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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Academic Alcoves photo series: Rats and Cats


The Collegian will be publishing a photo series in the last week of classes showcasing various professors' offices around the University of Richmond. This is the sixth installment of seven.

Professor of behavioral neuroscience Kelly Lambert’s passion for studying animal behavior and neuroscience, specifically in rats, raccoons and primates, resonates on the walls, desks and bookshelves of her office in Gottwald Science Center.

Lambert began teaching in University of Richmond’s psychology department in January after teaching at Randolph-Macon College for 28 years and serving as chair of its psychology department for 17 years. The figurines of rats perched throughout her office are reflective of her animal-loving and behavioral neuroscientist character.

She also has other quirky pieces: a figurine of an emperor tamarin gifted by a colleague, a Zoloft dot from another colleague, a “Freudian slips” memo pad and a book titled “Pills for Cats.” A neuron clock hangs on the wall above her desk and two phrenology busts stare out from the bookshelf and top of the cabinet.

An “academic pedigree” of her roots as a psychologist is framed on the wall, tracing her lineage through her mentor all the way to Wilhelm Wundt, the father of psychology.

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