Let’s keep this brief – you’ve got midterms this week, and, let’s be honest, you’ve read enough. My name is Matt Logan, and I would be honored to serve as the Richmond College Student Government Association (RCSGA) president. Elections are online this Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at https://wwws.richmond.edu/vote. If I’ve already convinced you that I’m your guy, you can go ahead and get back to studying, and I wish you the best of luck in surviving this week! If not – please keep reading, because there is plenty more you should know about me.

Again, my name is Matt Logan, and I’m a junior from Kansas City, Kansas. I’m a life-long Royals fan, a double major in leadership studies and psychology with a minor in physics, and I’m a student government enthusiast. I’ve been involved with student government since Day One on campus – serving as the Class of 2016 Chair over the past three years. Additionally, I served as my student body president in high school. I am a singer, a soccer player, a Greek life member, a study abroad student, an on-campus employee and I’m hoping that tomorrow I will get to add RCSGA president to that list.

I believe that I truly am the best fit for this position. My involvement on campus speaks to my time-management skills, my commitment to the university and my diverse range of passions that I will continue to advocate for. This is an incredibly special time for the university as it garners national attention for our new provost, president and new programs being administered (particularly the Summer Fellowship program through the Richmond Guarantee). I believe that I am the right man to be representing this university and to be collaborating with those in power to continue to push our students’ values and missions. I am very aware and conscious of the decision-making process that occurs and believe that I am fit to go through the appropriate avenues to successfully voice student concerns and increase quality of life on campus.

So how can I specifically help you? In my couple years of experience here at the university, I believe that there is a disconnect between those making decisions and those affected by those decisions. In attending a Student Government Conference last year at Randolph-Macon College, I learned several innovative ways to connect board of trustees members with students. I believe that connecting this gap is the most important thing I can do as president. By forming a relationship with the new president, and as part of the provost search committee, I feel as though I can adequately present ways in which our administration and our students can connect and unify.

As president I would look to create more unity among the different pockets on campus. The university has incredible experiences, organizations and students, and in many ways some of our students don't get to take advantage of all of these opportunities simply because they're not visible to them. By creating a calendar hub in the commons I hope to offer both visibility to different events that is less invasive than tabling and also helps organizations to not over-program or overlap with other events straining our student body.

Additionally, I hope to bolster RCSGA's relationships with different organizations to form more communication between what organizations need and want with what RCSGA can provide either through advice or finance. By creating a new position within RCSGA that is specifically tasked with organization outreach, I believe we'll be able to have more successful organization planning and better events campus-wide.

Finally, I hope to truly utilize the power of the RCSGA. If you’ve made it this far, I truly appreciate your commitment and dedication to Richmond College. It is imperative that our students know what RCSGA does do and what it can do. By implementing regular office hours, I believe that the RCSGA can have better outreach, input and can truly reach its full potential.

I may not have a witty slogan, but you should still vote for Matt Logan.