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Friday, August 12, 2022

Buzz: Clown sightings across the country are freaking people out

<p>Clown sightings across the country have conjured up many theories, and some fear.&nbsp;</p>

Clown sightings across the country have conjured up many theories, and some fear. 

There is a saying: “Clowns are not funny after midnight." I think we can add that they aren’t funny on college campuses either…or anywhere that is not a circus or a birthday party, for that matter.

What the heck is the deal with these creepy clowns all over the place? As much as we want this weird bandwagon freak-show drama to end, we’re all super intrigued. So, here is an update on the clowns across America.


The first reported clown sightings were actually back in June and August. The sightings were theorized to be part of a huge and creative marketing campaign for a horror movie.


On Sept. 14, two men dressed as clowns chased children away from their bus stop in Georgia.


One week later, a group of young boys in Pennsylvania reported being chased through a park by a clown. One 12-year-old boy said that he had seen a group of clowns “eating something in the woods." One clown began to chase the children, and when they thought they were safe, more clowns came after them throwing sticks and yelling curse words.

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Clown sightings in South Carolina, southern Kentucky, Tennessee and some other states caused the Tennessee Highway Patrol to issue a warning to parents to watch over their kids because of threats of possible predators dressed as clowns trying to lure children into the woods.


In late September, multiple schools in Arizona were faced with threats over social media that involved images of clowns. Hundreds of students skipped class out of fear. Later, three juveniles were arrested, although law enforcement believes others were involved.


Now, clowns have been flooding college campuses across America, causing chaos and fear. There have been sightings at Penn State, Texas Tech, Syracuse University, Colgate, James Madison University, Ohio State University, Mizzou and others.


Some of these clowns have been reported to be armed, so they are seriously not something to laugh about. GO BACK TO THE CIRCUS, CLOWNS.

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