University of Richmond's strategic plan draft vision statement and draft themes are now available on the strategic planning website, in addition to the draft mission statement and values that were uploaded earlier this month.

University of Richmond has been working on a strategic planning process since the fall of 2015 that involves input from all members of the Richmond community, including students, staff, faculty and alumni.

The vision statement aims to express the character of Richmond while articulating hopes for the future. The first draft of the vision statement was released today and is open to all feedback to everyone in Richmond community.

“The University of Richmond will be nationally and internationally recognized for its academic excellence," the report detailed. "Richmond will be a model of educational opportunity where students from diverse backgrounds come together in a community animated by the principles of liberal education. We will be an intellectual community characterized by curiosity, active inquiry, the vigorous exchange of ideas and the full participation of all members. 

"Richmond graduates will be prepared to flourish in a rapidly changing world, to ask and answer questions of consequence and to contribute to a more just, humane and sustainable society.”

The chosen themes are intended to reflect the aspirations of the community and hone in on areas that can be advanced to make a better future for Richmond. They are also open to feedback from everyone. The themes include academic excellence, intellectual community, access and opportunity and a thriving and inclusive community.

Once the themes are reviewed and revised, they will be assigned to a working group that will be in charge of creating goals that reflect the themes in the plan. All members of the University of Richmond community are welcome to nominate members to be a part of a working group here.

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