The Transgender Inclusion Student Initiative

Transgender Inclusion Student Initiative — University of Richmond

_________________________, a University of Richmond student organization, affirms that we are welcoming and inclusive to transgender students on campus, including trans men, trans women, non-binary students, gender non-conforming students, and those questioning their identity.***

The signing of this pledge promises that our organization is dedicated to the following practices:

  • Ask for and respect the chosen name and pronouns of all students
  • Use gender-inclusive language in all policies and written documents
  • Develop gender-neutral dress codes (if dress codes are applicable to the organization)
  • Speak up against transphobic comments or behaviors of any kind from members
  • Commit at least one member of your executive board/leadership team to go through Common Ground’s Safe Zone Ally Training

***This statement can be adapted for gender-specific groups on campus. In this case, the gender-specific organization would agree to be welcoming and inclusive to all students who identify or align themselves with that gender. For example, sororities who sign this statement affirm that they are welcoming and inclusive to all transgender women and non-binary individuals who wish to participate in their organization.