A first down will allow Richmond to end the game by taking a knee. Richmond comes out and absolutely explodes with 721 yards of offense, including 236 from Green and 204 from Brown. The Spiders stun the Dukes, the College GameDay crew and the 26,000 fans in attendance and take full control of the CAA. More detailed story to come, stay tuned. 

Q4, 1:14 -- Nothing but some clock-milking now for Richmond. JMU uses its final timeout on third and four for Richmond. 

Q4, 2:02 -- Richmond dots the i by forcing and recovering a fumble on the kickoff to give the offense the ball back. The play was under review, but it stands.  

Q4, 2:09 -- Green, fittingly, runs it in for his fifth touchdown of the game and Richmond now leads 59-49. Truly a statement game from the Richmond Spiders today. 

Q4, 2:12 -- Lauletta takes off running around the right side and makes it to the one-yard line where it will be third down. Richmond has an all-time record with 709 total yards on offense. 

Q4, 3:40 -- Jacobi Green with an absolute beast of a run. Was that Marshawn Lynch? He breaks free for 62 yards down to JMU's six-yard line. Green now has 235 yards and four touchdowns--what a day. 

Q4, 4:02 -- JMU gets the deep ball they've been so eager for as Hyman adjusts to make a great 41-yard catch. Two plays later, Schor hits Davis in the back of the endzone for a touchdown and the Dukes trail by just three now, 52-49. Richmond's fate is in Lauletta and his offense's hands. 

Q4, 5:40 -- The Dukes pick up another first down from a slant pass and a few broken tackles. I may be wrong, but Schor doesn't look to have the right stuff to bring JMU back in this game. 

Q4, 6:03 -- JMU is up against a third and five and doesn't convert, but what appeared to be a bad call gives the Dukes a first down with a pass interference call. 

Q4, 6:10 -- Lee does not come out for Richmond, it's Schor instead. Scary injury as David Herlocker appears to have a head or neck injury. 

Q4, 6:38 -- Yoder with an absolute drill from 48 yards to put Richmond up by 10. Richmond's 52 points are the most they've ever scored against JMU. 

Q4, 7:00 -- Richmond must fight the noise in Bridgeforth to try and convert a third and 14. Great defense from the Dukes are enough for the stop. The Spiders are going to try a 48-yard field goal. 

Q4, 8:00 -- Lauletta with a huge mistake. He runs backward and gets sacked by Andrew Ankrah for a 10-yard loss. 

Q4, 9:18 -- After the Spiders lean on Green for two short runs, they face a third and three from just past midfield. Lauletta rolls out and finds Brown, always open, for 17 yards and another first down. 

Q4, 10:17 -- Lauletta hasn't slowed down. He finds Diggs on a crossing route for 17 yards and a first down to extend the drive. 

Q4, 11:26 -- Schor wastes no time, using two powerful runs to reach the endzone and narrow Richmond's lead to 7. The Spiders are in control of their own destiny now. 

Q4, 11:35 -- Three plays later, JMU faces a fourth and two and Lee limps off the field as the field goal unit comes in. They rearrange to look as if they'll run a trick play and try to draw the defense offside, but it doesn't work and the Dukes take a timeout. Here comes the offense led by new quarterback Brian Schor. 

Q4, 13:20 -- Omar Howard makes a tackle on Lee in the backfield to force a long third down, but Lee does Lee from there. On third down he throws it over Trevor Jones' outstretched arm to Ravenel for 41 yards into Richmond's redzone. 

Q4, 13:36 -- That was close. Lee goes deep but David Herlocker dives to break up the pass. He's on one knee and being attended to by the training staff. 

Q4, 14:32 -- Lauletta with the huge pass to a wide-open Diggs for 40 yards to the JMU 3. On the next play, he rolls out and hits Garrett Hudson in the back of the endzone for a touchdown to extend Richmond's lead to 14. Must be careful with Lee though because with his fast-paced offense and ability to score from anywhere, the Dukes are never out of it. 

At the end of the third quarter, Richmond leads 42-35 because of career days from Lauletta, Brown and Green. The Spiders will face a third and 10 when the fourth quarter starts from JMU's 43-yard line. If they gain five or more yards, it's probable that they'll attempt on fourth down.

Q3, 1:23 -- Don't forget about Brown, though. He's been huge for Richmond, reaching 187 yards on just six catches. Lauletta has a career high in passing yards with 338. 

Q3, 2:30 -- Green is slicing through JMU's defense right now, as he reaches 155 yards and four touchdowns on just 19 carries. 

Q3, 3:28 -- Lee throws left on the out route but it falls short as the receiver is unable to haul it on. JMU will punt for the second consecutive drive. 

