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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Live blog: No. 14 Richmond vs. No. 25 James Madison

Richmond battles James Madison in the annual rivalry game

Richmond lost to the James Madison Dukes 55-20. The Spiders were outplayed in all phases of the game, and five turnovers were the main reason for the loss. Thank you for tuning in for updates throughout this game, and come back next Saturday for updates throughout the Spiders' matchup with William and Mary. 

Q4, 2:08 -- Richmond punts to JMU, and the Dukes run the ball repeatedly in an attempt to end the game. They get the job done, and the game ends. 

Q4, 3:50 -- With the stands all but empty at Robins Stadium, the Spiders are running the ball and running the clock down, likely trying to end this debacle sooner rather than later. 

Q4, 6:04 -- James Madison still is not letting up, as the Dukes score another touchdown on the ground and push their lead to 55-20. 

Q4, 8:40 -- With Rocco relieving Strauss at quarterback, the Spiders stall again on offense and are forced to give the ball back to the Dukes.

Q4, 11:27 -- JMU's drive ends with a missed field goal. Richmond will take over on offense at the 20. 

Q4, 14:06 -- JMU refuses to take its foot off the pedal, as Lee continues to drop back and throw the ball downfield. The Dukes are still driving effectively. 

After three quarters, JMU has created an insurmountable lead over the Spiders. Richmond has been plagued by turnovers, as Strauss has thrown three interceptions and Fisher has fumbled twice near the goal line. Richmond's hopes of a win today and a playoff spot at the end of the year have been all but destroyed. 

Q3, :14 -- After the apparent fumble is reviewed, the Dukes retain possession. They take advantage of the call and continue to drive down the field a few yards at a time. 

Q3, 2:00 -- JMU continues to be effective on offense both running and passing. The Dukes use three plays to earn a first down. On first down, the JMU runner looked to have fumbled, but the player was ruled down. The play is under review. 

Q3, 3:32 -- Richmond has run three plays and been charged with an illegal formation on this drive. The team faces a third and 7, which it is unable to convert. The Spiders will punt. 

Q3, 5:00 -- Despite solid play on first and second down, the Spiders allow a 17-yard touchdown pass on third and 11. JMU now lead 48-20, and Richmond has allowed more points today than any other game this year (it's only the third quarter). 

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Q3, 5:34 -- On the first play of the next drive, Strauss throws another interception. The Spiders' hopes of a victory today are all but lost, as JMU will take over on offense at Richmond's 16. 

Q3, 5:51 -- Strauss is pressured and throws an errant pass to the sideline that is intercepted by Reynolds and returned for a touchdown. That gives Reynolds two interception-return touchdowns and two forced fumbles TODAY. The score is now 41-20. JMU's defense has produced 14 points today, just six fewer than Richmond's offense. 

Q3, 6:02 -- The call on the field is reversed, and the 33-yard gain is nullified by officials. 

Q3, 6:02 -- Richmond attempts to convert on third down with a run from Fisher, and a measurement from officials reveals a first down. On the next play, Strauss airs it out deep to Diggs, who battles for the ball with the defender and makes the 33-yard catch. 

Q3, 7:40 -- The Spiders use a creative formation with three backs to spring an 8-yard run for Green. On another short third down, the Spiders are unable to convert with a run from Broadus. 

Q3, 8:34 -- Strauss connects with Hunter Westfall for a 9-yard gain to set up a third and 1, which Fisher converts on a run up the middle. 

Q3, 9:31 -- Richmond finally makes a big play on defense, as Justin Williamson chases Lee down for the sack and a big loss. This results in a third down, which the Dukes are unable to convert. Maglio makes a 35-yard field goal to give the Dukes a 34-20 lead. 

Q3, 12:25 -- JMU has driven the ball to Richmond's 27-yard line, where it faces a third and 3. Lee runs and is marked short, but a procedural penalty against the Dukes will result in a replay of the down and a third and 8. 

Player of the game so far: JMU's Taylor Reynolds. The cornerback has six tackles, an interception for a touchdown, and both forced fumbles on Fisher. 

Q3, 14:09 -- On the next play, Fisher takes it again but fumbles at the 1-yard line. The ball bounces out of the back of the end zone, resulting in a JMU touchback. 

Q3, 14:40 -- Fisher takes the handoff on second down and bulldozes his way up the middle for a first down to the 14-yard line. 

Q3, 15:00 -- Yoder kicks off out of bounds, so JMU will start at its own 35. On the first play of the half, Lee rolls out right, and Eric Wright chases him down, forces a fumble then recovers it. Richmond's offense is set up at JMU's 28. 

