Longevity and Happiness

Students pose with Eileen Tanner, a centenarian from Lunenburg, Canada who told the students she discovered the secret to living an exceptionally long and happy life.

The Great War, Modernity, and Memory

Through touring cemeteries and memorials in Belgium and France, this SSIR class saw a difference in how European nations remember their ancestors who fought in World War I.

Out of the Sea

To further their understanding of how oceans shaped human experience, students traveled to Belize to snorkel in the ocean and explore the coral reefs teeming with marine life.

Producing Opera

Students traveled to New York City to experience the sensation of opera and musical theatre in person.

Human Rights and Modern-Day Slavery

To better understand the presence and implications of modern-day slavery, students took a trip to Los Angeles and visited the Human Trafficking Bureau to add to their classroom knowledge.

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