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Thursday, September 21, 2023

How to prepare for the coming snow storm

<p>"The first thing that I would suggest is investing in a D-hall tray to use for sledding," Elle writes.</p>

"The first thing that I would suggest is investing in a D-hall tray to use for sledding," Elle writes.

Every year the inevitable winter weather comes. As someone from the Northeast, I have spent my whole life being prepared for snowstorms and possible power outages, however here in Richmond, it is a bit of a different story. Whether or not this ends up being a two-foot snowstorm, as some predicted, here are some steps you can take to prepare yourself (and most likely your roommates) for the storm.


This should be the most obvious necessity. This is the reason why Kroger and Martins sell out of all the basic food groups two days before a storm is supposed to hit. Everyone is going to be stocking up on all of their favorite foods to avoid the one thing that everyone fears the most: the cold. As you can see, stocking up on warm drinks, like all your favorite teas, hot chocolates, and coffees, as well as on any of your favorite snacks, or even the ingredients for the french toast and pancakes you may or may not be planning to make in the electric skillet you may or may not have in your dorm room, is essential.

In-Room Essentials

These essentials can be anything from heated blankets, to warm clothing, to candles (which you technically should not be lighting in your room). However, these things can help make the difference between being trapped inside all day freezing and being trapped inside feeling cozy and content.

Outdoor Essentials

The first thing that I would suggest is investing in a dining hall tray to use for sledding. Some standard approaches for said investment include, but are not limited to: using oversized clothing to hide the tray; creating a diversion; and finding large enough bags to conceal the tray. Once you have your sled, make sure you have the right outerwear. Typical footwear would be bean boots or rain boots while hats, gloves and scarves are highly suggested, and jackets that are at least semi-waterproof are suggested as well.

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If you prepare for these three categories, then the impeding snowstorm should be no problem. And if you're feeling down about the weather, puppies playing in the snow should cheer you up. Good luck this weekend Richmonders! 

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