Thanks for following along! A game story will follow tomorrow morning. 

Q4, 1:47 -- Green picks it up. He'll finish with 35 carries and 190 yards today, and the Spiders will hang on to win 38-31.

Q4, 1:52 -- Richmond has a third down after Albany uses its last timeout. No question Green will get this carry. 

Q4, 2:32 -- Green is in beast mode once again. He spins out of two tackles and gains 15 yards and a first down, almost guaranteeing a Spider victory now. He's got 178 yards and two touchdowns, not a bad follow-up to his stellar game a week ago. 

Q4, 3:30 -- Yoder misses the field goal and Albany will take over with at least one more chance to tie the game. Richmond forces a three-and-out though and with two timeouts, Albany decides to punt. 

Q4, 5:00 -- The Spiders are riding Green on this drive, as he now has carried the ball four times in a row. He gets stopped on third down, though, and Yoder comes out to try and make it a two-score game. 

Q4, 8:30 -- Brown catches a 14-yard pass and then Green runs for 17 on the next play. Brown now has 178 yards today, and Green's got 140. That duo has been stuffing the stat sheet the past two weeks. 

Q4, 9:46 -- As stellar as Jones and Brown have been today, Ibitokun-Hanks has been equally crucial for Albany. He breaks three tackles then explodes for a long run, bringing his total to 198 rushing yards today. Two plays later Sussman carries around the edge for a short touchdown run and Richmond leads by just seven now, 38-31. This week's performance has been quite dismal compared to last week's. 

Q4, 11:18 -- The Spiders couldn't escape the shadow of their endzone and had to punt. Albany had a nifty punt return and will start at Richmond's 29 in prime scoring position. 

Q4, 13:40 -- Richmond's defense gets pressure on the quarterback on a long third down try, bringing up fourth down and an Albany punt that bounces out of bounds at the two-yard line. 

David Jones' four interceptions tie an NCAA FCS record. It's been done three times before, but not since 1988. 

Q3, 1:00 -- Three straight procedural penalties for Richmond. The Spiders are shaken up. They have to punt back to Albany, but it will wait until the fourth quarter. 

Q3, 2:26 -- Are you KIDDING me? David Jones catches another interception! I don't usually get too excited but that's four in one game right now. Is that a record? It's got to be. Richmond will take over again on offense. 

Q3, 2:33 -- Is Thanksgiving coming early? There's so many turnovers out here today. Ha ha, I'm funny. Lauletta throws another interception, his third of the day, and Albany will take over once again. 

Q3, 3:31 -- There's David Jones again. He stretches out for his third interception of the day. This guy is unreal. Richmond's ball, drive will start at the 20. 

Q3, 4:41 -- Albany is on a mission. The Great Danes are catching contested passes and running with authority in an effort to climb back into this game. Albany's been led by Ibitokun-Hanks, who has 163 yards on the ground. 

Q3, 7:24 -- For the first time since Week 1 against Maryland, the Spiders look seriously flustered and out of rhythm. Lauletta drops back and lofts up an overthrown pass toward Brown, and Albany's Jojo McClary intercepts it, giving Lauletta two picks so far today. Before today, he had that many all season. 

Q3, 8:18 -- That didn't take long. After a 23-yard pass across the middle, Sussman finds Manzo-Lewis for his second touchdown catch of the day. Richmond's lead is now just 38-24. 

Q3, 8:50 -- Despite a 21-point lead, the Spiders are playing sloppy football. Green fumbles the ball on the first play of the drive and Albany recovers, giving the Great Danes an opportunity in Richmond territory to climb back into this game. 

Q3, 9:03 -- Danny Rocco won't be pleased with that one. Dione Alston breaks multiple tackles on a kickoff return and takes it 96 yards for an Albany touchdown. Richmond now leads 38-17, which is comfortable, but the Spiders didn't plan on allowing 17 points to the Great Danes. 

Q3, 9:17 -- There's Reggie Diggs getting in on the action. He cuts hard on a slant route toward the middle, and Lauletta hits him in stride for a 13-yard touchdown. Diggs is having an underrated day with six catches for 56 yards and a touchdown. 

Q3, 10:14 -- On the first play of the drive, Richmond goes deep to Brown once again, who adjusts to the under-thrown ball and catches it over two defenders for 48 yards. He now has seven catches for 164 yards today. 

Q3, 10:41 -- Richmond's defense allows a first down, but then quarterback pressure ends the drive and forces a punt a few plays later. Sussman had a receiver open deep, but overthrew him. Missed opportunities won't win you games, especially against the Spiders. 

Q3, 12:59 -- Green might as well build a house in the endzone because he's been living there the past two weeks. Funny joke, right? Seriously though, he scores another touchdown, bringing his totals to 96 yards and two touchdowns on just 16 carries. He has seven touchdowns in the past two weeks. Richmond leads comfortably, 31-10. 

