Homecoming King and Queen David Rhodes and Jihyun Lee sat down with me on Tuesday to discuss some very serious matters.


Lucy: What organization nominated you?

David: Lambda Chi.

Ji: Theta.

L: Was being Homecoming King or Queen ever a hope or dream of yours?

D: For me, no. They asked me do it, and I said no. And then they said, "well, you’re still going to be our person!"

J: These kinds of things where there’s a lot of attention I’m very reluctant to be a part of, but since Theta sends out an anonymous form I didn’t think much of it. I wasn’t hoping for anything, it was just a fun possibility!

L: What else are you involved in?

D: I’m also an RA in UFA (University Forest Apartments) and I’m involved in Young Life.

J: I’m on the Panhellenic Counsel Exec and I was a Rho Gamma. I work in the CMC, which is a children’s library in North!

L: What’s your favorite food on campus?

D: Recently, I’ve been on a Passport sushi kick.

J: I like trying the Passport special and always the non-red-pepper gouda soup at Lou’s.


L: Any words of wisdom?

D: Rules of Life. Rule number one: keep it possy. Rule number two: if it gets neggy, refer to one. Rule number three: there are no rules. Rule number four: except rule number one.

J: I would say just drink lots of water and there’s usually nothing that Neosporin can’t fix!

L: Favorite activity?

D: Anything that has to do with water. The beach, sailing and I grew up on the lake so obviously I love the lake.

J: Eating! Food is my passion. But I like to go outside — even if it’s just sitting, I like to be outside.

 L: Ji, describe David.

J: Well, let’s see. I haven’t known David for that long, so this is us getting to know each other! He is a friendly man, he has nice teeth, a very polished personality and appearance and in class [he] seems like [he] knows [his] stuff! Actually, I think we met at Watermelon Bash! He cheered me on when I ate two watermelons.

D: Oh, that was you?!

L: David, describe Ji.

D: Ji is a watermelon legend. She’s super fun. I wish we were friends longer than ten seconds and wish we had our class together this week! Too bad it was canceled.

Ji: Yeah, David sits behind me in class.

Fun Fact: Ji and David are both lactose intolerant!


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