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Friday, February 23, 2024

Live Blog: No. 17 Richmond Spiders vs. University of Virginia Cavaliers

The Richmond Spiders will take on the University of Virginia Cavaliers in Charlottesville Saturday. Follow all the action here on the Collegian live blog

End of Game: T.J. Moon runs it one more time as the clock mercifully hits all zeros. The final score from Charlottesville: Virginia 45 - Richmond 13. Tune in next week as the Spiders return home to take on Hampton. Until then Spider fans, thanks for reading. 

4th Quarter, 1:05: Broadus to Moon again and he'll break open a 27-yard rush. Once again, some very late, very meaningless rushing yards will make the final stat line not look nearly as bad as the actual performance was. 

4th Quarter, 1:49: David Broadus in at quarterback and he'll hand it off to T.J. Moon for a gain of five. On 2nd down, Moon takes it again for a gain of 2. 

4th Quarter, 3:16: Daniel Hamm has been steadily running right through the Richmond defense. He picks up another four yards on first down then gains another eight for ANOTHER Virginia first down. And just like that, Daniel Hamm marches into the endzone. Touchdown Virginia as the remaining fans start cruising toward the exits. On a nine-play, 45-yard drive, Hamm took the ball eight times for 39 yards. 

4th Quarter, 4:01: UVA with another handoff and what looks like yet another first down. It is indeed. UVA's ball on the Richmond 35. 

4th Quarter, 4:56: After Richmond commits their seventh turnover, Virginia rushes the ball for a gain of six. Sean Ryan with the tackle. 

4th Quarter, 6:11: Rocco takes it himself for a gain of three. Second and 17 from the Virginia 48. On second down, Ponder makes his eighth catch and picks up his 100th yard. Following the gain, Rocco promptly reaches back to throw and drops the ball. Once again, it'll be Virginia's ball. 

4th Quarter, 7:05: On 3rd and 2, Rocco hits Hamlin underneath the coverage and Hamlin will turn in into a 13-yard gain. On the next play, Richmond takes a holding penalty and backs up to their own 49-yard line for a 1st and 20.

4th Quarter, 8:35: It's time to start calling Jeremiah Hamlin the savior of the running games stat lines. After bailing out an all-around mediocre rushing performance against Morehead State last week, Hamlin busts open the only long run of the day gaining 32 yards. 

4th Quarter, 8:47: An offsides on Virginia will give the Spiders a tiny bit of breathing room as the ball will move up to the six-yard line. The first play of the possession results in an incomplete pass. Second and 5. 

4th Quarter, 9:14: Omar Howard records the first sack for Richmond this season, and that'll force Virginia to punt. The Spiders will take over pinned against their own endzone at the one-yard line. 

4th Quarter, 12:19: Jeremiah Hamlin with another carry but for no gain. And Rocco's first pass of the possession is tipped in the air and picked off. UVA right back at it on offense at the Spider 28. David Watford in at quarterback for the Cavs. 

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4th Quarter, 12:37: The Spiders lineup to return the kickoff while a decent chunk of the Virginia fans start to head for the exits. Porter Abell takes the kick out of the endzone and gains 19. Spider football as Rocco leads the offense back out onto the field. 

4th Quarter, 12:38: Canaan Severin catches the 29-yard pass from Lambert for another Virginia touchdown. Cavaliers up 38 to 13. 

4th Quarter, 13:35: The Cavaliers go back to Greyson Lambert at quarterback and he's steadily marching Virginia down the field. UVA's ball on the Richmond 29. Second and 6.

End of the 3rd Quarter: Virginia 31 - Richmond 13. Story of the quarter: Rocco leads a great drive late in the third to finally get the Spiders a touchdown, while the running game somehow comes out with an even worse stat line. Eight yards on 18 carries. Richmond's leading rusher? Quarterback Michael Rocco, who has 11 yards and a TD on two rushing attempts. 

3rd Quarter, :29: Richmond tries to limit the kickoff return game with the low linedrive kick, but UVA still manages to get it back to the 40. Khalek Shepherd will take the hand off for Virginia and pick up three. Second and 7. 

3rd Quarter, :46: Rocco throws the 2nd down attempt out of the back of the endzone and it'll be 3rd and 6. Rocco scrambles and dives into the endzone. Touchdown Spiders. That makes it UVA 31 - Richmond 13. The Rocco-led offense goes 71 yards on nine plays in under two minutes. 

3rd Quarter, 1:10: A false start and two incompletions brings the Spiders right back to 3rd and 15. Rocco fakes the handoff, rolls out of the pocket and hits Stephen Barnette for a 39-yard gain. First and goal Spiders with the ball on the 6.  

