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Friday, August 12, 2022

How to celebrate Galentine’s Day


Thanks to Leslie Knope from “Parks and Recreation”, girls have the chance to get together around Valentine’s Day and just CELEBRATE with no pressure. Galentine’s Day is a time to gather your friends, sorority sisters or female family members to have fun and laugh a lot! If you want to try celebrating this year, here are some tips that could make it an amazing time.

1) Decorate for the holiday

By making your apartment or dorm festive in pink, red and glitter, your friends will feel very excited when they come over.

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2) Buy or bake some sweet treats

Cupcakes, macaroons or cookies are perfect sweets to share with your besties. A lot of bakeries even have special flavors around Valentine’s Day!

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3) Sip on some bubbly

Whether it’s champagne or sparkling grape juice -- a bit of bubbly will make your night seem more special and sophisticated.

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P.S. if you like these “disco drinks” as much as we do, check out Packed Party for a cute cup to sip on. ALSO, if you use the code “partygirlrichmond” you get a special discount! What a great way to celebrate in style.

4) Rent some chick flicks

Would it really be a girl’s get-together without a chick flick? Get your favorite Nicholas Sparks movies to complete the night.

After you follow these steps, you’ll be ready for the ultimate girl’s night. Now grab your friends and get ready for Galentine’s Day 2016!

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