President Crutcher emailed members of the university community on Nov. 21 to announce the university had made significant progress on the changes outlined in the Oct. 7 message regarding sexual assault prevention.

The first update was that the new Center for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response will be located in Sarah Brunet Hall, where Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offices are currently housed. 

Any investigation into Title IX cases is now independent of the coordinate colleges, and Tracy Cassalia, manager of health education and wellness, is serving as interim deputy Title IX coordinator for students while a national search is conducted to fill the permanent position.

Crutcher also announced that the University of Richmond Alumni Association (URAA) has pledged $15,000 to Spiders for Spiders, a student-led organization that leads campus efforts to educate and prevent sexual assault. The money will be given over the course of the next three years.

“We are working hard every day to create a culture of respect on campus, and it is encouraging to see that alumni hold that same goal,” Alexandra Abreu, president of Spiders for Spiders, said.

Crutcher ended his letter with a summary of the Fall 2016 sports season. Highlights included the women’s cross country team, which won its second straight Atlantic 10 title, the field hockey team, which advanced to the A-10 semifinals, and the football team, which earned its third consecutive FCS playoff berth.

“I am deeply thankful for your confidence and optimism as we pursue initiatives that will make our Richmond community stronger for all its members,” Crutcher wrote.

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