3rd Quarter, 1:58: Michael Rocco is in at quarterback and Hamlin comes in to run. He gains a few on first down, and a facemask penalty on Jacobi Green makes it 3rd and 15. Rocco lobs one deep to Reggie Diggs who makes a great catch with the defender all over him. First down Spiders. 

3rd Quarter, 3:16: It'll be Virginia's ball at the Richmond 30. They gain one on a first down hand-off and will throw a incompletion on second. It'll be 3rd and 9 from the Spider 29. The Spiders apply their first pressure in over an hour to force an incompletion and a field goal attempt. The 36-yard try banks off the post and falls short, and it'll be Richmond's ball on the 29. 

3rd Quarter, 3:17: Michael Strauss pass to Stephen Barnette is picked off. This one is starting to get out of hand. 

3rd Quarter, 4:39: The Spiders will take over at their own 19. Jeremiah Hamlin makes his first appearance of the game, but just watches the play as Strauss hits Barnette for a gain of 12. On the 2nd snap of the possesion Strauss is absolutely crushed from behind. He fumbles. Cavs recover and run it in. Touchdown UVA. Cavs 31, Spiders 6 as this one is slipping away from the Spiders quickly. 

3rd Quarter, 6:13: On 3rd and 6, David Herlocker makes a big stop to limit UVA to a field goal. Virginia 24 - Richmond 6. 

3rd Quarter, 6:49: Virginia with another looooonnnngggg kickoff return, this time taking the ball all the way to the Spiders 13. Just about the worst possible follow-up to the Spiders finally scoring. 

3rd Quarter, 7:32: A big 3rd and 9 here for the Spiders in the redzone. Multiple Cavs slip into the backfield and Strauss just manages to get it off for a five-yard completion. Yoder in to try the field goal and nails it from 33 yards. Spiders finally get back on the board for the first time since the first possession of the game. Virginia 21, Spiders 6. 

3rd Quarter, 8:52: Second and 10. Strauss drops back to pass and hits a falling Stephen Barnette for a14 yard gain. On the first down snap Strauss finds Fisher over the middle for a gain of 13. Again the Spiders go to the ground after rattling off a couple completions and again the Spiders get nothing. Second and 9 on the Virginia 19.

3rd Quarter, 8:57: Cornerback Ayo Ogunniyi makes a tremendous catch to reel in an interception for the Spiders. This team just loves to make me eat my words. 

3rd Quarter, 9:50: Parks takes the ball up the middle for a gain of three and then Johns finds Jennings along the sideline for a 14 yard gain. So much for that quick stop. First down Virginia. 

3rd Quarter, 10:00: Good news for the Spiders as NT Terrence Fullum comes back on to the field. It'll be UVA's ball with their backs to the endzone. 

3rd Quarter, 10:45: On 3rd and 10, Strauss scrambles from the pocket and just gets the ball out to Seth Fisher who gains six but falls short of the first. D.J. Helkowski kicks a beauty of a punt and pins UVA at their own 2. A quick stop by the Spiders here could get them excellent field position and a chance to get back in this game. They MUST get the stop though. 

3rd Quarter, 11:16: Reggie Diggs with his second catch and Rashad Ponder with his seventh, taking the Spiders over the 50. Ponder leads all receivers with 7 catches and 96 yards. 

3rd Quarter, 12:00: Back to back completions for the Spiders bringing them to the 38. Barnette makes the first catch and tightend Hunter Westfall brings in the second. 

3rd Quarter, 12:59: Ponder with yet another catch and he'll gain seven. Second and 3. 

3rd Quarter, 13:15: Porter Abell is absolutely crushed on the kickoff return after a gain of only 11 yards. Spiders' ball on their own 12. 

3rd Quarter, 14:00: Johns finds Darius Jennings over the middle and he'll cut it outside for a huge 45 yard gain. The Cavs will hustle down field and go into a hurry up offense. Taquan Mizzell takes the snap and finds the endzone. Touchdown Virginia. Cavs-21 Spides-3

3rd Quarter, 14:39: The first play of the second half is 4 yard rush by Parks. Williamson on the tackle. Nose tackle Terrence Fullum has to be helped off the field and to the Richmond sideline. We'll update you on the situation as we get info up in the pressbox. 

3rd Quarter, 15:00: Virginia takes the kickoff back for 39 yards. They'll take over at their own 39 to start the 2nd half. Johns still in at QB.

Halftime: Stat of the first half: 13 rushing attempts, -3 yards. It cannot be stressed enough how crucial that fumble was. With the clock winding down - Richmond was a yard away from going into the half down 4. Instead it remains an 11-point lead for UVA, and they'll get the ball to start the second half. 