After one half, it seems a miracle that Richmond has an opportunity to come back and win this game. JMU's Vad Lee has thrown the ball wherever he has wanted today, and now has 295 yards in just the first half. Strauss has kept the Spiders in it and battled through pain. He has three touchdown passes and 217 yards of his own. The inability of Richmond's defense to stop Lee and the passing game will be key during the rest of the game. 

Crazy stat of the day: With this ejection, Dean Marlowe has now been thrown out of three games this season for targeting penalties. 

Q2, :07 -- I have one word to describe this drive: Wow. Strauss steps up in the pocket and finds Green for a 9-yard touchdown pass. The point after makes the score 31-20, JMU leads. Richmond's offense continues to keep the Spiders alive. 

Q2, :12 -- On the next play, Bevels makes a 14-yard catch and another targeting penalty is called on star safety Dean Marlowe, who is also disqualified. The Spiders now have a first down fat the JMU 9-yard line. Those ejections will make it a little bit easier for Strauss and his receivers in the passing game; Marlowe is one of the conference's best defensive backs. 

Q2, :27 -- Diggs twists and makes an impressive grab for 22 yards and a first down. He is drilled by a defender, and a targeting penalty is called, pushing he Spiders up to the 33-yard line and disqualifying JMU's Aaron Peak. 

Q2, :43 -- Lee looks for Brown in the endzone, but Ayo Ogunniyi is able to bat the ball away. Ryan Maglio makes a 43-yard field goal to push the JMU lead to 31-13. 

Q2, 1:08 -- A pass to Daniel Brown gives the Dukes a first down from the 2-yard line, but two plays later the center snaps the ball over Lee's head, resulting in a 24-yard loss. The Dukes face a third and goal from the 26. 

Q2, 1:19 -- Grant is called for a ridiculous pass interference call. It looked to me like great defense. The crowd thought so too, as it roars at the call by the referee. 

Q2, 2:30 -- Lee bobbles a snap into the air, but catches it and delivers a 10-yard strike across the middle for a first down. The Georgia Tech transfer is playing like an FBS quarterback today. 

Q2, 3:12 -- Fisher carries and as he gains big yardage, a defender punches the ball out of his hand. The ball bounces about 25 yards into the endzone, and JMU recovers for a touchback. 

Q2, 4:13 -- The Richmond offense comes out with just one receiver, Brown, and he catches a deep hitch route on an accurate toss from Strauss for a first down. The next play, he catches a short pass and runs for about 13 yards and another first down. 

Q2, 4:26 -- Strauss can't play defense, though. Lee continues to gain yards at will through the air, as another long pass to Ravenel gives the Dukes 50 yards. A few plays later, Jauan Latney carries it into the end zone for an easy touchdown. JMU wasted no time on that drive, and now leads 13-28. Richmond's defense has been nonexistent today, and could end up being the reason for a Richmond loss today. 

Q2, 5:44 -- The offensive play-caller for Richmond flexes his chops, as a misdirection screen pass to Green goes for 28 yards and a touchdown. Yoder converts the point after this time, and the score is now 21-13. Strauss' toughness and composure was as evident on that drive as it has been all season. 

Q2, 6:30 -- An 8-yard pass to Diggs and a short run from Hamlin put the Spiders in a third and 1, which Fisher converts with a short run up the middle. The Spiders are now at JMU's 26.

Q2, 7:40 -- Strauss is showing that he is a fiery competitor. He connects with Brown across the middle for 18 yards on third and 17, then floats a back-shoulder throw to Diggs on the sideline for about 15 more yards. 

Q2, 9:09 -- David Broadus comes in at quarterback, fumbles the snap and loses about seven yards. Strauss checks back into the game on the next play though, and hands to Jacobi Green for no gain. 

Q2, 9:15 -- The defense has been struggling, but Justin Grant just filled a gap and nailed the JMU back for a 7-yard loss. On third and 12, Richmond's defense gets lucky, as Ishmael Hyman drops what would have been a first down. After a punt, Richmond's offense will begin at its own 25-yard line. 

Q2, 11:12 -- Michael Rocco takes over at quarterback, and his first pass falls incomplete, intended for Diggs. A flag was thrown indicating pass interference on JMU, but it was picked up. Richmond punts to the JMU 32. 

Q2, 11:16 -- The JMU pass rush continues to wreak havoc on Strauss and the offense. Strauss is down with an injury and is being attended to, and it doesn't look positive.

Q2, 11:59 -- The ruling on the field stands, and a successful extra point kick gives JMU a 21-6 lead. Strauss has his work cut out for him. 

Q2, 12:10 -- JMU's passing game is too much for the Richmond secondary to handle. A 25-yard pass gives the Dukes a first and goal, and Lee runs up the middle on the next play for a touchdown. The play is under review. 

