We, the undersigned faculty and staff, unequivocally reject and condemn President Trump’s executive actions to: limit travel from seven Muslim countries, freeze the U.S. refugee program, and vilify immigrants who live and work peacefully in the United States. More broadly, we denounce the hateful and discriminatory language and threats, including recent incidents directed against Muslims, Jews, women, Latinos, African-Americans, people with disabilities, LGBTQ people, and others. We stand ready to defend the rights and liberties of our diverse community and the rule of law upon which freedom and equality rest.

We affirm our commitment to support the dissemination of accurate knowledge about immigrants and refugees and to understand all facets of diversity. We remain fully committed to the core values of social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusivity, values that we believe are shared by the majority of those who live in the United States of America. We will defend those values with respect to our campus and home communities.

In this endeavor, we stand in solidarity with faculty, programs, and endeavors at the University of Richmond along with the many other Liberal Arts Colleges and Research Universities committed to fostering environments that value the dignity, worth, and contributions of all individuals.

We strongly support President Ronald Crutcher’s Sunday statement and we encourage him to continue to express the University of Richmond’s institutional commitment to an inclusive model of democracy by forcefully denouncing hateful speech, violent acts of intolerance, and discrimination. This reaffirms the university’s core values as they relate to the “sustain[ability] of a collaborative learning and research community that supports the personal development of its members and the creation of new knowledge.”

As faculty members and scholars, we care deeply about the welfare of all our community members, and particularly our most vulnerable students. We ask President Crutcher to continue to voice the University’s commitment to supporting all members of our diverse community.

1. Jenny Pribble, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

2. Ernesto Semán, Assistant Professor, Jepson School of Leadership Studies

3. Paul Achter, Associate Professor and Chair, Rhetoric & Communication Studies

4. Ladelle McWhorter, Stephanie Bennett Smith Chair in Women, Gender, and Sexualities Studies

5. Jannette Amaral-Rodríguez, Assistant Professor, Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies

6. Tim Barney, Rhetoric & Communication Studies

7. Joanna Wares, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

8. Samuel A. Abrash, Department of Chemistry

9. Kathy Hoke, Department of Mathematics

10. Mariela Mendez, Assistant Professor, Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies

11. Peter D. Smallwood, Department of Biology

12. Patricia M. Stohr-Hunt,
Chair, Education Department

13. Daniel Pierce, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

14 Jordana Cox, Postdoctoral Fellow in Public Humanities, Department of Rhetoric and Communication Studies

15. Jennifer Bowie, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

16. Lorenza Marcin, Italian Language Program Director

17. Aleksandra Sznajder Lee, Associate Professor of Political Science

18. Sarah Bogard, Visiting Lecturer of Spanish, Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies

19. Elena Calvillo, Associate Professor, Art and Art History

20. April Hill, Professor, Biology Department

21. Claudia Ferman, Latin American & Film Studies

22. Miriam McCormick, Department of Philosophy

23. Stephen Long, Department of Political Science

24. Lucretia McCulley, Head, Scholarly Communications, Boatwright Library

25. Carol Summers, Samuel Chiles Mitchell and Jacob Billikopf Professor of History and Professor of International Studies

