The Interfraternity Council (IFC) has canceled all lodge events scheduled for this weekend, according to a statement from the council. 

IFC will "take a step back in order to reevaluate and assess current community practices," the statement reads. The statement also aimed to reiterate the council's stance against "sexual violence and perpetuations of toxic masculinity."

Read the full statement below:

After a combined meeting with Greek leadership on campus, the IFC has decided to cancel all lodge events this upcoming weekend. Although great strides have been made regarding risk protocols and subsequent educational programming, the Council has decided to take a step back in order to reevaluate and assess current community practices. Furthermore, we would like to reiterate our firm stance against sexual violence and perpetuations of toxic masculinity. We recognize the importance of our role in creating a culture of shared responsibility.

The statement does not address how lodge activities will be handled beyond this weekend. The cancelling comes a day after richmond's chapter of Kappa Alpha Order's was suspended by both the university and its national headquarters for a sexist email that was sent by one of its members to more than 95 students on Friday afternoon.

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