Final: Richmond 42, VMI 10. Stay tuned for a detailed account of the game tomorrow morning. 

Q4, 2:20--We're nearing the end here at Robins Stadium. The Spiders face 3rd and 13, though, so they might have to punt one more time before the game is over. 

Q4, 5:00--Broadus comes in at quarterback for the Spiders, who are still milking the clock. Surprised?

Q4, 7:03--VMI turns the ball over on downs, and Richmond starts its clock-milking once again. Not much more to speak of here at Robins Stadium. 

Q4, 10:31--DeAnthony Muse was down injured for a few, but he walked off the field under his own power. VMI is at the Richmond 15-yard line. 

Q4, 12:28-- VMI moving the ball, even though it's too late for a comeback. The clock is still running though, so that's a good sign for everyone. 

Q4, 14:56--Fisher walks into the endzone for a touchdown and extends the lead to 42-10. 

End of 3rd Quarter: The Spiders are in full control and leading 35-10. They've forced five turnovers and are inside of VMI's five-yard line poised to score again. 

Q3, 2:10--Diggs bails the offense out on third down and catches a 22-yard pass to earn a first down and keep the clock moving. 

Q3, 4:28--Lauletta runs for another first down. Spiders doing a good job of milking the clock with short runs. 

Q3, 5:45--DJ Jones is a ball hawk. He intercepts his second pass of the game, third of the season, and gives the Richmond offense the ball back. Time for the Spiders to milk the clock. 

Q3, 6:40--Lauletta rolls out left and finds freshman Dejon Brissett in the back of the endzone for the 13-yard touchdown. Spiders now lead 35-10 and have full control of the game. 

Q3, 7:40--Richmond is moving the ball effectively through the air and on the ground, showing nice balance. Spiders inside VMI's 20. 

Q3, 11:08--VMI's drive stalls on 4th down and the Spiders take over at their own 40. Lauletta then uses his legs on 2nd and long and picks up a first down. He seems to be becoming better at deciding when to run and when to get rid of the ball. 

Q3, 12:52--Tucker breaks off a huge run for 34 yards on VMI's first play of the drive. Keydets in Richmond territory. 

Q3, 13:33--Fisher gives us all another example of his power when he runs over another defender. On the next play, Lauletta goes deep to a wide-open Porter Abell for a 53-yard touchdown. Spiders now lead 28-10. 

Q3, 14:31--VMI opens the second half with an interception on third and long. David Jones gets his second of the year and, as predicted, the Spiders will benefit once again from poor decisions by Cobb. 

Halftime: Richmond ends the half with its first sack of the season from Winston Craig. At the half, Richmond has just 209 offensive yards in comparison to VMI's 229 yards. The difference has been turnovers, as the Spiders have returned two interceptions for touchdowns. The Spiders seem to be controlling the game, but with VMI's potential on offense and Richmond's offensive struggles for the majority of the first half, anything can happen. Stay tuned. 

Q2, :50--Broadus comes in on third and short and is stuffed short of the first down. Richmond's two-minute offense is unsuccessful, and VMI calls a timeout to try and get the ball back with some time left. 

Q2, 2:15--Tucker finally finds the endzone, and he deserved it. He had been finding success on the ground but it seemed all for nought until now. VMI narrows the gap once again, now trails 21-10. 

Q2, 2:18--On 4th and 2, Cobb runs and earns a first down inside the one-yard line. Richmond calls timeout to figure out how to manage its goal-line defense. 

Q2, 4:01--Once again, I spoke too soon. Cobb throws downfield into double coverage to Matthew Nicholson for 34 yards, then throws for another 10 yards on the next play. VMI now inside Richmond's 10-yard line. 

Q2, 4:30--VMI still cannot find success on the ground, but the occasional open receiver has allowed the Keydet offense to put together some drives. Cobb continues to throw into coverage though, and more interceptions seem to be imminent. 

Q2, 5:45--Cobb is hit as he throws, and Madison Day capitalizes on a poor throw for Richmond by intercepting the pass and scampering to the endzone for a 25-yard pick-six. That is the Spiders' second defensive touchdown of the day and they now lead 21-3. 

Q2, 6:27--I spoke too soon. Green fumbles inside VMI's 10-yard line and the Keydets recover. They will take over at their own eight-yard line. 

