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Saturday, February 04, 2023

Campus full of spots to watch Super Bowl

<p>Cam Newton, recently named NFL MVP, will look to lead the Panthers past the Broncos Sunday |&nbsp;Courtesy of&nbsp;pantherfan11/Wikicommons</p>

Cam Newton, recently named NFL MVP, will look to lead the Panthers past the Broncos Sunday | Courtesy of pantherfan11/Wikicommons

With the Carolina Panthers taking on the Denver Broncos in this Sunday's Super Bowl, there is the question of where to view the big game. The university has a variety of places on campus that are great for viewing the game.    

“I grew up in Denver and there isn’t any other team I would want to cheer for,” sophomore Tawny Anderson said. “Being a Broncos fan is in my blood. I was excited to meet a couple of people that were Broncos fans here and make plans to have a small Broncos fan party on Sunday - lots of chips and guac and Colorado pride.”

Tawny made off-campus plans but there are plenty of locations on campus too for football fans to meet up with friends and enjoy some food. Tyler Haynes Commons and The Cellar are well-known places to grab food and catch a game on television. But there are some other locations that may be closer to you.

One of these locations includes the newly renovated dorms, Jeter Hall and Thomas Hall, which have popular lounges on each floor filled with seating and flat screen televisions.

“Students often spend their time in the lounges studying, watching TV or movies, and sometimes just hanging out,” senior and Head Resident of Thomas Hall Aaron Brown said.

Another hidden gem for watching sports games is Down Under, a lounge in the law school basement.

“Down Under has everything you need to enjoy the Super Bowl: a big screen TV, lots of couches, and a kitchen to prepare food,” junior Sam Bell said. “[It's] the ideal game day location.”

Even students abroad have made Super Bowl plans. Junior Jared Goldbach Ehmer is studying abroad in Ireland but the University College Dublin is going to screen the entire football game with food and refreshments on Sunday.

There is also an option for students who want to see the game but don’t want to leave the comfort of their dorm room. CBS will be live streaming the Super Bowl for free for the first time ever.

So whether you grab a beer at The Cellar and watch the game at the bar or order wings and view it in your room, just know that there are plenty of options out there.

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