The Spiders let the Dukes dribble until the time on the clock expires. JMU wins 87-75. In the last two minutes of the game the Spiders looked frantic and frazzled. When the shots didn't fall, the Spiders could not stop JMU from rebounding and scoring in the paint. 

:53.3 -- T. Allen commits the foul, but after an exchange of words with the referee he is called for a technical foul too. JMU in control, 82-72. 

1:10 -- The Richmond team that has been playing all evening seems to have already headed into the locker room. The lack of focus and discipline on both ends of the court have them trailing by eight points. 

2:38 -- Another JMU offensive board leads to yet another easy two points. JMU extends the lead, 76-70. On the other end Richmond is called for a shot clock violation. 

3:09 -- Heading into the final media timeout, JMU has been able to convert the easy baskets and take the lead. Richmond trails by four points. 

4:17 --  T.J. Cline uses his pivot to somehow get the ball in the basket for a much-needed two points. R. Curry for JMU answer with a tough floater over T. Allen. JMU extends their lead to 74-70. 

5:26 -- Just like that the Dukes have taken the lead, 70-68. 

7:00 -- At the U8 media timeout Richmond has the one-point edge over JMU. It is a rumor that K. Fore has a vertical jump of 45 inches. He is certainly displaying his ability this evening as he is causing JMU players to alter their shots and looks around the rim. 

9:00 -- Everyone in the Robins Center is on their feet. T. Allen takes the hit and finishes for two points. Coming out of the media timeout he will attempt one foul shot. It is all tied up at 64.  

12:14 -- Redshirt freshman K. Fore just rose above two or three JMU defenders for a one-handed dunk. Last year Fore sat out because of an injury he sustained. 

13:41 -- JMU continues to crash boards on the offensive end. Three purple jerseys hunting down the shot leads to an easy two points. Richmond leads, 54-52. 

15:58 -- The U16 media timeout came at the perfect time. The last few possessions have been scrappy  with players tangled on the ground and scrambling for loose balls. Richmond holds on to a two-point lead. 

17:12 -- JMU is forced to call a timeout; they cannot stop T. Allen who is doing everything this evening. 

17:56 -- M. Wood gets his first basket as a Spider, better yet, it is a three-pointer from the corner. UR leads, 43-40. 

18:34 -- Not sure who can stop T. Allen when his back is to the basket. He is able to spin off defenders in every direction and finish around the rim with ease. 

Richmond doesn't come out of the timeout successful for the final play of the half, but head into the locker room with the lead, 36-35. The Spiders are 3 of 10 from three-point range while JMU is 6 of 14. Another outstanding stat is that Richmond went to the foul line 17 times during the first half while JMU was just 3 of 6. However, JMU is dominating the boards 21-13, six of those being offensive rebounds. 

1:12 -- T. Allen is in complete control of this game. Even when he turns the ball over, he tracks down the defensive rebound and takes it to the rim on the other end for two points. 

3:03 -- You don't see it happen often, but T. Davis connects for three points from the corner. Richmond still trails by one point. 

3:57 -- It is the U4 media timeout and JMU leads 32-31. 

7:07 -- Just when you forgot about T. Allen, he crosses his defender and splits two more for two points. JMU answers with a silencing three-pointer from the corner. JMU leads, 28-25. 

7:35 -- At the U8 minute media timeout, coach Mooney has to be happy that last year's sixth man of the year S. Jones who has come out firing with 10 point already. We are tied at 23 all. 

11:46 --  Just out of the U12 media timeout R. Curry cannot connect for the tree-point play, but finds the ball and hits a floater in the middle of the lane. JMU leads 16-14. 

12:45 -- D. Cabarkapa form JMU connects for three points giving JMU its first lead of the game. Richmond's D. Taylor makes one of two foul shots and ties things back up at 10 all. 

14:18 -- Right out of the media timeout S. Jones drills a three-pointer and holds his follow through. Richmond maintains a two-point lead. 

16:16 -- It was what Spider fans were waiting for all pre season; T. Allen takes it coast to coast with a euro-step finish. R. Curry from JMU answers with a three-pointer in M. Woods face. Richmond leads early, 6-5. 

18:08 -- T.J. Cline finds T. Allen underneath the basket for the first two points of the game. 

Just over 30 minutes until the start of the 2015-2016 basketball season for the men. The women staged a 62-57 comeback victory against ODU on the home court earlier today. Terry Allen and T.J. Cline are looking explosive in the block and ShawnDre' Jones has a smooth shot from deep range throughout the hour of warm ups. Last time these two teams met were in Harrisonburg, Virginia last year where the Dukes won 51-46. As of today Josh Jones, who was suspended indefinitely for a violation of athletic department policy, has been dismissed from the team.