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Friday, August 12, 2022

What Richmond students are doing for Valentine's Day

<p>Photo courtesy of John Hritz/Wikicommons.&nbsp;</p>

Photo courtesy of John Hritz/Wikicommons. 

Valentine's Day is here, and it’s time to make some plans to either celebrate or distract from the national day of love. I spoke to some Richmond Students about their plans, and it looks like, single or taken, Richmond students know how to spend the big day.

Courtney Campbell

Valentine’s Day is a huge day for Courtney. Not only is it her one year anniversary with her boyfriend, but it’s also her birthday! She plans to go to dinner in Carytown with her boyfriend to celebrate the two very exciting events!

Jihyun Lee

Ji likes to spend Valentine’s Day with her true loves-- all of her best girlfriends! This year, Ji and her friends are planning on going to brunch on Sunday morning. Last year they all went out to a sushi dinner the night before Valentine’s Day! What could possibly be better than a girls night out?

Matt Logan

Matt said that at the moment his day is likely to consist of binge eating ice cream and watching "The Titanic" repeatedly. That sounds like a pretty great Valentine’s Day to me!

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Maddy Stone

Maddy’s Valentine’s Day will be a little lonely because her boyfriend goes to a different school, but the distance has nothing on them. Maddy and her boyfriend plan on kissing through the phone in the words of Soulja Boy, and when her phone runs out of battery Maddy said that she’s planning staying in and ordering Chinese food with friends. She’s also hoping for a surprise in the mail from her boyfriend, “The more chocolate the better!”

Walker Brown

Walker said that he plans on cooking a homemade meal for his girlfriend, sophomore Sarah Clark. To make it even better, Walker is enlisting a friend to dress up in a suit to wait on them in style! He said that’s all he could disclose at the romantic! Sarah is one lucky girl.

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