During the last week of classes, The Collegian will be publishing a photo series titled Academic Alcoves showcasing various professors' offices around the University of Richmond. This is the sixth installment of seven.

Throughout his 15 years of teaching in the political science department at the University of Richmond, professor Rick Mayes, RC '91, has collected a variety of artifacts in his office that reflect special moments and memories in his life.

Games that students have created for their capstone projects lay on a giant table on one side of the office. Paintings of places he has visited, including Yosemite National Park, and signed flags from his trips to Peru line the walls. He also shows support of FC Barcelona with flags and scarfs.

Perhaps the most impressive thing in Mayes' office is his overflowing bookshelf. His books cover an array of topics including mental health, psychiatry, pediatrics and children and education.

Mayes was an undergraduate student at UR from 1987 to 1991. He decided to come back to UR as he jokingly puts it, to “just keep living college life.”

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