The Collegian will be publishing a photo series titled Academic Alcoves in the last week of classes showcasing various Professor's offices around the University of Richmond. This is the first installment of seven.

Political Science Professor John Lovett, a visiting lecturer at the University of Richmond, has a passion for Pez. Not just a passion for the candy, but also the dispensers… President dispensers, to be exact.

Lovett received his first set of Pez Presidents, which come in sets of five, as a Christmas gift in 2011. He continued to buy the sets or receive them as gifts until last year, when he purchased the final set to date.

All 43 past Pezidents, from Washington to Obama, line the otherwise bare chest of drawers in his office. Grover Cleveland, who was the 22nd and the 24th president, only has one dispenser.

Part of Lovett's Pezident passion comes from his interest in politics. His work focuses on how members of Congress can influence public policy through media.

Political themes also apply to the lego classroom on his desk, where the students are learning about "federalism." Lovett’s lego mug is slightly more arbitrary, with a combination of characters such as scientists, Red Socks and Patriots fans and Batman sitting on the side.

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