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Saturday, September 24, 2022

7 things to bring to beach week this year

<p>The forecast for beach week this year is less than favorable. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.</p>

The forecast for beach week this year is less than favorable. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Wind blows through your hair as your head sticks out the open car window, and you know you’re en route to Myrtle Beach. The classic end-of–the-year trip is only a handful of days away, with nothing more than a slew of tests, papers and tedious packing between you and the beach.

This year the weather report cast an initial shock across the campus when it predicted thunderstorms for the entire week. Luckily the report has been modified, saying only partly cloudy with a 10% chance of rain. Nevertheless, it is always important to be prepared, so here is a list of seven things that you should pack in your ride down to South Carolina.

1. Rain gear

Before cramming and jamming everything you own into boxes and suitcases that are headed home, you might want to leave your rain jacket and boots out for this trip. Though it says sunny skies, the chance of rain still looms over us.

2. Umbrella

Though we all wish we could bring Rihanna’s "Umbrella," it would be useful to also bring your own next week. Even if the rain never comes, you can always use it for shade on the beach!

3. Food

A classic struggle during beach week is having enough food to eat. This means it’s important to stock up, especially if your kitchen is raided by others. Easy foods to pack in a big bin and bring in your car include pasta and red sauce, mac and cheese, cereal, goldfish, chips and salsa, bagels and cream cheese and, if you’re really careful, eggs.

4. Sunscreen

With a daily UV rating of 9, which, according to, is “very high," it's definitely in your best interest to pack some sunscreen. Getting that nice tan will happen slowly over the course of the week, and you won't leave looking like a lobster!

5. Water

You're about to bask in the warm glow of the hot Carolina sun and frolic in the salty waves of the Atlantic Ocean – two activities that can be extremely dehydrating. So make sure you pack a reusable water bottle to carry around. You’ll be saving the world and yourself at the same time.

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6. Speakers

Whether you’re on the beach or in your room getting ready for the night, music is always good company. You can chill out to some Jack Johnson as the waves crash in the distance, or rally your friends for the night with some Justin Bieber.

7. An easy-going attitude

As we all know, Myrtle Beach is called "Dirty Myrtle" for a reason. With an intense couple of days ahead, going with the flow is always the best call. Whether you’re deciding what food to make for dinner or debating what houses you want to visit, just remember you’re done with an entire year of school and your summer has only just begun! 

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