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Live blog: Richmond hosts William & Mary for the second round of FCS Playoffs

This game marks the highest scoring game in the NCAA Playoffs by a Spider football team. The record was previously 46 points against Morgan State. With this victory, Richmond will be looking to the winner of Western Illinois and Illinois State to determine their opponent in the next round of the FCS Playoffs. 

Q4, 1:00  – Richmond runs out the clock with multiple runs from Broadus and Collins. Broadus scores a 1 yard touchdown, locking the Spiders in a 48-13 victory.

Q4, 4:07 – Richmond calls a timeout, their second of the game. 

Q4, 5:08 – David Broadus busts through the center of the Tribe's defensive line for a pickup of 25 yards. His next play adds 10 more yards, and the Tribe's linebacker Ian Haislip is helped off the field. 

Q4, 6:41 – McKee's offensive drive is short-lived as he fumbles the ball. Spiders recover the ball on their 42.

Q4, 7:02 – McKee is helping the Tribe put together an offensive drive. He rushes for a few yards before shuttling a pass outside to Mikal Abdul-Saboor for a gain of 25. 

Q4, 9:08 – Helkowski punts for 32 yards, making the Tribe start their drive on the 4 yard line. The Tribe puts in a new quarterback, Tommy McKee, because of Cluley's injury. 

Q4, 10:09 – A chop block call on the Spiders results in a 15 yard penalty. They try to run the ball but aren't able to pick up more than 5 yards, so Helkowski will be punting. 

Q4, 10:57 – Gordon Collins puts together a few runs to help the Spiders march down the field and pick up some first downs. 

Q4, 14:10 – The Spiders hurry Cluley and force him into pass that results in an interception by Ayo Ogunniyi. The Spiders are dominating offensively and defensively, and Cluley is helped off of the field by the staff. Richmond gets the ball on their 48 yard line. 

Q4, 14:21 – Green rakes in his third touchdown of the day and 18th of the season. This expands the Spider's lead to 42-13.  

Q3, 1:20 – Brown catches a pass for 21 yards, and Green rushes for 8 and then 10 to land the Spiders on the Tribe's 7 yard line. First and goal coming up.

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Q3, 4:00 – Green puts together a few rushing plays to get the Spiders a first down and helps keep this offensive drive alive. Green is now over 100 yards for the sixth straight game, and the seventh time this season. 

Q3, 5:05 – Jarriel Jordan comes up big on on third down with an interception of his own to give the Spiders possession of the ball on the 27 yard line. 

Q3, 6:06 – The Tribe starts their drive on their 32 yard line. Cluley throws a pass for 6 yards, but they are not able to cover any more ground on this drive.

Q3, 6:24 – Lauletta rushes for 8 yards to the William & Mary 5. He rushes in for a touchdown a few plays later, marking his second of the day. The score is now 35-13, and the 35 yards Lauletta has on the day are the most of a single season for him. 

Q3, 11:00 – Brian Brown brings in a pass from Lauletta for 13 yards and a first down on the 26 yard line. This catch makes Brown Richmond's single season receiving yardage leader.

Q3, 11:22 – Lauletta fakes a handoff to Green and shuttles the ball to James Pavik who runs for 24 yards, the longest of his career. Ball on the Richmond 49. 

Q3, 12:05 – The Tribe is held at the 8 yard line and once again decide to kick a field goal. Score is 28-13. 

Q3, 13:36 – The Spiders have a rough start to the second half with two plays for no yards and the third culminates with the Tribe's Trey Reed intercepting a pass from Lauletta. Their first play on the drive is a 29 yard pass from Cluley to Armstrong for a first and goal. 

Q2, 0:23 – Lauletta rushes in for a 10 yard touchdown before being knocked by a defender. Call on the field is a touchdown, but refs discuss the possibility of a fumble in the endzone. Call on the field stands, score is now 28-10. This will take the game into halftime.

Q2, 0:40 – Lauletta throws a 25 yard pass to Reggie Diggs for the 1st and goal. Lauletta is 7-8 for passing on the day, his only incompletion being the interception. 

Q2, 0:55 – Big 19 yard catch from Garrett Hudson who dove inbetween defenders to make the play. Spiders take a timeout.

Q2, 2:20 – Defensive pressure from the Spiders forces Cluley into a few forced passes and a quick three-and-out. The Tribe punts and the Spiders recover the ball on the 25.

Q2, 3:23 – Seth Fisher rushes for 9 yards but the Tribe's defense holds strong. DJ Helkowski sees his first punt of the day. 

Q2, 5:02 – Lauletta throws an interception to the Tribe's Ian Haislip, who bullets back for 29 yards. On the next play, Anderson scores a 6 yard touchdown. Score is now 21-10. 

Q2, 8:45 – Spider defense is able to hold the Tribe to a quick three-and-out. Spiders will get the ball back at their 25 yard line. 

Q2, 9:38 – Touchdown, Spiders. Jones intercepts the ball in the endzone before returning it over 100 yards for a pick-six. He breaks two Richmond football records in one play – one for longest return in the program's history and one for most interceptions in a single season with nine. Score is now 21-3. 

Q2, 13:41 – Tribe's Jack Armstrong loops past the Spider defense and runs a route to the outside right for a pickup of 17 yards, putting them in the red zone. 

Q1, 0:41 – The Spiders decide to take a risk and go for it on 4th and 1. It ends up being worth it as Green rushes into the end zone and collects his second touchdown of the day, giving the Spiders a bigger lead. Score is now 14-3. 

Q1, 1:34 – Big 3rd and goal for the Spiders. Tribe defense comes up big as Luke Rhodes holds David Broadus for no gain. 

Q1, 3:10 – Spider rushing game maintains momentum as Trevor Jones rushes 9 yards and Seth Fisher snags the first down with 5 of his own. Spiders are 1st and goal.

Q1, 5:36 – Green has an explosive first play on this drive for the Spiders – he carries the ball 49 yards before he is brought down. Spiders inside the 30. 

Q1, 6:43 – Anderson rushes for a loss of 3 yards, the stop is by Omar Howard. The Tribe settles for a field goal from the 4 yard line. Score is now 7-3. 

Q1, 8:48 – Tribe quarterback Steve Culey finds Daniel Kuzjak wide open on the right side for a 5 yard pick up. Tribe is 1st and goal.

Q1, 10:22 – The Tribe's running game picks up as Kendell Anderson finds holes in the Spider's defense and helps them pick up a few first downs. Tribe now on the Spider 28 yard line. 

Q1, 11:36 – Jacobi Green smashes through the middle of the Tribes' defense to give the Spiders their first score of the game. Extra point good, Richmond leads William & Mary 7-0.

Q1, 12:45 – Kyle Lauletta uses receivers James Pavik and Brian Brown to bring the Spiders to the Tribe's 3 yard line. 

Q1, 14:03 – William & Mary's first offensive drive ends in negative 4 yards, then David Jones returns a punt to the Tribe's 30 yard line. 

Hello everybody! I'm Jennie Trejo, and I will be providing live updates throughout today's football game between Richmond and William & Mary. The South's Oldest Rivalry is brought to the second round of the FCS Playoffs at home for the Spiders. Richmond beat William & Mary 20-9 two weeks ago for the Capitol Cup, but a newly invigorated Tribe will be taking the field today. Stay tuned!

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