Q2, 13:00 -- John Miller is carrying the Dukes on offense. He strung together two plays to help the offense convert its long second down. JMU now has a first down and 15 at Richmond's 31 after another false start penalty. 

Q2, 14:30 -- Richmond's defense is able to force a short third down for JMU, but a JMU receiver makes an impressive catch in short coverage for a first down to the Richmond 40. However, a false start and negative run from JMU force a second and 18. 

After one quarter, Richmond finds itself down 14-6 because of an unfortunate miscue on offense that resulted in a pick-six. The defense has stopped the run effectively, but Vad Lee has completed both of his pass attempts for 133 yards, including a 93-yard touchdown. The secondary has to tighten up for Richmond to have a chance in this game. 

Q1, :03 -- The Richmond offense comes out and appears out of sync, as three ineffective plays add up to zero yards and a punt. Trevor Jones makes an immediate tackle on the punt for Richmond, and JMU will begin on offense at its own 43. 

Q1, 1:01 -- Surprisingly, JMU's offense elects three run plays in a row, and Richmond is able to shut it down. The Dukes accept a delay-of-game penalty and punt the ball out of bounds to the Spiders' 13-yard line. 

Q1, 2:50 -- Lee and his receivers are tearing up Richmond's secondary. He connects with Brandon Ravenel for 40 yards; the receiver was wide open. 

Q1, 3:14 -- On third down from the 4-yard line, Strauss finds Brian Brown on a short hitch route for the touchdown. The extra point by Yoder is missed though, and the score is now 14-6. 

Q1, 4:50 -- Fisher takes the carry off-tackle left two plays in a row, and gains about 15 yards to put give the Spiders a second down from the 5-yard line. 

Q1, 6:12 -- Strauss and his receivers find success for the first time today, as he floats a deep pass over Diggs' shoulder down the sideline. Diggs hauls in the pass for a 34-yard gain to the JMU 20-yard line. 

Q1, 7:32 -- Hamlin takes the kickoff up the middle all the way to the Richmond 35. An offside penalty on JMU moves the ball up five yards, so the offense will start at the 40. 

Q1, 7:42 -- Richmond continually fails to gain significant yardage on first and second down, and the offense faces another long third down. Strauss throws a slant, but the receiver stumbles and the pass flies into the hands of the JMU defensive back. Taylor Reynolds returns the interception for a 55-yard touchdown to give JMU a 14-0 lead. 

Q1, 8:32 -- On the punt, a rare "roughing the snapper" penalty is called against JMU, giving Richmond 15 yards and a first down. 

Q1, 8:49 -- JMU's pass rush is making Strauss' day difficult so far. Linebacker Sage Harold hits him from behind and causes the pass to wobble incomplete. On the next play, an inside blitz forces Strauss to get rid of the ball again, and a throw out of bounds forces a punt. 

Q1, 9:00 -- Richmond opens its next drive with two short plays, a receiver screen and a run up the middle, and is now facing a third and 8. Diggs hauls in a low pass in tight coverage on third down for 10 yards and a first down. 

Q1, 10:29 -- James Madison goes deep on third and 12, and a pass from Vad Lee to DeAndre' Smith results in a 93-yard touchdown. The receiver was wide open, and it seemed that there must have been confusion in Richmond' secondary. The Dukes take the lead early, 7-0.  

Q1, 11:42 -- Richmond's defense comes out with something to prove, as a run and a quarterback scramble on back-to-back plays are stopped by the defense. 

Q1, 12:32 -- A negative run from Fisher and an incomplete pass to Reggie Diggs leave Richmond with a third and 12 at the JMU 46-yard line. On third down, the JMU pass rush exerts its power and sacks Strauss for a big loss. Richmond is forced to punt, and the ball is downed at JMU's 8-yard line. 

Q1, 14:11 -- Strauss doesn't seem to have missed a beat. He hits Jarmal Bevels on an out route on third and 7 for a first down. The next play, Seth Fisher explodes up the middle for 14 yards and another first down. 

Q1, 14:16 -- Strauss' first pass of the game falls incomplete short across the middle. He looked comfortable, but the defense was tight. 

Q1, 15:00 -- Jeremiah Hamlin catches the opening kickoff, and pushes his way to the 28-yard line. Strauss and the offense take the field. 

James Madison won the toss and elected to defer, so we will get an early look at Michael Strauss and the Richmond offense. 

Hey everyone, I'm Charlie Broaddus and I'll be providing live updates and analysis throughout today's matchup between the Spiders and the Dukes. We are about 35 minutes from kickoff here at Robins Stadium. Richmond's star quarterback will be back behind center for the first time since Oct. 11, but will be facing a tenacious front four on James Madison's defense. His success in his first game back will likely dictate the outcome of today's game. Stay tuned!

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