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Tuesday, October 03, 2023

The Cellar brings back old favorites to the menu

The Cellar returned a variety of its student-favorite menu items after multiple complaints of the new health-conscious menu that debuted at the beginning of this semester.

At the start of the fall semester, students called The Cellar to order their late night favorites, such as the chicken tenders or the chicken wings, and hung up disappointed. Such menu items were removed because The Cellar changed its menu over the summer to accommodate local, fresh food. The new menu didn’t last long, and the old-menu items made a triumphant return mid-October.

“We received multiple complaints about the guests missing some of the old items,” said Beverly Binns, senior manager at The Cellar. “Our goal is to give the guests what they want.”

There were eight items that were added back to the menu: four appetizers, one salad and three main entrees. According to Binns, there has been an increase in business since the changes have been made. Binns credited the rise to the time of the year. She said there had always been more business later in the semester.

Dominique Miller, an employee at The Cellar, said when the students called in, they told him how much they appreciated the changes to the menu. At the beginning of the semester, he said there were numerous nights when students would complain to him after hearing that their order could not be processed because The Cellar didn’t offer it anymore.

“I’m glad they returned the menu items,” senior Jasmine Smalls said. “I loved the old Cellar food. It’s a nice change-up on campus when you don’t want D-hall.”

Binns said the new menu would not be considered a failure. “We still would like to change the menu, but we understand that some items will not be as well-received as others,” Binns said. She said the menu would be changed later this semester, as well as next semester, to offer some seasonal items.

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