In response to recent controversy over his published remarks and his prior formal statements, Paul Queally contacted The Collegian staff to issue a third statement.

Queally wrote: "There is no place or time when insensitive and offensive remarks about sexual preference are appropriate. This goes without saying, yet I feel compelled to make this comment because of recent attention given to some ill considered statements of mine. I was wrong to say the things I did, and I apologize without reservation to everyone I offended. These remarks are inconsistent with my values and my record. I hope those who rightfully took offense will accept my apology and join me in continuing the Richmond Promise."

University of Richmond President Edward Ayers wrote in an email that he will send a reply to the university community soon.

Queally's remarks first gained publicity through the release of Kevin Roose's book, titled "Young Money," on Tuesday. Subsequent articles, including those published by Style Weekly, the Richmond Times-Dispatch and The Collegian, to highlight a few, also garnered attention from the university and wider communities.