The Spiders gathered in their team meeting room Sunday morning, knowing they had earned an automatic playoff spot but unsure of where they would be placed and who they would play.

They learned around 11 a.m. that they were awarded the seventh seed, which came with a first-round bye week and a home playoff game in the second round. They were excited.

The playoff berth marks Richmond's second in a row and second since Danny Rocco became the team's head coach four seasons ago. 

Richmond will be watching closely next Saturday to see whether they will host Duquesne or William & Mary in the second round. Strangely enough, if the Tribe wins at home in the first round, they will travel back to Richmond and the Spiders will play their second game in a row against their longest-standing rival. 

Other CAA teams in the playoffs included James Madison, which earned the fifth seed, and New Hampshire, which was not ranked in the top eight. 

The bye week will be much appreciated for the Spiders. Jacobi Green has averaged 29.4 carries during the past five games, a hefty workload for any running back. His partner Seth Fisher will also have two more weeks to try and recover from an ankle injury that has sidelined him for five weeks. Kicker Peter Yoder is also battling an ankle injury that Rocco said was unpredictable, so the two weeks to recover will be welcome by him as well.

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