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Friday, June 09, 2023

Illness does not hold Parade of Lights back while performing at The National

<p>Left to right: Anthony Improgo, Michelle Ashley, Ryan Daly and Randy Schulte |&nbsp;<a href="">Photo by Charles Bergquist</a></p>

Left to right: Anthony Improgo, Michelle Ashley, Ryan Daly and Randy Schulte | Photo by Charles Bergquist

Several ill band members could not keep Parade of Lights, a four-piece band from Los Angeles, from bring their electric alternative sound to the The National in downtown Richmond Feb. 21.

“We’re all a little bit sick,” drummer Anthony Improgo said. “When you get sick on tour, everyone gets sick." The band also includes lead vocalist/guitarist Ryan Daly, bassist Randy Schulte and keyboardist Michelle Ashley.

On the penultimate show of their tour, Parade of Lights played some of their songs titled, “Feeling Electric”, “Wake Up”, “We’re the Kids,” and "Undefeatable," which Improgo said was one the band's best songs.

“The first time we tried it out was in Orlando," he said, "and Ryan told the crowd to hold their phone/lighters up. It was like we were Coldplay — I got the the chills. I really love it because of that visual.”

The band describes their music as “dirty shoelace”, an ancient rock style of dirty guitar with a pop distortion. They enjoy listening to U2, M83, Ryan Adams, Fleetwood Mac and a bunch of 80’s music.

“Our music always has a hopefully underlying message,” Improgo said. “Ryan writes the lyrics. Our music is inspired by life experience and is very movie-esque. We’re big movie fans, so our music is very cinematic.”

The band is working on some songs and when they get back to Los Angeles they hope to spend more time in the studio and finish writing. They hope to have new material out by summertime.

They are currently wrapping up their tour with rapper Ryland and the band R5.

“The crew and band have all been really nice and for once we’re really enjoying being on tour,” Improgo said.

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