Richmond beats Bethune-Cookman, 89-64, and advance to 3-1. Bethune-Cookman was aggressive throughout the game, but couldn't stop Richmond players from scoring. T. Allen led all players with 25 points and 13 rebounds. 

:41.4 -- J. Moran draws an offensive foul underneath. I said it from the beginning, the Spiders do not let down. 

2:18 -- The Richmond starters are sent to the bench, but J. Johnson finds the bottom of the net on a three-point shot. UR leads, 88-61. 

3:31 -- T. Allen picks off a Wildcat and takes off in transition for a dunk; he has 23 points tonight. 

3:41 -- At the final media timeout UR leads, 79-56. 

4:42 -- T. Allen brings a little bit of life to the Robins Stadium with a reverse baseline layup. UR leads, 78-56. Fans are eager for their turkey dinners and are starting to clear out. 

6:07 -- The game is starting to get sloppy for both teams. Deflections here and turnovers there, but T.J. Cline's three-pointer from the top of the wing silences BC's bench. 

10:43 -- J. Pistokache knocks down his second three-pointer of the game after a possession of great ball movement. Then in transition, J. Pistokache leaks as an easy outlet and lays it up for two more points. 

11:55 -- At the U12 timeout Bethune-Cookman has not figured out a solution to close the gap that Richmond has built. UR leads, 60-44. 

12:49 -- J. Potts connects for three points on a shot that was well beyond the three-point line and with a hand in his face. However, T. Davis answers with a three-pointer of his own at the end of the shot clock to extend Richmond's lead to 14 points. 

15:00 -- J. Salaam's layup cuts the Richmond lead to nine, but T. Davis responds and extends the lead back to 11. 

19:05 -- Not sure there is a better way to start off a half for the Spiders than with a defensive stop and a three-pointer for T. Davis. 

The Spiders have not let up this evening. It is 40-28 in favor of Richmond at the half. Typically the rebound column of the stat sheet is an eyesore for the Spiders, but tonight the team has out-rebounded the Wildcats, 40-28.  

:20.4 -- S. Jones takes a wild and off-balance shot with 14 seconds left on the shot clock. Questionable call of the veteran. The smarter choice could have been to start the offense with 10 seconds on the shot clock and force Bethune-Cookman into a quick shot situation to end the half. 

3:24 -- The Spiders have displayed complete dominance and poise in the first half. The team has picked apart the Wildcat defense and has forced quick and out-of-control shots. 

7:17 -- Despite the athleticism of BC, M. Wood finesses his way around his defender and tips in a T. Allen missed hook shot. 

7:23 -- At the U8 timeout Richmond leads, 28-15. Also during the timeout, T. Allen is recognized for scoring his 1,000th career point in tonight's game.

9:10 -- After a face up and shot fake, T. Allen pulls the trigger on a mid-range jump shot that is good for two points. 

11:52 -- At the U12 media timeout, Richmond is having its way with Bethune-Cookman. They are getting open looks in transition from anywhere on the court.

12: 53 -- J. Pistokache, freshman guard, nails a three-pointer in transition. Richmond leads, 18-9. 

15:01 -- K. Fore tracked down a shot for an offensive rebound and put-back dunk. T. Allen followed with a smooth three-pointer form the left wing. 

15:11 -- At the U16 media timeout Richmond leads 12-2. 

18:45 -- It didn't take long for S. Jones to get his offense going in tonight's game. In the first two offensive trips, he nailed two three-pointers. 

Men's basketball looks to advance to 3-1 before Thanksgiving break and finish a strong weekend for Richmond athletics as a whole. On Friday, women's basketball beat William & Mary, 56-50, and earlier today the football team clinched a conference championship and a ticket to the playoffs with its 20-9 victory over William & Mary.