Q3, 4:05 -- After a long and disheartening injury delay for a JMU player, Lee breaks free for 24 yards. Two plays later, though, the Dukes face a third and eight. 

We've just been told today's game breaks a Bridgeforth Stadium record with 26,069 fans in attendance. 

Q3, 4:45 -- Broadus makes his first appearance in weeks and runs as close to the goal line as possible without scoring. Green cleans up on the next play, giving him a career-high four touchdowns in the game. Richmond regains the lead, 42-35.

Q3, 6:30 -- The Spiders give themselves a chance with a third and three, and Nick Holloway dives for a short catch to convert. On the next play, Brown is the only player to run a route and beats the corner with a double move for a 48-yard gain. Then Lauletta rolls out and finds Diggs on the sideline for 15 more yards to the JMU 3-yard line. 

Q3, 8:10 -- Richmond forces JMU to punt for the second time today and will get the ball back with a chance to take the lead. These opportunities will run out for the Spiders eventually. 

Q3, 10:09 -- On the next play, Green finds a hole and explodes for a 40-yard touchdown down the sideline. It didn't look like he was touched. That's his 3rd TD of the day as Richmond ties the score at 35. 

Q3, 10:38 -- A big run from Green followed by a long corner route from Brown move the Spiders to JMU's 40. 

Q3, 12:10 -- Richmond stops the Dukes, but then gets called for a late hit to give JMU a fresh set of downs. Lee obviously converts and scores his third touchdown on the ground, a new personal best for him. Dukes lead 35-28. 

Q3, 12:38 -- JMU faces a third and seven from the 10-yard line, but the Dukes shouldn't worry. They're 9-10 on third downs so far today. 

Q3, 14:30 -- JMU comes out in the no-huddle as usual and Richmond continues to have trouble slowing down the Dukes, which are already inside the Spiders' 30. 

What a crazy first half in Harrisonburg. Richmond and JMU are tied at 28 after a back-and-forth battle between Lee's offense and Lauletta's. The stats are almost identical, except that Richmond has held the ball for 10 more minutes than JMU, so the Dukes' defense may begin to wear down in the second half. Richmond will have to continue to hold the ball and keep Lee off the field in order the win this game. 

Q2, :04 -- A pass interference penalty moves the Spiders to the 8-yard line, making Yoder's attempt much shorter. He has to think about it because of a JMU timeout, but Yoder drills it regardless to tie the game at 28. 

Q2, :22 -- Lauletta strikes back, but not quite for a touchdown. He finds Tyler Wilkins for a 41-yard gain down the field and Richmond is in field goal range. The Spiders will try to score a touchdown, though. 

Q2, :32 -- The Spiders didn't consider Vad Lee when they decided to throw on their last drive, and it cost them. He finds Rashard Davis for a 71-yard touchdown and just like that, the Dukes are back on top by a score of 28-25. 

Q2, 1:05 -- Bad move from the Spiders. They throw it incomplete three plays in a row and now have to give the Dukes the ball back with a minute left to work with. 

Q2, 1:21 -- And just like that, Lee runs it in for his second touchdown on the ground today and the score is now 25-21, Spiders still up. 

Q2, 1:31 -- Lee and the Dukes are in the redzone now. His favorite receiver is Ravenel, who's made the last two catches. 

Q2, 3:06 -- Lee goes deep but Jarriel Jordan makes a great diving play to break up the pass. Lee comes back though, as he always does, and runs for 32 yards on two plays to move the Dukes into Richmond territory. 

Q2, 3:39 -- Lauletta goes deep to Brown, who makes an NFL-caliber play on the ball to beat the defender and score a 79-yard touchdown. He's called for unsportsmanlike conduct afterward for celebrating too hard, but that's to be expected when you make a play that great. Spiders now lead 25-14 and have stunned JMU so far. 

Q2, 4:49 -- A few uncharacteristically errant throws from Lee give Richmond the ball back, but it'll have to start at the 10-yard line. Spiders must take advantage and put more points on the board. 

Q2, 5:35 -- And just like that, two plays later, JMU is in Richmond territory. Spider corner Ayo Ogunniyi comes out the game with an injury, and it'll be a major surprise if the Dukes don't exploit that. 

Q2, 6:20 -- Lee's offense comes out for the first time this quarter and looks a bit rusty. First play, bobbled handoff and second play, holding call. 

Q2, 6:39 -- On third down, Lauletta under-threw a wide-open receiver for an incomplete pass. Peter Yoder makes the field goal to put the Spiders up by 4, but that was a huge missed opportunity for Richmond. 

Q2, 7:23 -- Lauletta's legs have been put to use today. He runs for six yards to the four-yard line and gets popped by a defender. Third and goal now. 