26. Gary Shapiro, Tucker-Boatwright Professor of Philosophy and Humanities Emeritus

27. Bedelia Richards-Dowden, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

28. Brian Henry, Professor of English and Creative Writing

29. Cornelius Beausang, Professor of Physics, Robert E. and Lena F. Loving Chair

30. Margaret Denton, Associate Professor, Nineteenth-Century Art, History of Photography

31. Miranda Shaw, Associate Professor of Religious Studies

32. Jeremy Drummond, Associate Professor of Art Chair, Department of Art and Art History

33. Shannon Z. Jones, Department of Biology

34. David S. Salisbury, Associate Professor of Geography and the Environment

35. Rick Mayes, Professor of Political Science

36. Jane Geaney, Professor of Religious Studies

37. Peter Lurie, Associate Professor of English and Film Studies

38. Steve Allred, University Professor, School of Law

39. Andy McGraw, Associate Professor, Music

40. Jane M. Berry, Professor of Psychology

41. J.C. Troncale, Associate Professor, Russian Literature and Visual Studies.

42. Kathrin Bower, Associate Professor and Coordinator of German Studies

43. Thomas P. Bonfiglio, Professor of Literature and Linguistics

44. Erika Zimmermann Damer, Classical Studies

45. Elizabeth P. Baughan Associate Professor of Classics and Archaeology

46. Walter Schoen, Associate Professor, Department of Theatre & Dance

47. Michael Kerckhove, Department of Mathematics

48. Julietta Singh, Assistant Professor of English

48. Eric S. Yellin. Associate Professor, Department of History

49. Michelle Hamm, Professor of Chemistry

50. Julie Pollock, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

51. Mary Finley-Brook, Associate Professor, Department of Geography

52. Abigail Cheever, Associate Professor of English and Film Studies

53. Sandra Joireman, Weinstein Chair of International Studies and Professor of Political Science

54. Emily Boone, Director of Biological Instruction, Department of Biology

55. Joanne Kong, Director of Accompaniment, Department of Music

56. Lisa Jobe-Shields, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

57. Nicole Sackley, Associate Professor of History

58. Erling Sjovold, Art & Art History

59. Sharon Feldman, William Judson Gaines Chair in Modern Foreign Languages

60. Sojourna J. Cunningham, MLS, Social Science and Assessment Librarian

61. Jennifer L. Erkulwater, Department of Political Science

62. Jeffrey Hass, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

63. Yvonne Howell, Professor of Russian, Dept. of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

64. Nicole Maurantonio, Associate Professor, Rhetoric and Communication Studies

65. Rafael O. de Sá, Professor, Department of Biology

66. Sydney Watts, Associate Professor of History and WGSS

67. Anthony Russell, Associate Dean of International Education

68. Chiles Wade Downey, Associate Professor of Chemistry

69. Jonathan Corbin, Postdoc, Psychology Department

70. Mari Lee Mifsud, Professor of Rhetoric, Program Coordinator, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

71. Elizabeth M. Kissling, Assistant Professor of Spanish & Applied Linguistics

72. Boston Woolfolk, Visiting Instructor of Spanish, Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies

73. Walter Schoen, Associate Professor, Department of Theatre & Dance

74. Olivier Delers, Associate Professor of French. Chair, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

75. Elizabeth Ransom, Associate Professor of Sociology, Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology

76. Julie Laskaris, Chair, Department of Classical Studies

77. Kevin Pelletier, Associate Professor, English Department

78. Hugh West, Chair, History Department

79. Josafath Reynoso Calvillo, Assistant Professor of Science Design, Dept. of Theatre and Dance

80. Karin Boxer, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy

81. Thad Williamson, Associate Professor of Leadership Studies

82. Holly Blake, Director, WILL* Program, Associate Dean for Outreach Education and Development

83. Jessie Fillerup, Assistant Professor of Music

84. Benjamin Broening, Professor of Music

85. Tracy Roof, Associate Professor of Political Science

86. Walt Stevenson, Associate Professor of Classical Studies

87. Jessica Flanigan, Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies

88. Paul Hanson, Adjunct Instructor, Department of Music

89. W. John Hayden, Professor of Biology

90. Linda Fairtile, Head, Parsons Music Library

91. Crystal Hoyt, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Jepson School of Leadership Studies

92. Mike Davison, Professor of Music

93. Andrea Y. Simpson, Associate Professor, Political Science

94. Amy Treonis, Associate Professor, Department of Biology

95. Julian Hayter, Assistant Professor of Leadership

96. Joe Boehman, Dean of Richmond College

97. Malcolm Hill, Clarence E. Denoon Jr. Professor of Science, Department of Biology

98. Mavis Brown, Associate Professor, Education and Society, School of Arts and Sciences

99. Louis Schwartz, Professor of English, Chair, Department of English

100. Dana Lascu, Professor of Marketing

101. Joseph J. Essid, Writing Center Director

102. Suzanne Jones, Professor of English Emerita

103. Elisabeth Gruner, Associate Professor of English

104. Andy Litteral, Associate Professor of Management

105. Carrie Wu, Associate Professor, Department of Biology

106. Lewis Barnett, Associate Professor of Computer Science

107. Diane Kellogg, Director, Instrument Facilities, Chemistry Department

108. Matthew L. Trawick, Associate Professor of Physics

