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Live Blog: No. 17 Richmond vs. No. 7 New Hampshire

The Richmond Spiders open up conference play against the New Hampshire Wildcats

End of Game: Strauss fires over the middle to Reggie Diggs who trys to lateral to Brian Brown. However, the backward pitch falls to the turf though, and the clock winds down. The Spiders let a big one slip through their fingers as New Hampshire wins 29-26.

4th Quarter, :01: Strauss will get one last shot from the 31-yard line. Richmond takes the timeout. 

4th Quarter, :14: Jeremiah Hamlin runs the kickoff back to the 27 as Strauss steps up to take a miracle shot. His first pass intended for Brian Brown is batted away. Second and 10. Eight seconds left.

4th Quarter, :19: Touchdown New Hampshire. Wildcats lead 29-26 after Steriti finds the end zone, and the Spiders are left with 19 seconds. 

4th Quarter, :36: Vailas overthrows his receiver in the end zone and it's fourth down. New Hampshire has to go for it and does so with two in the backfield. Vailas runs for his life and picks up a first down. New Hampshire has the ball on the 2-yard line. 

4th Quarter, 1:33: Owens gets another handoff and gains two to the left side. Second and 8. New Hampshire completes the second down pass for a gain of five. It's third and 3 with 36 seconds remaining on the Spider 9-yard line.

4th Quarter, 1:41: Owens pushes the pile for a gain of two and another New Hampshire first down. With just over a minute and a half left, New Hampshire has a first down on the Spiders' 16-yard line. 

4th Quarter, 2:55: Vailas takes it himself and gains six making it second and 4. Jimmy Owens gets the handoff and comes up just short. The Spiders defense will set up to face a huge third and 1. 

4th Quarter, 4:24: The senior Vailas fires a nice pass to get the first down despite a loud Robins Stadium crowd. With a new set of downs, Vailas scrambles for a gain of eight, before handing off up the middle for another first down. Vailas may be the backup be he has the Wildcat offense driving steadily down the field. 

4th Quarter, 5:25: Vailas throws deep downfield in R.J. Harris' direction, but Justin Grant is equal to the task breaking up the pass and making it second and 10. Kieran Gregory swallows up Vailas on second down after a gain of two and it's third and 8. 

4th Quarter, 6:31: Yoder puts his kickoff out of the back of the end zone on one bounce. New Hampshire's offense will take the field led by backup quarterback Andy Vailas. He throws out wide left and then hands off to Jimmy Owens to pick up the first down. 

4th Quarter, 6:31: Seth Fisher continues his hard running ways as he pounds through the middle of the defense for his second touchdown of the day. Yoder nails the extra point and the Spiders take the lead right back, 26-22. New Hampshire will get the ball back with six and a half to go but will be without quarterback Sean Goldrich who is on the sideline using crutches to stand. 

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4th Quarter, 7:02: Strauss finds Ponder open over the middle for a gain of four and another Spiders first down. 

4th Quarter, 7:53: Brian Brown with yet another catch gaining 12 and getting the first down. From the 12, Strauss hands off to Jacobi Green who rushes for four yards. Second and 6.

4th Quarter, 9:36: Brian Brown finds himself on the end of another Strauss pass. He makes the catch and picks up 24 to move the Spiders all the way to the 26-yard line. Brown has caught 10 passes for 124 yards, both of which are career-highs for the sophomore. 

4th Quarter, 10:19: Jacobi takes the second down handoff around the left side for a 16-yard gain and a Richmond Spider first down. 

4th Quarter, 10:53: Jacobi Green takes the kickoff back 22 yards to give the offense the ball on the 27-yard line. Strauss takes the snap and fires out wide to Brian Brown on first down for a gain of four.

4th Quarter, 10:59: Make that three rushing touchdowns. Nico Steriti busts one open for 30 yards before Goldrich takes it up the middle for a touchdown. Goldrich has to be helped off the field but not before he helps his team take a 22-19 lead (two point conversion is good).

4th Quarter, 12:11: Goldrich fakes the handoff and looks downfield but finds nothing so he takes it himself. He's rushed well on the day as he picks up another 27 yards rushing, bringing his total to 86 yards and two rushing touchdowns. 

4th Quarter, 12:53: Seth Fisher takes back-to-back hand offs for three yards and then one. On third down Strauss fires over the middle and is very nearly picked off. The Wildcat defender drops the pick though and the Spiders punt to the New Hampshire 34. 