Q3, 13:25 -- Green's field vision since the beginning of the JMU game has been impressive to say the least. He cuts back across the field and scurries for 18 yards down to Albany's three-yard line. 

Q3, 14:08 -- There's another takeaway for Richmond. Omar Howard strip-sacks Albany's quarterback and Justin Rubin recovers, giving the Spiders' offense good field position at the 30-yard line. 

Before the half, Albany intercepted Lauletta and drove down the field for an eventual field goal to end the half at 24-10, Richmond. The second half is now underway and Albany has the ball. 

Q2, 1:11 -- Jones says no to that attempt from Albany, picking off his second pass of the day and giving his offense the ball back with a minute to work with. 

Q2, 2:03 -- Albany is trying to steal the momentum right back, as the Great Danes are driving and now in Richmond's redzone. 

Q2, 3:17 -- The carries keep piling up for Green, who now has 14 for 75 yards and a one-yard touchdown that just increased Richmond's lead to 24-7. 

Q2, 4:54 -- Green truly is carrying the load. He has 12 carries for 66 yards so far in the first half. 

Q2, 8:10 -- The Great Danes can't convert and go three and out. The Spiders take advantage of the momentum swing and are driving down the field, leaning on Green to carry the load. 

Q2, 9:02 -- Richmond is forced to punt after the team can't climb out of the hole that resulted from Lauletta's sack. Albany takes over again with its first momentum of the game. 

Q2, 11:10 -- Green hasn't seen many openings today but when he has, he's taken advantage. He bursts for 13 yards and a first down, but Lauletta is sacked on the next play for a loss of eight yards. 

Q2, 12:54 -- Albany elects to go for it and boy did they get it. Elijah Ibitokun-Hanks runs for 47 yards down the sideline, then Anthony Manzo-Lewis gets free for short touchdown catch. Just when it looked as if the Great Danes were down and out, they respond with a touchdown and narrow Richmond's lead to 10. 

Q2, 13:16 -- Albany picks up a first down but is then stopped on third and short to bring up yet another fourth down. The Great Danes call a timeout though, and look to be contemplating whether to go for it. 

Q2, 14:43 -- Gordon Collins catches a pass in the flats on third and short, but can't avoid the defender and is taken down to force Richmond's first punt of the game. 

Q1, 1:20 -- Richmond's defense is dominating at the same level as its offense. Andrew Clyde rips the quarterback into a somersault for a sack on third down and the offense will have another opportunity to widen the lead. 

Q1, 2:46 -- Momma, there goes that man. Brown shimmies past a defender with a double move and Lauletta finds him wide open in the endzone for a 40-yard touchdown. Brown now has five catches, 104 yards and a touchdown in the first quarter, and the Spiders lead 17-0. 

Q1, 5:14 -- Brown continues to play in a different league as he catches a pass over a defender's head along the sideline for 13 yards, then catches another on the other side of the field for 13 more. No one this season has been able to stop him. 

Q1, 6:30 -- Albany's luck runs out there, but a solid punt flips the field and pushes Richmond's offense back to its own 12-yard line. That could be dangerous, though, because it gives Brown more room to go deep. 

Q1, 7:31 -- Albany avoids a turnover this time, at least for now. Three short plays give the Great Danes a first down. 

Q1, 8:53 -- Green is picking up where he left off, with 28 yards on five carries so far. The Spiders' offense stalls nonetheless, and this time Yoder makes a 27-yarder to increase Richmond's lead to 10. 

Q1, 11:28 -- Two plays, two turnovers for Albany. A fumble by the Great Danes is recovered by Jones, who now has two takeaways in less than four minutes. Richmond takes over inside Albany's 30. 

Q1, 11:38 -- The Spiders come up empty. Albany breaks up a few passes and Peter Yoder misses a short field goal, wasting the opportunity that Jones' interception created. 

Q1, 12:30 -- On Albany's first offensive play, quarterback Neven Sussman is intercepted by David Jones, who runs the ball back to the 15-yard line of Albany where Richmond's offense will take over again. 

Q1, 12:48 -- And there's the first score of the game. Kyle Lauletta fakes a handoff and takes it himself around the right side, following strong blocks from his receivers for a 15-yard touchdown. Richmond leads 7-0. 

Q1, 13:20 -- Richmond's offense comes out firing. On the first drive, Brian Brown catches two passes for a combined 38 yards and Jacobi Green's first run goes for 13 yards. The Spiders are at Albany's 15-yard line.

Hey everyone! I'm Charlie Broaddus and I'll be providing continual updates and analysis during today's football game between Richmond and Albany. The Spiders are looking to continue their dominance in the CAA this season following a win against James Madison last week that moved Richmond into the conference's top spot. We're about 10 minutes from kickoff, stay tuned!

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