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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Spoiler alert: Feelings about The Bachelor finale

<p>Ben, The Bachelor, chose his woman on national television Monday night.&nbsp;</p>

Ben, The Bachelor, chose his woman on national television Monday night. 

We were all wondering who would win: team #Benandlauren or team #Benandjojo?

You all know by now that Ben Higgins, "the perfect Ben," is officially off the market. I’ll give you a moment to mourn the loss of yet another perfect fish in the sea. 

It came down to two chicks – Lauren and Jojo. Lauren was polished and sweet, while Jojo was the fun-loving gal any guy would be lucky to have.

Watching The Bachelor this season was an emotional roller coaster. We underwent tears, laughs and many awkward moments, but my favorite moment was when Jojo and Ben had an emotional conversation on the bathroom floor in a 4x4 room. Not only were they both crying, they were also sitting near the toilet talking about love – super weird, super entertaining. 

In the final moments of the season, Jojo said what every girl was thinking: "I want somebody to love me the way that I love them." But unfortunately, Ben continued to say that he was a lost man who was just confused about the life-altering decision he had to make. The choice was between two awesome girls who were completely in love with him. 

So as the final countdown approached (a.k.a., when the first helicopter landed), emotions were soaring. Spoiler alert: Jojo, unfortunately, was the girl that stepped out first, and when Ben said "BUT" I was devastated for her. He flat-out told her he loved someone else more. What a heart breaker! Jojo signed off with the old-fashioned, "it's fine," which harkened back to Juan Pablo's season and what we all know never actually means "it's fine." 

So, in the end, it was Lauren who is now lucky enough to call herself Ben's fiancée.  Now we can all go back to our uneventful Monday nights. Peace out Ben, it was a wild ride. Ladies, just stick to Bumble. 

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