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Friday, August 12, 2022

An interview with Richmond Homecoming royalty

<p>David Rhodes and Jihyun Lee were named Homecoming King and Queen at the football game last weekend. Photo courtesy of SpiderBoard.</p>

David Rhodes and Jihyun Lee were named Homecoming King and Queen at the football game last weekend. Photo courtesy of SpiderBoard.

Homecoming King and Queen David Rhodes and Jihyun Lee sat down with me on Tuesday to discuss some very serious matters.


Lucy: What organization nominated you?

David: Lambda Chi.

Ji: Theta.

L: Was being Homecoming King or Queen ever a hope or dream of yours?

D: For me, no. They asked me do it, and I said no. And then they said, "well, you’re still going to be our person!"

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J: These kinds of things where there’s a lot of attention I’m very reluctant to be a part of, but since Theta sends out an anonymous form I didn’t think much of it. I wasn’t hoping for anything, it was just a fun possibility!

L: What else are you involved in?

D: I’m also an RA in UFA (University Forest Apartments) and I’m involved in Young Life.

J: I’m on the Panhellenic Counsel Exec and I was a Rho Gamma. I work in the CMC, which is a children’s library in North!

L: What’s your favorite food on campus?

D: Recently, I’ve been on a Passport sushi kick.

J: I like trying the Passport special and always the non-red-pepper gouda soup at Lou’s.


L: Any words of wisdom?

D: Rules of Life. Rule number one: keep it possy. Rule number two: if it gets neggy, refer to one. Rule number three: there are no rules. Rule number four: except rule number one.

J: I would say just drink lots of water and there’s usually nothing that Neosporin can’t fix!

L: Favorite activity?

D: Anything that has to do with water. The beach, sailing and I grew up on the lake so obviously I love the lake.

J: Eating! Food is my passion. But I like to go outside — even if it’s just sitting, I like to be outside.

 L: Ji, describe David.

J: Well, let’s see. I haven’t known David for that long, so this is us getting to know each other! He is a friendly man, he has nice teeth, a very polished personality and appearance and in class [he] seems like [he] knows [his] stuff! Actually, I think we met at Watermelon Bash! He cheered me on when I ate two watermelons.

D: Oh, that was you?!

L: David, describe Ji.

D: Ji is a watermelon legend. She’s super fun. I wish we were friends longer than ten seconds and wish we had our class together this week! Too bad it was canceled.

Ji: Yeah, David sits behind me in class.

Fun Fact: Ji and David are both lactose intolerant!


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