The Collegian will be publishing a photo series in the last week of classes showcasing various Professor's offices around the University of Richmond. This is the second installment of seven.

With a cardboard pirate ship, a 20-sided die and miniature Shakespeare characters lining the bookshelves, Kristin Bezio’s office reflects her love of productions and bringing her classes to life through theater.

The leadership studies professor has several projects from her students who took her Games Theory class in the Jepson School of Leadership, including a 20-sided die for a student's final project.

Sitting on a bookshelf is a cardboard pirate ship from the Twelfth Night production her students performed in one of her fall-semester classes. Cast photos from her own productions as a student at Boston University sit on the windowsill, alongside a lollipop in the shape of William Shakespeare’s head.

Miniature Shakespeare characters also hide between her stacks of books, and treasures are hidden in boxes.

“There’s a giant stack of fairy wings that I try not to bring out because they get glitter all over everything," Bezio said. "I'm pretty sure that the housekeeping people hate me."

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