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Friday, August 12, 2022

UR Brand Ambassador series: Hintd

<p>Lyndsay&nbsp;Patterson, Hintd ambassador, enjoying her time at a museum.&nbsp;</p>

Lyndsay Patterson, Hintd ambassador, enjoying her time at a museum. 

Students at Richmond are very involved in activities both on and off campus. The UR Brand Ambassador series profiles different students who serve as ambassadors for brands that we love.

Our first profile is all about Hintd, which could be described as a combination of an online gift registry and Pinterest. For almost a year, senior Lyndsay Patterson has been a brand ambassador for Hintd.

“I first found out about Hintd through an eight-week online program on Fashion Tech by Preeline, and the founder of Hintd spoke to us during one of the weeks," Patterson said. "The company sounded really interesting so I reached out with my resume and they brought me on as a brand ambassador."

Hintd allows users to make a list of up to 22 items that they would want as a gift for any occasion, and then enable users to share it with anyone. All you have to do is take the URL from a site you are browsing and post it to your list – the site even allows you to add a picture, and any color or sizing information.

Though Hintd is a forum for posting about clothing items you want, you can also upload concerts you want to go to, trips you would like to take or charities that you want to donate to. Hintd incorporates an interactive tool by allowing users to see the lists from "influencers" and friends, and re-hinting their favorite items

“My favorite part about the company is that it promotes asking for what you want and not feeling bad about it," Patterson said. "Having a Hintd page guarantees that your friends and family can know what you like and feel confident buying it for you."

As a brand ambassador, Patterson gets people to sign up and share their page so others will view and make accounts.

“Lucy, the founder, and Sophie, the marketing director, always love feedback, which makes being a brand ambassador so fulfilling,” Patterson said.

Check out to create your own wish list.

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