109. Patrice Rankine, Professor of Classics, Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences

110. Linda M. Boland, Associate Professor of Biology

111. Elizabeth Outka, Associate Professor of English

112. Jennifer Cable, Professor, Department of Music

113. Amy Howard, AVP Community Initiatives and the Bonner Center

114. David Brandenberger, Professor, Department of History

115. Monti Datta, Associate Professor, Political Science

116. Maia Linask, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics

117. Dean Simpson, Department of Classical Studies

118. Tom Mullen, Journalism Department and Chaplaincy

119. Robert C. Kenzer, Professor of History

120. Lauren Tilton, Visiting Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities

121. Dorothy Holland, Associate Professor of Theatre and WGSS

122. Doug Szajda, Associate Professor of Computer Science

123. Chris von Rueden, Assistant Professor, Leadership Studies

124. Laura Knouse, Assistant Professor of Psychology

125. Eugene Wu, Associate Professor of Biology and Biochemistry

126. Samantha Seeley, Assistant Professor, Department of History

127. Todd Lookingbill, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Geography and the Environment

128. Eva Hageman, Postdoctoral Fellow, Rhetoric and Communication Studies

129. Betsy Powell Mullen, Journalism Department

130. Tom Shields, Chair and Associate Professor of Graduate Education, School of Professional and Continuing Studies

131. Patricia Herrera, Department of Theatre and Dance

132. Andrew C. Szakmary, Professor of Finance, Robins School of Business

133. Erik Nielson, Associate Professor and Assistant Chair, Liberal Arts

134. Andrew Schoeneman, Chair and Assistant Professor of Nonprofit Studies

135. Donelson R. Forsyth, Professor, The Leo K. And Gaylee Thorsness Chair in Ethical Leadership

136. Sharon Scinicariello, Director, Global Studio, Languages, Literature, and Cultures

137. Bob Nicholson, Associate Professor of Economics

138. Johann Stegmeir, Department of Theatre and Dance

139. Martha L. Merritt, Dean and Carole M. Weinstein Chair of International Education

140. Thomas J. Cosse, Associate Dean for International Business Programs and Professor of Marketing

141. Chris Bischof, Assistant Professor of History

142. Gene Anderson, Department of Music

143. Shital Thekdi, Assistant Professor, Management, Robins School of Management

144. David Lefkowitz, Associate Professor of Philosophy and PPEL

145. Sara Hanson, Assistant Professor of Marketing

146. Julie Baker, Director, French Intensive Language Program, Dept. of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

147. Jonathan B. Wight, Professor of Economics, Robins School of Business

148. Marcia Whitehead, Humanities Librarian

149. Timothy Hamilton, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics

150. Douglas Winiarski, Religious Studies

151. Joanna Drell, Associate Professor of History

152. Anna Creech, University Libraries

153. John Lovett, Visiting Lecturer of Political Science

154. Lori D. Cates, Accounting and Finance Departments

155. Deborah S. Sommers, Esq., Executive Director, Modlin Center for the Arts, Co-Director Arts Management Concentration, Professor Department of Music.

156. Alicia Díaz, Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance

157. Samantha Guss, Social Sciences Librarian, Boatwright Library

158. Kirsten McKinney, University Communications, University Staff Advisory Council Chair

159. Lindsey Campbell, Communications Account Coordinator

160. Kevin Heraldo, University Communications Videographer

161. Mia Reinoso Genoni, Dean of Westhampton College & Associate Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences

162. Laura Browder, Tyler and Alice Haynes Professor in American Studies

163. Glyn Hughes, Director of Common Ground, Affiliated Faculty in Sociology

164. Peter LeViness, Director, Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

165. Henry Nebel, Physics

166. Barry Lawson, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science

167. Gordon Schmidt, University Communications, Graphic Designer

168. Erik Craft, Associate Professor of Economics and Philosophy, Politics and Economic Law (PPEL)

169. Paul Kvam, Department of Mathematics

170. Bill Cooper, Department of Psychology

171. Karen P. Kochel, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

172. Allison Tait, Assistant Professor of Law

173. Melanie Hillner, Science Librarian

174. Shannon Hooker, Assistant Director, Modlin Center for the Arts

175. Andy Spalding, Professor, School of Law

176. Stephen Tallman, Professor of Management and E. Claiborne Robins, Distinguished Professor of Business

177. Daniel L. Hocutt, Web Manager, School of Professional & Continuing Studies

178. Andrea J. Vickery, Visiting Lecturer, Rhetoric & Communication Studies

179. Jennifer R. Olson, Department of Biology

180. Elizabeth Turner, Department of Theatre and Dance

181. Omar A. Quintero, Assistant Professor, Biology Department

182. Kristjen Lundberg, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

183. Amy O’Connor, Digital Resources Librarian

184. Trey Sutton, Assistant Professor of Management

185. Carol Wittig, Head, Research & Instruction, Boatwright Library

186. Richard Waller, Executive Director, University of Richmond Museums, and Art and Art History Department

187. Frederick Talbott, Visiting Lecturer, Management Communications

188. Sylvia Gale, Director, Bonner Center for Civic Engagement

189. Reingard Nethersole, Dept. English and Prof. em Comparative Literature, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

