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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Live blog: Richmond at Maryland

Thank you to everyone for keeping up with us during the first game of the football season here at Byrd Stadium! Best of luck to the Spiders at their next game.

Q4, 0:00 -- Richmond loses to the Maryland Terps, 50-21. 

Q4, 3:22 -- Richmond's Seth Fisher scores a 16-yard touchdown, with the extra point by Peter Yoder. The score is now 50-21, with the Spiders still trailing far behind the Terps with about 3 minutes left in the game.

Maryland's Likely has broken a 76 year-old Big 10 conference record with 233 punt return yards in today's game.  

Q4, 6:26 -- Lauletta passes a 13-yard pass to Dashon Tibbs at the Richmond 47-yard line. First down for Richmond.

Q4, 6:26 -- Johnson scores a touchdown for Maryland. With the extra point, the score is 50-14, and Maryland continues with the lead.

Q4, 8:44 -- Likely makes a 35-yard return for Maryland, giving him a total of 296 yards this game so far. That kid can fly.

Q4, 10:30 -- Maryland's Likely delivers once again with a 67-yard return for the touchdown. At this point, Maryland is making it look easy, gaining the extra point and keeping the lead with a score of 42-14.

Q4, 12:55 -- Brown runs the ball for a Maryland touchdown. With the extra point, Maryland continues to lead 36-14 in the fourth quarter.

Q4, 13:38 -- Richmond's Nick Velardo is down on the field, with a timeout for possible injury. The medical team is walking Velardo off the field.

Q4, 13:53 -- Richmond's David Herlocker is down on the field, with a timeout for possible injury. Herlocker is able to walk off the field with the medical team.

Q3, 0:00 -- Score remains 29-14, with Maryland in the lead, at the end of the third quarter. Maryland has 201 more rushing yards than Richmond in the game so far.

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Q3, 0:25 -- Maryland's Hill completes a 13-yard pass to Jacobs for a first down at the Richmond 18-yard line. 

Q3, 2:38 -- Lauletta throws interception in an attempt to reach Brown, with the ball dropped by Maryland. Lauletta gets bailed out, but goes on to throw another incomplete pass to Diggs in the next play. 

Q3, 3:36 -- A 28-yard field goal attempt by Maryland's Craddock is no good. Score remains 29-14, with the Terps in the lead.

Q3, 5:26 -- Maryland's Likely continues to show his skills on the field with 193 yards returned this game so far.

Q3, 6:19 -- Terps' secondary absolutely blanketing Richmond, with Lauletta getting sacked once again by Jesse Aniebonam.

Q3, 7:40 -- First punt of the game by Maryland, with Richmond starting at the 31-yard line. 

Q3, 9:51 -- Richmond's Lauletta sacked by Jefferson, with a loss of 8 yards on the play. Maryland received the ball with a touchback. The ball will come out to the 20-yard line.

Q3, 11:21 -- Lauletta makes a 25-yard pass to Diggs along the sideline, Diggs' first catch of the game, and an amazing one at that. 

Q3, 12:01 -- Lauletta makes another incomplete pass to Reggie Diggs, making a habit of it in the second half. Time for Richmond to start running the ball.

Q3, 12:12 -- Brandon Ross makes a 21-yard touchdown for Maryland in his sixth 100-yard game. Terps get the extra point and lead 29-14. 

Q3, 12:50 -- Maryland picks up where they left off in the first half, running the ball right past Richmond play after play.

Q3, 14:41 -- Lauletta throws two incomplete passes to Brown & Diggs before being taken down with only a 3-yard gain. Maryland gets 19 yards on the return, looking far stronger than Richmond in the second half.

At halftime, the Spiders trail the Terps 22-14. Lauletta and the Richmond offense have been good enough despite 100 fewer rushing yards than Maryland. The Spider defense has yet to force a punt, and the special teams coverage has been horrendous. If Seth Fisher can come in during the second half and establish a presence on the ground, the Spiders have a serious chance to pull this game out late. If he can't get going and the defense continues to struggle getting off the field, the Spiders will likely lose by double digits. Stay tuned for updates and analysis during the second half. 

Q2, 0:05 -- Lauletta is sacked by Quinton Jefferson for a loss of 9 yards as the game goes into halftime. 

Q2, 1:00 -- Maryland's QB Perry Hills makes a 37-yard pass to Malcom Culmer for his first career touchdown. The extra point is no good and the Terps keep the lead, 22-14. 

Q2, 3:26 -- Lauletta nearly loses the ball at the Richmond 22-yard line, with a loss of 6 yards on the play.

Q2, 4:40 -- Maryland scores a 30-yard field goal to take back the lead, 16-14. Despite losing their lead, Richmond proven themselves as worthy competitors to the Maryland Terps. 

Q2, 6:41 -- Maryland's offense continues to run the ball with a consistent success rate. Maryland's Brandon Ross gains 11 yards with a first down at Richmond's 7-yard line. A 15-yard penalty against Maryland pushes them back to the 23 yard-line with a first down. 

Q2, 10:35 -- Lauletta runs it in from 4 yards out for a touchdown. With the extra point, Richmond is now leading 13-14 to roaring applause from Spider fans in the stands. 

Q2, 11:03 -- Lauletta makes a 52-yard pass to Brian Brown for one of the more impressive plays of the game so far.

Q2, 12:34 -- At the start of the second quarter, Craddock scores a 31-yard field goal, continuing Maryland's lead with a score of 13-7 over Richmond. Maryland has been consistent in starting off each quarter strong, lessening Richmond's confidence. 

Q1, 0:40 -- With a 21-yard return, William Likely has been Maryland's best player of the day with 100 return yards. 

Richmond is dissecting Maryland's defense with misdirection plays. Lauletta is proving to be a dual-threat quarterback.

Q1, 0:55 -- Jacobi Green rushes for a 3-yard touchdown with about a minute left in the quarter. Richmond gets the extra point and the Terps continue to lead, 10-7.

Q1, 6:14 -- Maryland's Levern Jacobs scores the first touchdown of the game with a 33-yard jet-sweep shuffle pass. Maryland gets the extra point and leads 10-0.

Q1, 8:03 -- With 8 minutes left in the first quarter, Maryland already has a total of 37 yards in two punt returns and a 42-yard kickoff return this early on.

Q1, 10:53 -- Maryland QB throws a pass interception to Ricmond's David Jones. Richmond appears to be getting rid of the nerves a few minutes into the game, despite a rocky start. 

Q1, 11:00 -- Richmond QB Kyle Lauletta throws an incomplete pass to Reggie Diggs. Lauletta appears shaky at the start of the first quarter. 

Q1, 12:00 -- Richmond manages a 20-yard return by Jeremiah Hamlin 3 minutes in to the first quarter. Maryland's defense is quick to cut Richmond short early on in the game.

Q1, 12:09 -- Despite appearing overwhelmed at first, Richmond's defense forces a Maryland fourth down. The Terps lead 3-0 after a 34-yard field goal by Brad Craddock.

Q1, 13:10 -- Maryland's rushing attack is proving to be too much for Richmond's defense early on. Seems as if it's going to be a long day for the Spiders.

Q1, 15:00 --  Richmond has won the coin toss and elected to defer to the second half. Maryland will be receiving. 

With about 30 minutes to kick-off, the stadium is filling up. The Spiders have headed back to the locker room for one last team meeting before game time. Tune in to ESPNU at noon to watch the game broadcasted live!

Hi everyone! I'm Mariam and I'll be giving you live updates during today's game against the University of Maryland. We're about an hour away from kick-off here at Byrd Stadium and the Spiders have just hit the field, pumped up and ready to go. 

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