Dear Readers,

Monday, March 14 marked The Collegian’s annual staff transition. Charlie Broaddus, a tenacious reporter, thoughtful editor and driven leader, will replace me as editor-in-chief. Charlie will no doubt excel in this position.

This past year, The Collegian’s second as an all-online publication, was another success. Whether it was covering one of the world’s most popular sporting events, following the Richmond football team’s journey to the national semi-finals or serving as a forum for constructive social and political discourse, The Collegian worked relentlessly to provide you with timely, high-quality content, and people noticed. Our website generated nearly 550,000 pageviews during the past year.

None of this past year’s achievements would have been possible without the diligent work from the two senior leaders who served The Collegian since last March: Brooke Harty, managing editor, and Charlie Hackley, business manager.

Brooke was in many ways the backbone of The Collegian’s editorial process. From generating and assigning worthwhile story ideas to assisting writers throughout their reporting to being available to cover and edit breaking news at almost any time, Brooke was an invaluable member of The Collegian whose commitment and impact cannot be overstated.

Hackley, new to The Collegian this past year, rejuvenated The Collegian’s business efforts. While many publications, small and large, have experienced significant financial losses in recent years, he led The Collegian to its most profitable performance in years.

Most of last year’s Collegian staff will return, which is a great sign for the coming year. The Collegian, under Charlie’s lead, will continue to improve, grow and serve the University of Richmond community.

Thanks for reading,

Jack Nicholson