Q2, 8:33 -- Huge play for the Spiders. Lauletta is hit out of bounds, drawing a late hit penalty, but the Dukes also held illegally on the play, and both penalties were enforced. Spiders are now at the 10-yard line. 

Q2, 9:16 -- Richmond sneaks an onside kick on James Madison and recovers to bring Lauletta back on the field in JMU territory. Perfect timing from the Spiders. 

Q2, 9:18 -- Lauletta scores on a run but it's called back because of an illegal motion. Three plays later, Green runs one yard for his second touchdown of the day and a creative two-point play gives Richmond a 15-14 lead. Lauletta is hit late, drawing a flag and seemingly shaking him up. 

Q2, 11:09 -- Green is running with power today, not allowing arm tackles to stop him. He gains 16 yards to give Richmond a first down inside the 10-yard line. 

Q2, 12:03 -- And again, the Spiders find a way to hurt themselves as Brian Brown is called for offensive pass interference. They bail themselves out though, as Diggs catches a slant and is taken down by his facemask, drawing a penalty and automatic first down. 

Q2, 13:39 -- Richmond comes out once again getting a drive going, as Lauletta shows off his mobility in the pocket to buy time and find Green along the sideline for 14 yards and a first down. 

At the end of the first quarter, Richmond's strategy is obvious: keep the ball away from Vad Lee by sustaining drives on offense. The Spiders were successful there by dominating time of possession by almost four minutes but it hasn't reflected on the scoreboard, as Lee's offense needed no more than five and a half minutes to score 14 points. 

Q1, :34 -- Dukes still on the move, now inside Richmond's 5-yard line. Next play, Lee keeps and runs it in himself for the touchdown. JMU leads 14-7 at the end of the first. 

Q1, 1:41 -- Right now it's hard to imagine a world where Richmond's defense, or any for that matter, will slow down Lee and JMU's offense. Dukes driving and already in Richmond territory. 

Q1, 2:39 -- Two straight dropped passes cause Richmond's drive to stall out. Peter Yoder attempts a 46-yard field goal but misses short, giving JMU the ball back at its own 29.

Q1, 3:46 -- Green and Jeremiah Hamlin have been complementing each other on the ground for Richmond, which is now driving in JMU's territory at the 29-yard line. 

Q1, 5:43 -- Green is finding holes in JMU's defense early. He has 43 yards and a touchdown already on just five carries. 

Q1, 5:59 -- Lauletta stands in the pocket on 3rd and 12 and finds Reggie Diggs deep in the middle of the field for 27 yards and first down. Bad news, though, is that Diggs was hurt on the play. 

Q1, 7:14 -- Gordon Collins returns for Richmond but only reaches the 18-yard line. Don't be surprised if Spiders try a deep pass early on this drive. 

Q1, 7:30 -- As expected, Lee's offense comes out hot, using the no-huddle to race past Richmond's defense. JMU scores on a 15-yard post route from Lee to Donald Taylor that ties the game at 7. 

Q1, 9:00 -- Lee has all day to throw and finds Brandon Ravenel for a 14-yard gain to the Richmond 34. 

Q1, 10:16 -- Charles Tutt returns the kickoff for JMU all the way to its own 46-yard line, giving Vad Lee and the Dukes great field position. 

Q1, 10:25 -- Jacobi Green finds the endzone behind lead blocker TJ Moon to give Richmond a 7-0 lead and draw a mixture of silence and boos from the crowd. Spiders jumped on Dukes early and stole all of their GameDay momentum. 

Q1, 11:42 -- Brown shifts to the right to form a trio of receivers, then runs inside and catches a pass for 18 yards to the JMU 5-yard line. 

Q1, 11:48 -- Danny Rocco calls a timeout on third and short to gather his offense and assure the right play. Play clock was running low. 

Q1, 13:30 -- Richmond has opened the game with a remarkable drive so far, gaining at least eight yards on every play. Spiders are currently at JMU's 23-yard line. 

Q1, 14:50 -- Jacobi Green silences the crowd on the first play with a 21-yard run up the middle. The next play, Lauletta finds Stephon Jacob in the flats for another first down. 

JMU wins the toss and defers. We'll get an early look at Kyle Lauletta and the Richmond offense. 

Now that College GameDay's done, Richmond and James Madison are warming up to play in less than 30 minutes here at Bridgeforth Stadium in Harrisonburg, Virginia. GameDay was 12,000 people strong, incredible, insane, electric. Analyst Desmond Howard told me it was "by far" the best environment the show has ever seen. I'll talk more about that later in a different piece, but for now it's time to focus on the game. Richmond will be without Seth Fisher, who has an ankle injury, but with David Broadus, who returns from an indefinite suspension. The stadium is filling up quickly with the sold-out crowd. Today's game will be a show--stay tuned throughout the game for updates and analysis.