Richmond alumnus William Hehir, RC ‘10, returned to campus Friday night to perform with his band, Misterwives, in front of a sold-out crowd of students for this year's homecoming concert in the Robins Center.

“I remember when I was a sophomore going to this show for homecoming… and I remember watching that show [thinking] that would be the coolest thing ever, to get up there and play music," Hehir said.

The band, which formed in late 2012, consists of guitarist Hehir, lead singer Mandy Lee, percussionist Etienne Bowler, guitarist Marc Campbell, multi-instrumentalist Jesse Blum and saxophonist Mike Murphy.

Hehir "is living proof that what you major in will not define how your life will be,” a band member said. Hehir began his career at Richmond pursuing a major in finance before switching to political science. Hehir also played rugby during his time at Richmond.

When asked if he had any advice for Richmond students, Hehir was quick with his response. “Take a class with Jeffery Hass," Hehir said. “He’s the smartest person I know. He’s intimidatingly bright. I took introduction to sociology and then post-soviet Russian history with him; changed my life.”

“Will is probably who he is because of that teacher,” Lee said.

The New York based indie pop band, which has opened for artists like Twenty One Pilots and American Authors and will tour with Panic at the Disco! next year, performed an upbeat set list, energizing the homecoming crowd Friday night. 

When Hehir addressed the crowd, the students cheered enthusiastically for their fellow spider.

DJ Bandcamp opened for the group, playing hit songs for the crowd of students, WCGA sophomore class president Madison Sweitzer, who helped organize the concert event, said.

Just before Misterwives hit the stage, Hehir gave The Collegian one last piece of advice for Richmond students:

“Surround yourself with people that you love and then you can potentially do what you love,” Hehir said.

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