Craig Kinsley, a professor of neuroscience who passed away this January, received the Faculty Member of the Year award at the Richmond College Leadership Awards dinner on Tuesday.

The annual awards dinner, which was held in the International Center Commons, honors members of Richmond College as well as faculty and staff for their contributions to Richmond. The dinner was open only to students and faculty who were invited, which included award winners along with members of Richmond College Student Government Association, Richmond College Student Conduct Council and Richmond College Honor Council.

Student awards are picked by the Richmond College dean's office and awards for faculty, staff and administration are picked by members of RSCGA. Adam Gibson, a junior senator on RSCGA, presented Kinsley’s award.

“This award, and the fact that it was given to him, is a testament to Dr. Craig Kinsley’s enduring presence on this campus and throughout the Richmond community,” Gibson said. He went on to describe Kinsley's legacy on campus as a researcher and educator, quoting him directly.

“He once told us, ‘I’m often asked what makes Richmond a special place. And it is always fun to talk about my students, their intellect, work ethic and creativity,'” Gibson said towards the end of his presentation, which was followed by prolonged applause.

Several other awards were given out, including the Richard L. Morrill Award which was given to Scott Shim, a junior, for his study abroad experience in Brazil, and the Administrator of the Year Award, which was given to Steve Bisese, who has won it four times before.

“I think what we’re looking for is honoring people that contribute to the university, people that have a desire to make the student life better for everyone else,” Joseph Boehman, dean of Richmond College, said.

The Colonel Thomas Branch McAdams Award was the last award to be given out. It honors a student who has developed a cooperative relationship between students and administrators and contributed to student life over the course of their time at Richmond. The award was won by junior Ken Anderson, newly elected RSCGA President.

“It’s a humbling experience to hear what people have to say about you,” Anderson said after receiving the award.

“Tomorrow night is my first senate meeting as president, so there will be a lot of planning and there’s a lot of energy that goes into that," Anderson said. "So hopefully that will run over through the summer and then next year will be just as great, if not greater, than this year.”

Awards were also given to members of each class who contributed significantly to improving student life on campus. The Class of 2018 Most Significant Class Contributor award was given to David Painter, who recently started a club baseball team.

“I’m pretty much just really honored because I wasn’t expecting it," Painter said. "And I just try to follow my interests and follow my classmates’ interests, listen to what they’re interested in."

In his closing remarks, Boehman stressed the importance of the ceremony. 

“This is a brief event but it is one, I think, with a good deal of significance," he said. "We have the ability to come together and, for our seniors, one last time, with the student leaders of the college to share in fellowship and enjoy a good meal and some laughs."

Editor's Note: Adam Gibson is the business manager for The Collegian.

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