Richmond students spend a lot of their time with their noses in books cranking out the never-ending amounts work that we seem to have. Boatwright Library is somewhat of a second home to us, but sometimes a change of scenery is desperately needed. So, here are some spots on and off campus that will ease your Boatwright boredom.

1. Ryland Hall

Many students think that the second floor or Ryland Hall either doesn’t exist or is only home to faculty offices. It’s actually a study sanctuary that looks and feels like it was pulled straight out of a Harry Potter book. It’s always quiet, making it a great place to read!

2. The Westhampton Deanery

Photo by Liza Ziegler

This study spot is girls only! The deanery has a great laidback atmosphere. The study vibes are even stronger when there’s a cozy glow from the fireplace.

3. Parsons Music Library

The Parsons Music Library is a hidden Gem in Booker Music Hall. If you are ever in need of a zero-distraction study spot this is definitely the place to go.

4. Boyers

Not only does Boyers offer free ice cream and coffee -- college student essentials -- to all Richmond students, but it provides a great off-campus study getaway destination. There’s also a small study area in the back that’s reserved exclusively for Richmond students!

5. Café Caturra

Photo by Mark Gormus 

Café Caturra has more to offer than just unreal food. When it isn’t crowded, it’s another great off-campus location for prime studying. The fireplace also offers much-needed solace from the freezing cold weather.

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