190. Erin R. Collins, Assistant Professor, School of Law

191. Andrew Gurka, Director of Living-Learning and Roadmap Programs

192. Kristin Bezio, Assistant Professor, Jepson School of Leadership Studies

193. Tanja Softić, Professor of Art, Department of Art and Art History

194. Krista Stenger, Associate Professor of Biology, Coordinator of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

195. Derek R. Miller, Visiting Lecturer, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

196. Steve Nash, Visiting Senior Research Scholar, Journalism Department

197. Barb Michelson, Administrative Coordinator, Academic Advising Resource Center

198. Katelyn Jones, Visiting Instructor, Department of Political Science

199. Ryan Brazell, Academic Technology Consultant, Center for Teaching Learning and Technology

200. Chris Kemp, Head of Discovery, Technology and Publishing, Boatwright Memorial Library

201. Alexandra Byrum, Bonner Center for Civic Engagement

202. Kimberly S. Wolfe, Resource Sharing Specialist

203. Jim Monks, Professor of Economics

204. Adrienne Piazza, Program Manager, Bonner Center for Civic Engagement

205. Chiara Giorgetti, Associate Professor of Law

206. Monika Kukar-Kinney, Professor of Marketing

207. Ted Bunn, Emory F. Bunn Associate Professor Chair, Physics Department

208. Leigh Ann Martin, Boatwright Library.

209. Heather Hogg, Director of Costume, Dept. of Theatre and Dance

210. Nancy Propst, Administrative Coordinator, Department of Geography and the Environment and Interdisciplinary Studies Programs

211. Jo Bachman, Modlin Center for the Arts

212. Shari Motro, Professor of Law

213. Monika Siebert, Associate Professor of English

214. Lynda Kachurek, Head, Rare Books & Special Collections, Boatwright Library

215. Andrew Sharp, Office of the Chaplaincy

216. Haley Harwell, Assistant Professor, Jepson School of Leadership Studies

217. Krittika Onsanit, Director of International Student & Scholar Services

Office of International Education

218. Deborah Napoli, Director of Field Experience, Education Department

219. David M Bevan, Production Manager, Heilman Dining Center

220. Brent Cebul, Digital Scholarship Lab

221. Melanie Armstrong, Music Library Associate

222. Jeffrey Riehl, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Music

223. Kelling Donald, Associate Professor Department of Chemistry

224. Tamar R. Schwartz, Associate Professor of Legal Writing, University of Richmond School of Law

225. Charley King, Associate Bursar

226. Sara Krehbiel, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

227. Stephanie Trent, Administrative Coordinator Jepson School of Leadership Studies

228. Kimberly O’Hare, Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Provost

229. Roger V. Skalbeck, Associate Professor of Law

230. Hope N. Walton, Director of Academic Skills, Academic Skills Center

231. Richard Dagger, E. Claiborne Robins Distinguished Chair in the Liberal Arts

Professor, Political Science and PPEL

232. Lázaro Lima, Associate Provost for Faculty, E. Claiborne Robins Distinguished Chair in the Liberal Arts, Professor of Latin American, Latino and Iberian Studies and Professor of American Studies