4th Quarter, 15:00: A couple of short runs make it third and 5 and Goldrich sets up in the shotgun formation. His pass over the middle is batted down by defensive lineman Nick Velardo. New Hampshire misses the 37-yard field goal just right so the score remains Spiders 19, Wildcats 14, as Strauss and the offense take the field at their own 23.

3rd Quarter, :18: Goldrich makes another throw downfield to close out the quarter with a Wildcat gain of 14. 

3rd Quarter, 1:37: Goldrich gets time to throw but good coverage makes him settle for a 2-yard completion out wide. That good coverage breaks down a bit on second down as Goldrich completes a 17-yard pass to RJ Harris. The Wildcats go right back to the air and get another big completion from Goldrich to Harris for 24 yards.

3rd Quarter, 1:52: Yoder's kickoff gets to the one where Jared Allison takes it forward. Allison gains 20 and New Hampshire will take over on their own 21. 

3rd Quarter, 2:56: Fisher keeps his legs moving and pushes through the pile for the first down. Rocco back in at quarterback on the 2-yard line. He keeps the snap and gains one. Second down and inches. Rocco keeps it again and finds the end zone untouched. Spiders take the lead back and go for two. Strauss fumbles the snap, recovers and throws incomplete. The Spiders go up 19-14. 

3rd Quarter, 3:27: Strauss looks for Reggie Diggs in the back of the end zone, but Diggs can't hang on to it. Second and 10. On second down, Strauss fires again and finds Ponder for a 9-yard gain. With that catch, Ponder moves over 100 yards for the third time in his career and second time this season. 

3rd Quarter, 4:09: The Spiders will go for it on fourth and one and bring in both quarterbacks again. Rocco takes the snap and runs it up the middle for the first down. Richmond is back in the New Hampshire redzone with a first down on the 15. 

3rd Quarter, 5:34: Strauss keeps the snap and scrambles for a gain of four. It's third and 6 for the Spiders when Strauss finds Brown again but just short of the first down. 

3rd Quarter, 7:36: Rashad Ponder makes a catch out along the sideline to give the Spiders the first down and the ball at midfield. On first down, both Rocco and Strauss take the field but it's more of a decoy as Brian Brown takes the ball on a sweep getting all the way to the New Hampshire 29. 

3rd Quarter, 7:46: The defensive line has a huge stand as they force Goldrich out of the pocket on third down. His pass was incomplete and came passed the line of scrimmage forcing a punt on fourth and 14. Richmond takes over on their own 38.

3rd Quarter, 8:12: Yoder's kickoff doesn't quite make it to the end zone this time, and the kick is returned to the Richmond 28. From there, a Goldrich pass over the middle is smacked out of the air by Evan Kelly. The defensive line comes up back on second down as Justin Williamson tips a pass out of the air. Third and 10 for New Hampshire. 

3rd Quarter, 8:26: Fisher takes the handoff and gets met by a whole lot of New Hampshire. He loses two and the Spiders have to settle for a Yoder field goal. With just over eight minutes left in the third, New Hampshire leads 14-13. 

3rd Quarter, 9:41: Strauss gets taken down from the blindside and loses 9 on a sack, but gets it all back and more as Reggie Diggs dives under the man covering him to make a fantastic catch. Third and 1 from the 2.

3rd Quarter, 10:33: Strauss pulls back the handoff to Seth Fisher and fires to Brian Brown over the middle moving the Spiders into the redzone at the 11 and getting another Richmond first down. 

3rd Quarter, 11:30: Strauss find Christian Conklin over the middle for a 25-yard gain. Rocco comes in on first down and runs it himself for a gain of three. 

3rd Quarter, 12:24: Jacobi Green gets the ball for the Spiders first offensive play of the half and gains five around the end, before Reggie Diggs gets the pass on second down out in the flats and turns on the jets to make a defender to miss and get the first down. 

3rd Quarter, 12:39: Roane and Ogunniyi are all over the fourth-down pass, dropping the receiver for no gain and taking over on downs. 

3rd Quarter, 15:00: Yoder kicks off to start the half and buries it deep in the New Hampshire end zone forcing another touchback. From their own 25, Goldrich finds a wide open Harold Spears for a 31-yard gain and a first down. After two plays, the Wildcats gain eight and handoff on third and 2. Evan Kelly and Eric Wright hit the back at the line to force a fourth down and New Hampshires going for it. 

