Richmond tradition calls for the election of a homecoming king and queen every fall. All the nominees compete in a gameshow and help serve treats during a dinner at the dining hall. Facebook “likes” also aid in the homecoming court battle.

This year’s homecoming queen was Rhiannon Bell, a southern belle from North Carolina. Last year, Rhiannon’s big – her “big sister” in Kappa Alpha Theta – Charlotte Boliver won Homecoming Queen. That family must have some good genes!

Take a look below to get to know your 2014 homecoming queen a little better!

Name: Rhiannon Bell

Nickname: Rhia

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina

Age: 21

Major: Politics, Philosophy, Economics & Law, Journalism minor

I was nominated by: Kappa Alpha Theta.

To me, homecoming queen means: Being King Pat’s golf cart chauffeur.

My favorite memory from the day is: When my friend (shout out to Corinne) jumped over a barrier onto the field and got kicked out of the stadium when I won.

My favorite part of homecoming week was: Learning how to make cotton candy.

The hardest trivia question was: Dancing on stage.

My favorite color is: Blue.

My favorite food is: Hamburgers.

At homecoming I was wearing: A dress I borrowed from Piper Brighton.

After I was crowned I celebrated by: Drinking beers with King Pat and friends.

The most interesting fact about me is: Once, I was attacked by a band of monkeys on the top of a mountain in India because there was a banana in my backpack.

My guilty pleasure: Naps.

I am most afraid of: Birds - all types.

Before I go to sleep I: ... am awake?

My friends say I am: fashionably-challenged.

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