2nd Quarter, :21: Virginia will take the knee at we'll go to the half. UVA 14 - RIchmond 3. 

2nd Quarter, :22: T.J. Moon fumbles the ball at the goal line. Virginia's ball. 

2nd Quarter, 1:07: T.J. Moon smashes into the teeth of the defense. Gains maybe half a yard. Second down. 

2nd Quarter, 1:30: Illegal formation on the defense and the Spiders get another gift. Spiders' ball on the 1. 

2nd Quarter, 1:35: Seth Fisher on the carry and he'll be swallowed up for no gain. The Spiders will get a break though on an offside call against UVA. Spider first down on the 2. 

2nd Quarter, 2:12: Strauss to Stephen Barnette for a big gain and the Spiders are finally back in the redzone. Richmond's ball on the UVA 5. 

2nd Quarter, 2:46: The Spiders run a beautiful trick play with both quarterbacks in the game. Rocco handed off to the back who pitched it wide to Strauss. Strauss took too long getting the pass up though and it'll fall incomplete. 

2nd Quarter, 3:41: The Spiders do indeed go for it with Rocco in at quarterback and run an excellently executed screen to Fisher. Gain of four and a 1st down. On first, Ponder makes a big catch over the middle, but is shaken up on the play. He will come off the field on his own though. 

2nd Quarter, 4:32: Jacobi Green takes the handoff and gets no where. It'll be 3rd and 1 and the Spiders could really use a first down. They go right back on the ground with T.J. Moon getting the ball and once again come up short. It'll be 4th and 1, and Seth Fisher is begging coach Rocco to go for it. Timeout UVA. 

2nd Quarter, 5:20: The kickoff will bounce in the endzone and go out of the back. It'll be Richmond's ball, first and 10 from their own 25. Strauss back in at quarterback which is good to see after that last hit. He'll find Jacobi Green underneath the coverage and Jacobi will turn on the jets for a nine-yard gain. 

2nd Quarter, 5:21: Johns scrambles out of the pocket to avoid pressure and then gets all day to throw. The coverage was solid for the first five seconds, but you can only do so much when the quarterback gets that much time. The UVA receiver slips free and gets the wide open touchdown catch. Virginia 14 - Richmond 3. 

2nd Quarter, 5:51: Justin Grant does an excellent job of sealing off the edge of the field and trapping Kevin Parks before he can get far. Two-yard gain for Virginia. 

2nd Quarter, 6:20: Parks on the carry and he'll gain 3. UVA on the six.

2nd Quarter, 7:30: Kevin Parks takes the ball around the left end for an 11-yard gain. First and 10 for the Cavs on the Spider 21. Matt Johns comes in at quarterback for Virginia and scrambles for a 12-yard gain. First and goal for Virginia. 

2nd Quarter, 7:59: Strauss is absolutely lit up and dropped for the sack and the fumble. UVA gets it right back with excellent field position. 

2nd Quarter, 8:07: Fumble on the punt, and Aaron Roane will recover. The Spiders will take over on their own 45. 

2nd Quarter, 9:49: Seth Fisher dropped behind the line for a loss of four. The Spiders are getting nothing done on the ground and you have to wonder if Jeremiah Hamlin will get a shot anytime soon after that lighting-quick production fest against Morehead State. 

2nd Quarter, 11:04: Big stop on third down. Good coverage made up for a bad pass rush and the Spiders will swarm the ball carrier just short of the first down. It'll be Spiders' ball on their own 14 after a beauty of a punt. 

2nd Quarter, 12:06: Safety Justin Grant blows up a play in the backfield on first down but then gives up a long pass on the next play. First down UVA at their own 30.

2nd Quarter, 13:08: Strauss throws a jump ball to Seth Fisher who lined up out wide, and the jump ball is successful...for UVA. That'll be Strauss' first interception of the season and the Spiders drive will end with Virginia taking over at their own 14. 

2nd Quarter, 15:00: Rashad Ponder runs the endaround and narrowly avoids a fumble. He makes up for it on the next play catching a Strauss pass over the middle and getting the first. On first down, Reggie Diggs bobbles the ball and then catches it out of the air for a big gain. Richmond picks up 30 on the play and advances to the UVA 31. 

End of the First: The first drive by the Spiders was a great one that fell just short of a touchdown. After that, the offense looked out of rhythm bouncing back and forth between Strauss and Rocco. The defense got steadily pushed down the field on the last drive, but didn't look completely outmatched. The defensive line got some opportunities to apply pressure, but haven't converted on a sack yet. Even on the touchdown score they got a piece of the ball carrier behind the line. Hope is still very much alive here in Charlottesville, but the Spiders could use a scoring drive to start the 2nd for sure. 

