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Friday, September 29, 2023

The first week of school, explained in 10 stages

Going back to school after a month-long break can come with a mix of emotions. Here are the ten stages of coming back to University of Richmond:

1. When you’re sad that you are leaving all your home buddies

At first you are bummed out about how you’re going to miss everyone you grew up with.

2. When you realize you’ll get to see all your friends from school again that you’ve had separation anxiety from

But then you remember all the people you’ve been waiting to see for the past month and get really excited.

3. The feeling of traveling back to school (and usually running into some sort of road block)

Until you run into some problems getting back to school and get slightly stressed out.

4. When you realize all the stuff you have to move back into your dorm

So when you finally arrive and realize that you over packed and have to make 10 trips into you’re building to move all of your things in you get even more stressed out.

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5. Taking down the Christmas decorations you forgot about

Then, when you have finally moved in all of your things you realize last year’s Christmas decorations are still up, because you didn’t have time during finals week to remove them.

6. Having your first sleep back in your dorm room

The bittersweet feeling of being back in a tiny room and debating if your bed at school is really as comfy as your bed at home.

7. Waiting in line at the post office for all of your books

The line reaches the door and you are less than thrilled.

8. Realizing that syllabus week is not a thing

Remembering when the first semester of school you had syllabus week, but now that you’re in upper level classes you realize you have five assignments due that week instead.

9. Realizing that all the study abroad kids are back

You’re glad to see your friends that were abroad, but you wish Lou's and Dhall weren’t packed.

10. But ultimately being happy to be back

Realizing that you wouldn’t want to be any other place, you ultimately suck it all up and are glad to be back at school.

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