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Dec. 2 Timely Warning

On Saturday, December 2, 2017, a WC student reported a fondling to the UR Police Department. The incident occurred on December 1, 2017, in a vehicle while the victim was traveling back to campus from an off-campus event. The male offender was unknown to the victim. This is all the information that is available at this time.

UR Police remind our community members of the following:
-- Use caution when using ride sharing services. Don't share rides with people unknown to you.
-- Engaging in any type of sexual activity without the voluntary, informed and active consent of your partner is sexual assault.
-- If you observe a situation that appears to be unsafe, do not be a passive bystander; intervene if it is safe to do so or seek assistance when someone appears to be in trouble.
-- If things get out of hand or you feel uncomfortable, to the extent possible, be forceful, be loud, leave, and seek assistance.

If you have been the victim of a sexual assault, you are not alone. We encourage you to report with an advocate, if you choose, to the UR Police and or, the University Title IX office. You have the right to participate or decline to participate in a criminal investigation. You have reporting options; retaliation for reporting is strictly prohibited.

UR Police
Emergency: 804-289-8911
Non-Emergency: 804-289-8715
Off-Campus emergency: 911

Beth Simonds Assistant Chief of Police, 289-8722

If you have general questions about the criminal justice process, even if you are not ready to report, you may contact Cynthia Micklem, Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney for the City of Richmond, at 804-646-8685 or e-mail

University Title IX
Tracy Cassalia Deputy Title IX Coordinator, 289-8464

On Campus confidential (non-administrative)
U.R. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): 289-8119 during regular office hours. The CAPS staff also maintains an on-call schedule for emergencies and may be reached through the University Police dispatcher at 804-289-8715.
Office of the Chaplaincy: 289-8500
Student Health Center: 289-8064
Peer Sexual Misconduct Advisors:

Off Campus Confidential
Safe Harbor: or 804-289-9470
YWCA of Richmond: or 804-643-6761
Richmond regional Hotline: 804-612-6126
LGBTQ Partner Abuse & Sexual Assault Hotline: 866-356-6998

Additional Resources
Westhampton College Deans Office: 289-8468
Richmond College Deans Office: 289-8061
Common Ground: 484-1652
St Mary's Hospital: 285-2011

If you want to get involved in ending violence and supporting students who have been impacted by violence, you can contact Spiders for Spiders at

Ending sexual violence is everyone's responsibility. Become an informed and effective bystander in the prevention of sexual assault. Join one of our programs at:

Medical care
A victim/survivor can go to St. Mary's Hospital or other local hospitals for medical care. A trained forensic nurse is available to conduct a Physical Evidence Recovery Kit (P.E.R.K. exam). This special exam is given to individuals who have been sexually assaulted to collect evidence that may be helpful in the investigation and prosecution of the sexual assault, if a victim/survivor chooses to do so. A P.E.R.K. is provided at no cost, and the University will provide transportation to and from the hospital if needed. If you think at some point you may want to report the assault to the police, the sooner you have evidence collected the better. A victim/survivor also has the right to complete an anonymous P.E.R.K. that will be retained for a minimum of two years by the Commonwealth of Virginia.
To reach a forensic nurse call: St. Mary's E.R. 804-281-8184 (emergency) or Non-Emergency 804-281-8574.

Information about the University of Richmond's sexual Misconduct Policy can be found at:

Beth Simonds
Assistant Chief of Police

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