down. Towson has the ball at Richmond's 44.

3rd Quarter 14:16- West runs over Richmond's defense on his way to a 9-yard gain.

3rd Quarter 14:51- Towson gains 6 on its 1st down. 2nd and 4 from the 31.

Halftime- Richmond's offense was pretty effective in the first half. Strauss, who threw for 209 yards and 2 TDs, led the offense. Barnette had a big first half, making 9 receptions for 122 yards. Not surprisingly, the running game has been non existent. Defensively, the Spiders cannot slow down this Towson offense. In particular, The Spiders could not contain West, who has 149 rushing yards and 3 TDs. Richmond's offense is doing well, but the Spiders won't be able to keep up with the Tigers if it cannot at least contain West. Big mistakes, such as Strauss' interception that was returned for a touchdown and three failed conversions, cannot happen against good teams. In order for Richmond to come back, The Spiders will need to play a clean second half and they need to force players other than West to beat them.

2nd Quarter 0:00- Reggie Barnette intercepts the hail mary to end the half. Towson will receive the opening kickoff of the second half.

2nd Quarter 0:03- West does the Spiders a favor and runs around with out going anywhere, taking time off the clock, before he is brought down at midfield. Towson uses a timeout.

2nd Quarter 0:15- Towson has the ball at its own 42.

2nd Quarter 0:19- Strauss hits a wide-open Ponder for an 11-yard TD completion. Richmond trails 27-18 after another failed conversion.

2nd Quarter 0:31- After the timeout, Richmond is called for a delay of game. I don't understand how that could possibly happen. 2nd and 6. Strauss is back on the field.

2nd Quarter 0:32- Strauss hits Savage before just before he gets hits. Richmond has a 2nd and 1 at the 14. The Spiders use its 2nd timeout. Strauss looked shaken up after that hit, which knocked his helmet off.

2nd Quarter 0:39- Barnette is lit up, and the refs rightfully call a personnel foul on the Towson defender. Richmond has a first down at the 23.

2nd Quarter 0:44- Strauss hits Barnette, who beats his defender and runs to Towson's 44 before being shoved out of bounds.

2nd Quarter 0:51- Strauss scrambles for 13 yards and a 1st down. Strauss runs in the ensuing tackle for 6 yards. Richmond uses its 1st timeout. 2nd and 4 from Richmond's 42.

2nd Quarter 1:14- Strauss is sacked for a 2-yard loss. Richmond faces a 3rd and 12. Towson uses its 1st timeout.

2nd Quarter 1:24- Richmond starts at its 25 after a touchback. Strauss hits Green on a screen, but Towson stopped it for no gain.

2nd Quarter 1:45- Christian Carpenter intercepts Strauss' pass at the 35 yard-line and returns it for a touchdown. Carpenter, a safety, read a slant pass and Strauss never saw him. He returned the pick untouched. Towson leads 27-12.

2nd Quarter 2:10- Strauss takes the QB draw 4 yards.

2nd Quarter 2:20- Green knees the kickoff and Richmond will start at the 25. The Spiders have three timeouts remaining.

2nd Quarter 2:20- Athens hits Kinnard who outruns Richmond's defenders and is finally brought down at 1. West pushes his way into the end-zone on the next play. Towson leads 20-12.

2nd Quarter 3:03- Towson is called for a false start. 3rd and 10 from the 32.

2nd Quarter 3:30- Victor goes nowhere on a carry on the next play. 3rd and 5.

2nd Quarter 4:00- Victor picks up 5 yards on his second carry of the game.

2nd Quarter 4:36- Towson picks 18 yards on a play-action pass. Ball at the 32.

2nd Quarter 4:49- West takes the carry 5 yards, which is good for a first down. the Ball is at midfield.

2nd Quarter 5:28- Athens hits Leon Kinnard for a 1st down. West takes the ensuing handoff 5 yards.

2nd Quarter 6:43- Towson will starts its drive from its 30.

2nd Quarter 6:49- Broadus comes in to run a wildcat-like offense and he runs 6 yards for his first-career touchdown. Brandon Jordi misses the PAT and the Spiders trail 13-12.

2nd Quarter 7:29- A gorgeous pass from Strauss to Barnette brings the ball to Richmond's 21. Strauss hits Diggs on the ensuing play for a 15-yard completion.

2nd Quarter 8:09- Strauss is sacked for a 3-yard loss. 3rd and 7 from Richmond's 42.

2nd Quarter 9:09- an end-around to Rash Ponder picks moves the ball to the 39.

2nd Quarter 9:52- Towson's kick goes out of the endzone and Richmond will start at its 25.

2nd Quarter 9:52- West became Towson's leading rusher on the Touchdown carry, with 3,606 carry rushing yards. He already has 136 yards today.

2nd Quarter 9:52- Towson gives the ball to West again and this time he scores. Towson's holder can't hold the snap and the conversion fails. Towson leads 13-6.