233. Alex Keena, PhD, Visiting Lecturer in Political Science

234. Josh Wroniewicz, Manager, ETC & Dean’s Den

235. Kasongo M. Kapanga, Professor of French & Francophone Studies

236. Christopher A. Cotropia, Professor of Law, Austin Owen Research Fellow

Director, Intellectual Property Institute

237. Doron Samuel-Siegel, Associate Professor of Legal Writing, School of Law

238. David Donaldson, Operations & Summer Programs Coordinator

239. Taylor Holden, GIS Technician, Department of Geography and the Environment

240. Taene Silva, Purchasing Card Administrator

241. Crystal Amado - University of Richmond Accounts Payable Specialist

242. Katie McBride, Senior Graphic Designer

243. Andrea Waddle, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics

244. Paul Brockwell Jr., Digital Content Specialist

245. Robin Buterbaugh, Receptionist, Spider Management Company

246. Susan Cohen, Assistant Professor of Management

247. Joanna Love, Assistant Professor of Music

248. Richard Becker, Associate Professor of Music

249. Stephanie Cobb, George and Sallie Cutchin Camp Professor of Bible

250. Kelly Lambert, Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience

251. John M. Warrick, Associate Professor of Biology

252. Dywana M. Saunders, Metadata & Digitization Associate

253. Lee Stevens, Faculty Librarian (Retired)

254. Cindy Stearns, Assistant Director Marketing and Special Programs, Dining Services

255. Martha Pittaway, President’s Executive Scheduler

256. Jean L.B. Creamer, Assistant Registrar

257. Tina Cade, Associate Vice President for Student Development

258. Jennifer Stevens, Study Abroad Administrative Specialist, Office of International Education

259. Andrea Almoite, University Communications, Content Coordinator

260. Joy Caporale, Administrative Coordinator

261. Tze Loo, Associate Professor of History

262. Debbie Coward, Scheduling Coordinator

263. Blake Stack, Bonner Scholars Program Coordinator

264. Caroline Weist, Assistant Professor, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

265. Al Goethals, Professor, E. Claiborne Robins Distinguished Professorship in Leadership Studies

266. Liz McCann, Assistant Director Events, Conferences, & Support Services

267. Beth Chancy, Assistant Director, Career Services

268. Ginny Latham, Communication Specialist, Human Resources

269. Michael Dixon, Assistant Director, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology

270. Diana Vincelli, Director of Grant Support

271. Michelle Wamsley, Assistant Vice President, Foundation, Corporate, & Government Relations

272. Hilary Brown, Assistant Director of Donor Relations

273. Anna Young, Assistant Director, Career Services

274. Lily Thompson, Lab Research Coordinator, Grayson Lab, Dept. of Biology

275. Theresa Dolson, Bonner Center for Civic Engagement

276. Dan Palazzolo, Professor of Political Science

277. Jessica K. Chan, Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies

278. Sybil Fellin, Data Analyst

279. Katie Ryan, Administrative Assistant, Events, Conferences, and Support Services

280. Melissa Ooten, Associate Director, WILL* Program

281. Chuck Mike, Associate Professor of Theatre

282. Nick Minnix, Coordinator, the Richmond MBA

283. Laura Krajewski, Alumni Relations

284. Tyler Betzhold, C.E.C., Senior Catering Chef

285. Joe Wolff, Director of Catering

286. Brandy Dilworth, Event and Business Coordinator, Events, Conferences, and Support Services

287. Michele Cox, Director Study Abroad

288. Pamela Lee, Marketing Operations Manager, University Communications

289. Lisa Miles, Associate Director of Common Ground

290. Tawyana Athey, Administrative Coordinator, Office of Common Ground

291. Tracie Taylor, Administrative Coordinator, Art and Art History

292. Jon Gunter, Marketing Director, Modlin Center for the Arts

293. Jessie Buford, Box Office Manager, Modlin Center for the Arts

294. Debbie Govoruhk, History Department

295. Mike Spear, Journalism

296. Leah B. Downey, ‘14, Administrative Assistant, Alumni Events

297. Corrina Waxman, Coordinator, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology

298. Jennifer Stancil, Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations

299. Leslie Stevenson, Director, Career Development

300. Bertram Ashe, Associate Professor of English

301. Manuella Meyer, Associate Professor, Department of History

302. Maya Vincelli, Assistant Director of Retail Operations

303. Sara Pappas, Associate Professor of French

304. Susan Cohen, Assistant Professor, Management

305. Marion Dieterich, Discovery, Technology and Publishing, Boatwright Memorial Library

306. Fredrick Hagemeister, Research Analyst, Information Services

307. Kevin J.T. Creamer, Director, Center for Teaching, Learning, & Technology

308. Eileen Downey, Adjunct Professor of Chemistry

309. Dustin Engels, Senior Research Analyst

