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Friday, August 12, 2022

Ten thing to keep in mind when choosing a roommate


While it may seem as if winter break just ended and we have just begun to settle into our spring semester routines, the truth of the matter is that we have hit the halfway mark. Yes, that means midterms and spring break are on the horizon but it also means that the roommate selection process is here!

For some students, their roommate and living situation has enhanced their college experience, yet for others that might not be the case. Either way, its time to start making plans for next year! Whether you’ve already picked a roommate or are still in the process of finding one, here are 10 things to keep in mind so that you can make next year the best it can possible be!

Start Planning– This applies to everyone, but especially upperclassmen. It isn’t the easiest thing in the world to find a compatible roommate, two equally compatible suitemates, and all agree on a place to live before the deadline rolls around. People will start to panic when the deadline approaches and it will make everyone’s lives easier if you already have a plan.

Friends Are Great, But Not Always as a Roommate – One of your close friends might be in need of a roommate, but before you agree to anything just remember that a person isn’t the same in a social setting as they are in their living situation. Treat your friend as you would any other roommate candidate and evaluate whether or not your lifestyle are compatible.

Consider Schedules – is your possible future roommate an athlete or does he/she have a job that will require them to be up early in the morning or get back late at night? This might seem like a trivial thing now but once your roommate starts waking up at 6 a.m. for practice or work you are going to wish you had thought of it before.

Partying – Another important aspect of finding a suitable college roommate is making sure you’re on the same page about partying and going out. Do you drink? Does your roommate drink? If one of you doesn’t, are you accepting of the other one’s decision? Do you prefer to stay in with friends, or go out? These are all important questions to consider and talk about when choosing a roommate.

What is the Purpose of the Room? – Be sure to talk about what the purpose of your room will because you want everyone to be comfortable in the space. Will you be studying in the room or will it solely be a place to relax? Talk about it!

Sleep Schedule – Ideally, you and your roommate would have similar sleeping schedules. You shouldn’t be tiptoeing around the place you call ‘home’ when you wake up in the morning or get back at night. Think about your possible roommate’s sleeping habits and let them know about yours so that you can both be 100 percent comfortable in the space.

Cleanliness – For some people, this might not be an issue, for others this could be absolute deal breaker. College dorm rooms aren’t the roomiest of places and if you’re a clean person with a messy roommate, someone is bound to get on the other’s nerves. If you know that you prefer a clean room, your roommate should feel the same way. It’s hard to change a person’s habits, even if it is a friend, so be sure to keep this mind during the process.

Guests – How do you feel about having guests in the room? Make sure you’re on the same page about having friends stay the night or boyfriends or girlfriend spending a weekend in your room.

Consider the Small Things - Do they like the room warmer or colder? Do they play music while they study? Do they snore? These are all seemingly trivial things but if they aren’t talked about, you might end up in an uncomfortable passive-aggressive situation.

10 Do You Share Similar Interest? – You are going to be living with this person, or group of people, for at lest a year so it makes sense to have some common interests! This could be anything from liking the same television show, go to the gym together, or enjoying similar hobbies.

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