2nd Quarter 10:10- Walt Sparks stuffs West on 1st down.

2nd Quarter 10:47- Athens complete pass brings the Tigers to Richmond's 2.

2nd Quarter 11:36- Darius Victor takes the handoff to Richmond's 15.

2nd Quarter 12:03- West runs for 24 yards. he is already over 100 yards rushing on the day.

2nd Quarter 12:16- Towson is called for holding on first down. 1st and 17 from the 40.

2nd Quarter 12:44- West pushes his way to a 1st down. Ball at Towson's 47.

2nd Quarter 12:48- Great coverage from Wayne Pettus prevents a long Towson reception. 3rd and 2.

2nd Quarter 13:51- Towson picks up the first down on a 5-yard reception. West takes the ensuing handoff 8 yards. 2nd and 2 form Towson's 42.

2nd Quarter 14:15- Good defense from the Spiders force Towson into a 3rd and 4.

2nd Quarter 15:00- Towson will start its own 22.

1st Quarter 0:00- I somewhat expected the Stadium to fill up during the 1st quarter but that was not the case. There's not a big crowd today at Robins Stadium.

1st Quarter 0:10- Strauss hits Savage in the flat, who pushes his way through a couple Towson defenders into the endzone. Towson blocks the extra point. Richmond trails 7-6.

1st Quarter 0:40- Strauss hits Barnette for a 6-yard gain. Strauss looses 3 yards on the next play. 3rd and 7 from the 10.

1st Quarter 1:57- Strauss hits Barnette for a first down. Barnette already has five receptions. Strauss finds Savage on the ensuing play for a 10-yard gain. 1st and from Towson's 13.

1st Quarter 2:02- An incomplete pass from Strauss sets up a 3rd and 6.

1st Quarter 2:41- Richmond has switched into a hurry-up offense. It is moving the ball well. 2nd and 6 from the 35.

1st Quarter 4:09- Seth Fisher picks up the first down and brings the ball to the 35. Strauss hits Sean Fitzpatrick on a play-action pass, which goes for 5 yards.

1st Quarter 4:38- David Broadus comes into the game and takes a QB keeper to the 30. 3rd and 1.

1st Quarter 5:29- A short kick goes out of bounds at the 21.

1st Quarter 5:38- Ayo Ogunniyi breaks up the 3rd-dwon pass. Towson to punt.

1st Quarter 6:09- Justin Williamson brings down West in the backfield on 2nd down. 3rd and 11 for Towson.

1st Quarter 6:43- Athens hits Leon Kinnard for a 31-yard reception. Towson ball at Richmond's 47.

1st Quarter 7:22- Strauss lofts a beautiful pass between defenders to Barentte, but he can't hold on. Gulli's punt goes into the endzone for a touchback.

1st Quarter 7:36- Struass misses Barnette, who thought he was held, and Richmond faces a 3rd and 10.

1st Quarter 8:43- Strauss hits Barnette along the sideline for a gain of 13.

1st Quarter 8:53- Justin Grant took the short kick at the 19 and returned it to the 33.

1st Quarter 8:59- Peter Athens finds an West for a 6-yard touchdown catch. Towson leads 7-0.

1st Quarter 9:55- Towson has a first and goal from the 7.

1st Quarter 10:50- Terrance West takes his second carry of the game 79 yards to Richmond's 18. That's his carry long.

1st Quarter 11:44- Towson will start at the 2 after great coverage by David Jones.

1st Quarter 11:56- Strauss pass to Barnette, which would have been a first down, just sails out of his reach. Richmond to punt.

1st Quarter 12:01- Barnette makes an incredible catch, but is forced out of bounds. Richmond has a 3rd and 15.

1st Quarter 12:097- An illegal Procedure penalty moves Richmond back to the 47. Green drops the screen pass on first down

1st Quarter 12:45- After a Seth Fisher carry gets 3 yards on first down, Strauss rolled out to his right and found Reggie Diggs for a first down. Richmond ball at Towson's 42.

1st Quarter 13:55- Green gets to the corner on his first carry and picks up 5 yards. He takes the carry on 2nd down and picks up 5 more yards and a first down. The offensive line opened up a huge whole on that run.

1st Quarter 14:15- Strauss finds Barnette on a play-action pass to pick up 9 yards. Strauss hits Barnette again for a first down. Ball on the 28.

1st Quarter 14:53- Justin Grant returns the opening kickoff to the 16.

Pregame- Richmond will receive the opening kickoff.

Pregame- With six minutes until kickoff, the stadium is as empty as I have seen it. The student section has less than 30 people. I am surprised to see Robins stadium so empty, but this could be a result of Richmond's 2-5 record.

Pregame- It's a beautiful day here in Richmond, but it is a little chilly. Currently, it's 48 degrees.

Pregame- Welcome to The Collegian's coverage of Richmond Football. Today, the Spiders face the Towson Tigers, who are ranked #6 in the FCS this week. You can get all my thoughts on this game by checking out my game preview.

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