Richmond wins at home against Elon, 27-14. The Spiders were powerful in the run game but did not find the endzone as many times as they probably should have. Nevertheless, Richmond moves to 4-1 and will travel to Rhode Island next weekend. 

Q4, 1:27 -- Elon's making this one look better than it really was, as Thompson hits Lennon downfield on a 54-yard bomb for a touchdown. Rocco won't be happy with the way his team is finishing (or isn't). 

Q4, 1:48 -- Elon has the ball but the outcome here today is not in question. The clock will run out eventually. 

Q4, 3:50 -- Fisher continues to pad his stats and earn first downs for the Spiders. He now has 119 yards on the ground to complement Green's 101, marking the first time two Spiders have rushed for 100 yards in the same game since 2007. 

Q4, 5:57 -- There goes Richmond's shutout. Thompson finds Demetrius Oliver wide open in the back corner of the endzone for a 23-yard touchdown. The score is now 27-7 Spiders, not at all indicative of the domination Richmond has shown today. 

Q4, 6:48 -- Richmond can't get out of the literal shadow of its own endzone and punts the ball back to Elon, which will start its drive in Richmond territory. Stat worth noting: Seth Fisher also has a season high with 91 rushing yards. 

Q4, 8:23 -- After Elon began to penetrate Richmond's territory again, the curse continued. Ogunniyi jumped high in the air to catch his second interception of the game and give the Spiders the ball back. Kevin Johnson replaces Lauletta at quarterback. 

Q4, 12:34 -- Green follows his blockers around the right side for another touchdown. He deserves today's game ball as Richmond's first 100-yard rusher this season, with 101 yards and two touchdowns now on just 11 carries. 

After three quarters, Richmond is still in full control of Elon here at Robins Stadium. The Spiders have 172 yards on the ground, but that number will certainly go up during the fourth quarter as Richmond tries to milk to clock and get out of here with a win. 

Q3, 1:45 -- Brown makes his third big catch of the game for 26 yards and a first down. He now has 4 catches for 88 yards. 

Q3, 3:00 -- And again, Richmond's defense turns up the pressure after Elon threatened to score. Elon elected to let the quarterback pooch-punt it, so Richmond will take over at the 16-yard line. 

Q3, 5:22 -- As has been the case in the past few drives, Elon hasn't had much trouble getting into Richmond territory. The problem has been getting points on the board, so we'll see if the Phoenix can turn that trend around. 

Q3, 8:30 -- Elon's defense holds off a run by Lauletta on 3rd and goal, forcing a field goal attempt from Yoder. He drills it as usual, giving Richmond a 20-0 lead. 

Q3, 10:24 -- Brown's name hasn't been mentioned much today, but he catches a 30-yard pass across the middle to push Richmond down to Elon's 20. On the next play, Reggie Diggs catches a screen pass and takes it 10 yards to the Elon 10. 

Q3, 13:00 -- Thompson makes his first great play of the day for Elon by dropping a pass over Tre Lennon's shoulder 40 yards downfield. Four plays later, on 4th and 6, Elon's pass is broken up and Richmond's offense will take over again. 

At the half, Richmond leads 17-0, highlighted by a dominant rushing game and defense. Green leads the Spiders in rushing with 85 yards and Elon has yet to get much going on offense, earning just 64 yards on 28 plays. Stay tuned for the second half, which will probably be controlled by the Spiders like the first half was. 

Q2, :33 -- Elon is faced with another 4th and short, and takes a timeout to decide what to do here. The team decides to pass, and its broken up to give Richmond the ball back. The shutout will live to see another half. 

Q2, 1:40 -- Elon is faced with a 4th and 1 at Richmond's 25-yard line, chooses to go for it and converts it on a run up the middle. Good opportunity for the Phoenix to steal momentum heading into halftime. 

Q2, 3:00 -- Elon is retaining the ball for the first time today, using short runs to put together 10-yard combos and first downs. A 3rd and 6 looked to be too much to overcome, but Ogunniyi bailed out the Phoenix with a pass interference penalty. 

Q2, 6:40 -- There's the touchdown Green's been looking for all day. He takes it 10 yards around the left side for his third rushing touchdown of the season to give the Spiders a 17-0 lead. With almost 7 minutes left in the first half, Green already has a season-high 85 rushing yards. 

Q2, 8:00 -- Richmond is threatening again, now on Elon's 30. Offensive coordinator Charlie Fisher seems to have realized that all his offense has to do is run and throw short passes. No need for anything more complicated. 

Q2, 11:00 -- Richmond is running the ball at will. After the first quarter, the Spiders had 102 yards on the ground compared to just 5 for Elon. 

Q2, 13:00 -- Elon makes a quarterback change, exchanging Daniel Thompson for Connor Christiansen. It doesn't help much, though, and Elon is forced to punt once again. 

Q2, 13:30 -- Peter Yoder kicks a 32-yard field goal to push Richmond's lead to 10 early on in the second quarter. 

End of first: Spiders lead 7-0 after both teams throw an interception and both defenses hold relatively strong. Richmond will begin the second quarter in the redzone though, so expect a double-digit lead for Richmond soon. 

Q1, :40 -- Another screen pass for a first down, this time to Dashon Tibbs. Spiders using a multitude of receivers in today's game. 

Q1, 2:20 -- The Spiders look to be putting together another touchdown drive. Green runs for another 10-yard gain and Will McCombs catches a screen pass and takes it about 15 more yards. Richmond 29 yards away from a 14-0 lead.

Q1, 4:00 -- Elon can't take advantage of the turnover and goes three-and-out, which will give Richmond the ball back. 

Q1, 6:00 -- Green cost the Spiders 10 yards and a first down with a chop block penalty, but makes up for it on the next play with a 39-yard run. Unfortunately, Lauletta threw an ill-advised pass on the next play that was tipped and intercepted by Elon's Adrian McClendon. 

Q1, 7:20 -- Jacobi Green pulls the Spiders out of the shadow of their endzone with two runs for a first down.

Q1, 8:40 -- It's worth noting that Robins Stadium actually filled up, and is now probably 80 percent full. I didn't notice until I heard the cheers, which prompted me to check the stands again. Also, Elon pinned Richmond inside its own one-yard line with a punt. 

Q1, 9:30 -- The Spiders can go a long way in this conference if they continue to be so versatile on offense. Lauletta fakes a handoff then follows a blocker around the left edge for a 16-yard score, his third of the year on the ground. Richmond leads 7-0. 

Q1, 10:15 -- Brian Brown continues to be, well, unstoppable this season. He catches a post route for 28 yards to bring the Spiders within 10 yards of the endzone. 

Q1, 11:30 -- Richmond's offense gets a first down on a pass to James Pavik in the flats. Seth Fisher then runs around the right side on the next play and gains nine yards. Here go the Spiders. 

Q1, 12:30 -- Elon comes out firing, but it costs the Phoenix. Ayo Ogunniyi breaks on a stop-route and comes up with his second interception of the season. 

Q1, 13:30 -- Richmond opens with a terrible drive on offense. Two unsuccessful plays then a sack by Elon's Rob Sullivan force the Spiders to punt. Elon takes over at midfield. 

We're less than 15 minutes from kickoff here at Robins Stadium as the Spiders prepare to play the Elon Phoenix. Richmond should win this game with ease, even though not many people will be in the stands to watch it happen. Attendance is dismal to say the least. Stay tuned for updates during the game.