1st Quarter, :31: UVA is all over the bubble screen to Stephen Barnette and the Spiders will lose one. End of the first quarter, Cavaliers 7 - Spiders 3. 

1st Quarter, :32: Porter Abell will field the kickoff in the endzone and take a well-advised knee. Spiders' ball on the 25. 

1st Quarter, :50: Touchdown Virginia. Three-yard scoring run by Kevin Parks. The extra point is good, and it'll be 7 to 3 UVA. 

1st Quarter, 2:25: Darius Jennings breaks a tackle or two but he only just manages to get past the line. Gain of 1 and it'll be 3rd and 6. Completion over the middle and it'll be 1st and 10. UVA closing in on the Spider goal line. 

1st Quarter, 3:18: Lambert takes it himself down the middle of the Spiders defense and gets the first down and a little extra. UVA on the Richmond 24.

1st Quarter, 4:22: Long pass over the middle as Virginia gains 19 yards. UVA first and 10 on the Spiders 40. Another UVA handoff and another three-yard gain. 

1st Quarter, 5:13: A seven-yard completion gives the Cavs a first down. They'll hand off on the first snap and Justin Williamson will meet the runner after three yards. On second down they take a long shot down field but falls incomplete. 3rd and 7.

1st Quarter, 6:51: A 15-yard gain on another Ponder catch, but it won't be enough, and the Spiders will have to punt. D.J. Helkowski doesn't quite get all of it, but it takes a good bounce and rolls to the 34. More good luck for the Spiders as the Cavaliers get caught for a holding on the return. They'll take over at thier own 24. 

1st Quarter, 7:17: A short run by Seth Fisher, a sacked Michael Rocco, and a false start backs the Spiders up to their own 7 on 3rd and 23. Dangerous territory here and the Spiders will take a timeout. 

1st Quarter, 8:38: Justin Williamson gets into the UVA backfield and forces an incompletion on 3rd and 2. The punt will sail into the endzone and the Spiders will take over at their own 20.

1st Quarter, 10:03: Yoder puts the kickoff just inside the endzone but it will be returned and returned far. Darius Jennings takes the kickoff all the way to the Virginia 48. 

1st Quarter, 10:06: A Strauss pass to the back of the endzone will sail just too far, and the Spiders will have to settle for the field goal. Peter Yoder nails it from 28 yards. Three to 0 Spiders. 

1st Quarter, 11:06: Michael Strauss finds Stephen Barnette along the sideline for the first down. Big pickup there by the Spiders. They'll set up shop on the 14-yard line in the redzone. 

1st Quarter, 11:51: Strauss gets sacked for the first time this season. Loss of three, and it'll be 2nd and 13 from the 32. 

1st Quarter, 12:49: Third and 1 on the Virginia 34 and Michael Rocco will come in at quarterback. He'll take the snap and run it up the middle for the firstdown.

1st Quarter, 14:10: Another completion and the Spiders advance to the Virginia 43-yard line. Rashad Ponder on the catch, and now yet another catch. Gain of 7. Second and 3 from the 46.

1st Quarter, 14:55: Michael Strauss starts the game at quarterback and finds Stephen Barnette for a five-yard gain over the middle. 

1st Quarter, 15:00: The kickoff sails out of bounce just in front of the endzone so the Spiders will take over at their own 35 yardline. 

2 minutes until kickoff: The UVA scoreboard kicks off the gameday activities with a lovely video of a cavalier taking down an evil, demonic-looking WebstUR. The captains are out at midfield and the Spiders have won the toss. Richmond will receive. 

Pregame: We're back for another week of Richmond Spiders football here in Charlottesville. It's just over 30 minutes to kickoff as the Spiders warm up on the field before taking on University of Virginia. Richmond enters the game coming off of a blowout win (55-10) over Morehead State in their season opener. Against Morehead, a Michael Strauss-led offense put up over 640 total offensive yards as the Spiders dominated in all facets of the game. Today, however, the Spiders face a very different test in the form of Virginia. The Cavaliers opened their season against 11th-ranked University of California Los Angeles and held their own to the very end before falling 28-20. The Virginia defense allowed just one offensive touchdown against the heavily hyped UCLA offense led by quarterback and Heisman trophy-hopeful Brett Hundley. This game shapes up to a struggle between Richmond's high-flying offense and Virginia's unwavering defense. Either way, it'll be a great test of where the Spiders stand early in the season. 

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