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Saturday, April 20, 2024

The Coffeehouse Project enables relationships between Richmond and VCU students

University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University joined together at UR Downtown on March 18 for a night of music, fun and Krispy Kreme donuts. 

“The idea originated as a collaboration between UR and VCU,” said Chloe Lubin, a junior at Richmond, who coordinated the event. “We see each other in a competitive environment on the court but I wanted us to meet for a more collaborative and peaceful event.”

The Coffeehouse Project is new to University of Richmond and started in October, but this event was the first that included both the Richmond and VCU communities. Lubin began planning the event in early November by speaking with people who work at the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) about the use of the space at UR Downtown for the event.

There were four acts and many songs throughout the evening. The four acts were “Castle of Genre,” a VCU rock band, “Hot and Ready,” a University of Richmond and Richmond community jazzy-rap band, “Rose and the Alley,” a VCU folk/R&B duet, and “The Sweet Affliction,” a University of Richmond acoustic and melodic trio. 

“I think it went really well, there were definitely more people there than I expected and the bands were definitely not shabby,” said Sara Minnich, a sophomore at Richmond and a member of The Sweet Affliction. 

About 60 people attended the event – half were Richmond students and half were VCU students. Tea, coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts were provided for the spectators. 

“The room reached capacity at a certain time during the event, people really engaged in the event, and people from UR and VCU turned up!” Lubin said.

Minnich said that she thought the event went well considering it was the first one of its nature. She also said she believed that the coffeehouse project was a great vehicle for further collaboration between Richmond and VCU students, though Lubin sees room for improvement.

“I would have also liked to see more engagement between UR and VCU, which I will probably emphasize in the future," Lubin said. “I am very interested in organizing one last event in the spring of next year."

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