Halftime: The Wildcats go with a squib kick to prevent a return and the Spiders take a knee to close out the half. After a slow start from the New Hampshire offense, the Wildcats have come alive on their last few possessions taking a 14-10 lead into halftime. The goal-line fumble by Ponder ends up being the defining play of the half with Goldrich marching his offense down the field to make the Spiders pay for the turnover. 

2nd Quarter, :10: New Hampshire made something happen. Goldrich keeps it for himself and rushes for his second touchdown. After the extra point, it's New Hampshire 14, Richmond 10.

2nd Quarter, :23: Jimmy Owens takes the fourth-down handoff up the middle and gets the one needed yard. New Hampshire gets a fresh set of downs and has 15 seconds to make something happen.

2nd Quarter, :58: New Hampshire brought out two quarterbacks on second down, but the trickery fools no one as the Spiders stop them after a 2-yard scramble. On third and 8, Goldrich abandons the pocket and scrambles up the middle for a gain of seven. New Hampshire takes a timeout facing fourth and 1 with 23 seconds left in the half. 

2nd Quarter, 1:58: Goldrich shows some toughness as he gets lit up as he throws but still completes a 20-yard pass to Harold Spears. He might've been a little shaken up still as he fumbled the next snap before recovering and scrambling for five. 

2nd Quarter, 2:33: A false start penalty moves the Wildcats back to the Richmond 36 where they set up shop with a first and 15. Goldrich takes the snap out of the shotgun and overthrows his receiver. Cornerback Ayo Ogunniyi just misses making a tremendous interception and the Wildcat offense breathes a sigh of relief before taking a timeout. 

2nd Quarter, 4:00: Ponder made a nice grab underneath the Wildcat defense scrambling all the way to the 1-yard line, but he coughed it up before getting down. New Hampshire recovers the fumble and takes over at their own 1. A couple of runs later, New Hampshire gets all the way to the Richmond 42. 

2nd Quarter, 5:41: Brian Brown gets back-to-back catches with the second taking the Spiders 39 yards down field all the way to the Wildcat 20.

2nd Quarter, 6:39: Jacobi takes the kickoff from the two and leaps over a defender. He only gets to the Richmond 19 despite the high-flying acrobatics and the Spider offense takes over from there. Jeremiah Hamlin gets his first action of the day, gaining one around the right side. 

2nd Quarter, 6:45: Goldrich holds onto it and dives for the goal line, and makes it. Touchdown New Hampshire and it's Richmond-10, New Hampshire-7.

2nd Quarter, 7:24: The Wildcats go up the middle for the first down and then rush it outside for a 6-yard gain. They're knocking on the door of the end zone with a second and goal on the 1. 

2nd Quarter, 9:19: Coming off a Spiders' timeout, Goldrich finds a hole in the line and takes it himself for a gain of eight. On second down, Aaron Roane stops the rush just short of a first down. Third and 1. 

2nd Quarter, 10:20: Goldrich drops back and lets it fly on back-to-back plays moving the Wildcats all the way to the Spider 37. With the ball on the 37, RJ Harris catches a Goldrich pass and picks up another first down. New Hampshire is putting together an impressive drive as they try to answer the Richmond touchdown by Fisher. 

2nd Quarter, 11:22: On third and 1, New Hampshire takes it up the middle for a gain of three. On the next play the pass into the flats is pushed out of bounds for a loss of one. 

2nd Quarter, 11:56: Yoder's kickoff sails into the end zone and the Wildcats settle for the touchback. They take over on their own 25 before gaining six on a pass over the middle to Jared Allison. 

2nd Quarter, 11:57: Touchdown Spiders as Fisher takes it yet again and jumps over both teams' lines. The Spiders go 80 yards in 12 plays to take a 10-0 lead early in the second quarter. 

2nd Quarter, 13:33: Fisher takes it again around the left side and picks up the first down. From the 2-yard line, Fisher takes it again but this time loses two. Second and goal from the 4.

2nd Quarter, 15:00: Seth Fisher takes the ball out of the wildcat formation and gains six. On second and 4, Strauss comes back in to hand off to Fisher. He gains two and the Spiders have a third and 2 on the New Hampshire 5. 

1st Quarter, :03: Reggie Diggs goes up and gets the pass with one hand over the New Hampshire defense. The spectacular catch ends the quarter and gives the Spiders a first down on the Wildcat 13.