Q2, 7:18--On third and long, Lauletta shows patience in the pocket and eventually finds Garrett Hudson down the middle for 25 yards. Richmond is winning the big-play battle today by a long shot. 

Q2, 8:17--VMI goes three and out and will be forced to punt to Green, who has been on a roll. The punt ends up being a shank, though, and goes just 23 yards out of bounds. The Spiders will have an opportunity to build a comfortable lead, starting their next drive at midfield. 

Q2, 9:20--Green continues his explosive playmaking with a 20-yard rush down the left sideline. On the next play, Lauletta connects with James Pavik in the flats for a 3-yard touchdown. Spiders lead 14-3. 

Q2, 11:55--On third and short, Lauletta find Fisher on a short pass, and he takes it 15 yards then lays the wood on a VMI defender to finish the play. One play later, Green catches a pass up the middle for 24 more yards and just like that the Spiders are in VMI territory. 

Q2, 13:52--Brice Tucker fumbles for VMI after a big hit and Jarriel Jordan recovers for Richmond. Prior to that play, Tucker was the workhorse the Keydets and seemed to be finding a real rhythm. 

Q2, 14:51--Another Spider is down and injured. This time it's Omar Howard after a nasty collision knocks his helmet off. 

End of 1st--VMI has begun moving the ball thanks in large part to Al Cobb's dual-threat factor from the quarterback position. Richmond's offense has yet to find any true rhythm or success, and the game has been--as expected--a close one through 15 minutes. 

Q1, 1:46--Lauletta looks for McCombs again across the middle but they were not on the same page and the ball soars past everyone. Brian Brown and Reggie Diggs have been non-factors to this point and, interestingly, Richmond is playing with many young receivers instead. 

Q1, 2:53--A few plays later, David Broadus makes his first appearance of the game and runs right off-tackle for a first down. 

Q1, 3:39--Will McCombs drops a potential first-down catch after being popped by VMI safety Alijah Robinson. Robinson ran off the field in apparent pain. 

Q1, 6:12--Richmond opens the drive with a run from Jacobi Green, but Greg Sanders comes up and makes a remarkable open-field tackle to limit him to only a few yards. 

Q1, 6:37--VMI's drive stalls, and the team kicks a field goal to narrow Richmond's lead to four. Lauletta and his offense will come out for the second time today. 

Q1, 8:25--The Keydets are finding any and all ways to get it done right now. Cobb's pass is broken up and pops into the air, then caught by Cody Shirley along the sideline for a first down. The play is under review but as it stands, VMI is at Richmond's 8-yard line. 

Q1, 9:40--Cobb fakes a deep throw then takes off to the left where there are no defenders. He earns 26 yards and a first down, and Ogunniyi is injured after a massive crack-back block from Dan Forlines. He walks off under his own power after a few minutes. 

Q1, 10:50--On third and long, Cobb finds Chad Jacob short right, who wiggles out of a tackle and earns a first down with a second effort. VMI already facing another long third down, though. 

Q1, 11:59--VMI goes back on offense and picks up a quick first down on a short pass up the middle. It's early, but Richmond is effectively stopping the Keydets' running game so far. 

Q1, 12:35--On VMI's first offensive play, Ayo Ogunniyi reads Al Cobb's eyes, intercepts a pass and brings it back for a walk-in touchdown. Richmond takes the lead 7-0 early after a phenomenal defensive read. 

Q1, 13:29--Lauletta uses his legs early and tries to scramble, but he fails to earn much yardage. The result is a third and seven that the Spiders fail to convert because of quarterback pressure from VMI. Spiders will punt. 

Q1, 14:00--Richmond comes out firing on offense. A short pass and a long Seth Fisher run put the Spiders in VMI territory early. 

Richmond will receive the opening kickoff. It's loud here at Robins Stadium.

Hello everyone! I'm Charlie Broaddus, The Collegian's sports editor, and I'll be providing you guys with today's game coverage from Robins Stadium as the Spiders take on the VMI Keydets. Expect a fairly close game, as it appears that VMI has plenty of support here and the Spiders did not look particularly dominant a week ago at Hampton. Kickoff is in about 30 minutes, so check back when the game kicks off and follow along.