310. Meredith Johnson Harbach, Professor of Law

311. Jean C. Hines, Director of Strategic Sourcing and Payments

312. Maja E. White, Associate Professor of Theatre

313. Morgan Harrell, Associate Director of Operations, Annual Giving

314. Yucel Yanikdag, Associate Professor of History

315. Stephen A. Simon, Associate Professor of Political Science

316. Cassie Price, community initiatives and program manager, Bonner Center for Civic Engagement

317. Angie Hilliker, Assistant Professor of Biology

318. Jennifer W. Nourse, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

319. Steve Bisese, Vice President for Student Development

320. Jerry Gilfoyle, Professor of Physics

321. Kristine Nolin, Associate Professor of Chemistry

322. Ashley Vavra, Law Library Associate

323. Dr. Nathan Snaza, Department of English

324. Ovidiu Lipan, Physics Department

325. Dylan Vavra, Department of Psychology

326. Raymond Hilliard, Professor of English

327. Rashelle Hayes, Department of Psychology

328. Kimberly Lebar, Interim Director, Annual Giving

329. Jennifer O’Donnell, Manager of Biological Laboratories

330. Guanyi Leu, Ph.D. Visiting Lecturer, Department of Political Science

331. Robb Moore, Assistant Vice President for Advancement Systems

332. Laura Runyen-Janecky, Professor Biology

333. Kimberly Dean-Anderson, Richmond Families Initiative and UR Downtown Program Director

334. Corrado Corrandi, Assistant Director of the Spanish Program, Department of Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies

335. Scott D. Johnson, Associate Provost for Student Academic Initiatives, Associate Professor, Rhetoric & Communication Studies

336. Beth Ann Howard, Administrative Coordinator, Department of Political Science

337. Matt Barany, Head Swim Coach and Vice Chair of USAC

338. Brendan Halligan, Assistant Director, Alumni & Career Services

339. Kate Sirc, Assistant Business Manager, Department of Athletics

340. Diana Trinh, International Student Advisor, Office of International Education

341. Sheila Carapico, Professor of Political Science and International Studies

342. Rania Sweis, Assistant Professor of Anthropology

343. Mickie Campos, Administrative Coordinator, Career Services

344. Art Gunlicks, Professor Emeritus, Political Science

345. Kristen Ball, Senior Associate Registrar

346. Kathryn Hoskins, Administrative Coordinator, Information Services

347. Sean Letsinger, Head Diving Coach

348. Lee Parker, Administrative Systems, Information Services

349. David L. Foster, Jr., Database Administrator, Information Services

350. Rod West, Assistant Football Coach

351. Felicia Bergman, Associate Director of Academic Support/Bridge to Success Liaison

352. Lauren Hawkinson, Assistant Athletic Trainer

353. Carol Paris, Professor of Chemistry

354. Heather Lee Krajewski, Assistant Vice President, Advancement

355. Peter Albright, Head Women’s Soccer Coach

356. Marcus Jenkins, Assistant Coach, Men’s Basketball

357. Bruce Matthews, Assistant Athletic Director/Academics

358. Tammy Hicks, Director of Grants Accounting

359. Julie Fulcher, Artist in Residence, Department of Theatre and Dance

360. David Stevens, Associate Professor, Department of English

361. Althea McMillian, Web Programmer

362. Cindy M. Bukach, Chair, Department of Psychology

363.Cheryl Pallant, Adjunct Lecturer, Theater and Dance

364. Melody Kimball Wilson, Assistant to VP, Information Services

365. Robert K. Nelson, Director, Digital Scholarship Lab

366. Matthew G. Wisniewski, Visiting Lecturer of Psychology

367. Susan Galvin, Manager, IS Project Office Information Services

368. Rachael Connors, Assistant Business Manager, Athletics

369. Philip Sherman, Sr. Engineer for Telecom ad Media Services

370. Douglas Broome, Programmer Analyst, Administrative Systems

371. Mary M. Maxwell, Office of Advancement

372. Andrea Zinski, Senior Programmer, Analyst, Administrative Systems

373. Courtney Hughes, Associate Director of Academic Support/Disability Services Coordinator

374. Jon Messer, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology

375. Littleton M. Maxwell, Business Librarian

376. Catherine Cribbs, Digital Engagement Manager

377. Kim Catley, Writer/Editor, University Communications

378. Sam Gibbs, Technical Support Consultant, Helpdesk

379. Jan J. Hatchette, Senior Director of Marketing Strategy and Services, University Communications

380. Matt Dewald, University Communications

381. Elizabeth Donaldson, Director of Prospect Research

382. Scott Tilghman, User Services Manager

383. Cassandra Taylor-Anderson, Access & User Services Manager, Boatwright Library

384. Joshua Murray, User Support Specialist

385. Ty Bigelow, Intern Athletic Trainer

386. Susie Reid, University Facilities

387. Rob Andrejewski, Director of Sustainability

388. Chery Spain, Editor, Internal Communications, University Communications