1st Quarter, 2:15: Jacobi Green with a couple rushes in a row first gaining six and then one to set up third and 3. On third down, Rocco remains in and finds a wide open Seth Fisher for the first down. Strauss comes back in and hits an even more open Rashad Ponder for a 31-yard gain. 

1st Quarter, 4:11: New Hamphsire picks up four on the ground and comes up incomplete on second to set up a third and 6. Aaron Roane and Justin Williamson forced Goldrich out of the pocket and his pass comes up short. The Wildcat punt is spotted at the 20-yard line. First down Spiders. Heckuva defensive stand. 

1st Quarter, 4:50: Reggie Diggs with another catch, this one for five yards, and the Spiders line up with a third and 5. Strauss out of the shotgun fires to a slanting Ponder, but New Hampshire strong safety Daniel Rowe is all over it. The Spiders punt and New Hampshire fair catches on their own 21. 

1st Quarter, 5:36: Seth Fisher up the middle again and he finds some open field for a gain of 19. On first down, Strauss rolls and fired downfield to Ponder but it's just overthrown. Second and 10.

1st Quarter, 6:05: Strauss fires a beauty to Ponder right on the sidelines for a first down. 

1st Quarter, 6:47: Seth Fisher gives the Spiders some breathing room with a hard run right up the middle for a gain of seven. The second down play is a pass out to Ponder in the flats, but it's dropped incomplete. 

1st Quarter, 8:17: On second and 10, New Hampshire completes the pass for a 4-yard gain. On third and 6, Evan Kelly gets into the backfield and brings down Goldrich. The New Hampshire punt is downed at the 3-yard line, where the Spiders take over with their backs at their own end zone. 

1st Quarter, 8:33: Justin Williamson breaks up the New Hampshire momentum by dropping running back Nico Steriti for no gain. 

1st Quarter, 9:40: New Hampshire gets their offense going with two runs totalling 19 yards. With a fresh set of downs, Sean Goldrich finds an open receiver for a gain of 14. 

1st Quarter, 10:11: Yoder kicks the ball just short of the end zone where the New Hampshire returner bobbles, it but manages to still gain a few yards. The Wildcats take over on their own 20.

1st Quarter, 10:54: With the Spiders at the 2-yard line, Michael Rocco enters the game and runs a designed QB run. He gets dropped behind the line for a loss of three. On second down, Rocco stays in and fires a pass to Reggie Diggs in the corner of the end zone that is tipped out. The third down pass is incomplete as well and Peter Yoder nails the chip shot field goal to give the Spiders a 3-0 lead. The opening drive was impressive yard-wise, but getting a first and goal opportunity on the 2-yard line needs to turn into a touchdown. 

1st Quarter, 12:03: Reggie Diggs catches his first pass out wide but is quickly swallowed up by the New Hampshire defense. Looking at a second and 7, Strauss fakes the handoff to Fisher, rolls to his right and hits Sean Fitzpatrick for a first down. 

1st Quarter, 13:00: Brian Brown with a busy couple of plays as he makes another catch and gains seven. On second and 3, Strauss hands off to Seth Fisher who goes up the middle for another Spider first down. 

1st Quarter, 13:38: Brian Brown getting his first catch of the day for a gain of six. On third and 4, Strauss goes right back to him for the Spider first down. Richmond ball on the Wildcat 24. 

1st Quarter, 14:07: Rashad Ponder catches the pass out in the flats and spins away from a Wildcat defender to gain some solid yardage after the catch. It's a gain of 28 and the Spiders have moved into New Hampshire territory. 

1st Quarter, 14:53: Jacobi Green gets thing started for the Spiders offense with a run up the middle for a gain of 3. Second and 7.

1st Quarter, 15:00: The Spiders will kick off conference play on offense after Jacobi Green takes the opening kickoff to the 28. 

Pregame: This is Jeremy Day coming to you live from the Robins Stadium. We're about 15 minutes from kickoff for today's matchup between the 17th-ranked Spiders and the seventh-ranked New Hampshire Wildcats. Today's game should be a high-scoring affair with both teams led by strong quarterbacks. Michael Strauss will take the snaps for Richmond coming off of a three touchdown performance against Hampton. Wildcats quarterback Sean Goldrich threw for a career-high 422 yards in last weeks game against Lehigh. Expect to see some big numbers out on the scoreboards today. 

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