Richmond Spiders,

A 'thank you' is in order.

Whether throughout the day, throughout this week, throughout this year or throughout my time thus far as a Spider, it has been a great joy to meet with you. Why a great joy you might ask? Because simply in meeting you, I have been able to hear your stories and share some of my own. It is through the power of human interaction and transparency in which real connection begins.

I must give a word of gratitude to Matt Logan, who from the day we both met as first-year students has truly exemplified what it means to be a man of leadership, service and civility. Thank you for the great words of encouragement. Much good awaits you.

And to my fellow Spiders, the effort is already underway to begin to deconstruct the barriers, both perceived and actual, that exist between the students and those they elect to seek their good. I ask that you all join together with me on this great journey, in this exciting time. As the Richmond College Student Government Association embarks on its centennial year, I hope to honor the leadership of all who have come before me. In working with Dr. Ronald Crutcher, I hope to expand upon the profound gains that have emerged from the handcrafted Richmond Promise and Guarantee of President Edward Ayers.

To my fellow (and future) RCSGA senators, I ask that we all make a great effort to reflect upon our role in this great and noble office. Let us not forget that it is the adjective of ‘students’ that precedes the title of government. Thus, it is the students we shall serve. Let us expand upon the gains of President Groves. I have seen the great potential that exists in our body; may all of our parts be healthy and whole.

Lastly, let us all strive to ‪#‎MeetSomeoneNew. Beginning tomorrow … no, beginning now, extend a high-five, a hug or a "hello" to a Spider whom you have not yet encountered. And in seeking unity among all students, whether male or female, "Greek" or "non-Greek," and even regardless of the hue of your skin or the place of your origin, let us all seek to truly represent that we are indeed ‪#‎OneRichmond.

May I never forget my role as God's servant for your good as I seek the welfare of the city, to which I've been sent (Rom. 13 & Jeremiah 29:7).

My best & yours in Jesus Christ,

Angelo Suggs Jr.