University of Richmond Police Department announced a reported sexual assault in a timely warning email late Thursday night. 

Someone reported a sexual assault Thursday at 5:50 p.m. that reportedly occurred “at an unknown location on campus" between Sept. 8 and Sept. 11. This is all of the information the campus police have, according to the email.

Many students were not aware that the timely warning was sent out because the email appeared in their spam folder instead of their inbox.

“As a junior, I have received many timely warnings throughout my college career and they are almost always sent to my inbox,” junior Adriana Barranco said. “It’s interesting that this specific timely warning was sent to most students’ spam folder, especially considering the current controversies on campus.”

The email includes a long list of resources for students to use in the event of a sexual assault. This included the names of and contact information for campus police, the Title IX coordinator, the Office of the Chaplaincy, the Student Health Center and others. The email also offered details on how to get proper medical care after a sexual assault.

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